Dandruff shampoo to lighten dyed hair

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Avatar n tn The dermatologist recommended I use anti dandruff shampoo, which I've just started (took 3-4 months to get in with one). In 2 months or so, I'll follow up with this thread.
496771 tn?1209698358 I dyed my hair on Saturday and Sunday evening my scalp was itchy. Monday morning I stood up with swollen glands in my neck and behind my ears. This is a common side effect from hair dye. You can use a certain brand for years and suddenly one day you develop an allergy to that brand. You can feel whoozy too and a slight headdache. It's better to use a colour without amoniac.
Avatar f tn I have the same problem with the sticky, waxy, greasy hair on the crown of my head. I've also been reading different posts on the internet. I don't use any hair products except nice & easy to color my hair and shampoo and creme rinse. I've noticed that it happens to my hair in the spring, and eventually subsides. I also tried a variety of shampoos (including medicated) and they didn't work. I did read about the vinegar and water treatment and I'm so glad others have posted that it works!
Avatar n tn 33 female problems since Jan/Feb 2008 break-out/rash accompanied flare-up in April (clear skin before that) visited GP, allergist, dermatologist, and optometrist GP said it was blepharitis and to wash with baby shampoo (no help) allergies to ragweed, dust, dogs, 1 mold, 1 tree allergist referred me to a dermatologist patch testing was negative derm. gave me dioxicylin (sp?) for rash (no help) optom. said he couldn't help and to return to derm.