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Avatar m tn Has anyone used natural therapies for allergies with success? I found this: http://***.*****.com/allergies/all-modality/allergies/miscellaneous/which-alternative-therapies-are-used-in-the-treatment-of-allergies-and-how-effective-are-they.html which seems like a great resource. I've tried QBC (quercitin, bromelein, Vitamin C) mixes and had some luck with those, but only if I remember to take them all the time.
1351676 tn?1301339436 Hello, I have just started to notice my black cat has got dandruff,. How do I treat this?
2078979 tn?1332206668 Ive and what I thought was dadruff most of my life but I found out that dandruff is actually a scalp condition that is caused by a natural bacteria that grows on ur scalp and u can use oils like tea tree, and eucaliptus to kill it and calm/get rid of dadruff. But u could just have dry scalp which is different. Try drinking more water (even tho we all have to pee more we still need drink lots...
436973 tn?1217947089 The past couple of days I've noticed my cat has a lot of dandruff. she has had a little flakiness before, but this is quite a bit. Is this something I should be concerned about?
Avatar m tn I know of no cure for this problem, but there are some natural treatments that sometimes help with recurrent viruses (there are also natural substances that can help protect the liver). Herb Pharm makes a tincture that many have found useful in preventing flareups of recurrent viruses. You might look on their website or call them and see what they say.
Avatar m tn My 7 yr old female cat has developed what appears to be dandruff thick skin flakes that slough off. Is this a cat's allergy or a dietary problem?
Avatar f tn Ive always suffered from dandruff and so i used T-gel and capisal anti-dandfuff shampoos, but when i got pregnant my doc told me not to use them because of coal tar and so i stopped, it also says on the back of the bottle not reccomended during pregnancy, its been 9 weeks and my head is soo itchy its driving me mad :( .. Anyone know any good natural ways to get rid of it?
Avatar n tn Do you have tips on how to get rid of them? Natural and the cheapest way if possible, coz some of my dandruff sometimes results in minor wound like patches.
Avatar m tn Hi Everyone, around a month ago my alt was 176 and going to start my treatment next week. Now a days i feel very very itchy specially on face and head. all of a sudden i have a whole lot of dandruff all over my head. i even used anti dandruff shampoo everyday but didn't help. is this because of Hep c? i have genotype 3. Please englighten me.
Avatar n tn t seem to have made much of a dent in the dandruff. Like I said, the dandruff is minimal on some days and heavier on other days with seemingly no rhyme or reason. I've tried adding some olive oil to his food, and even rubbing some on him because I read it might help, but really when I massaged some olive oil into his skin it almost seemed to make the dandruff worse. What do you all think? I have read they sell dog balm and dog moisturizers, which I'd never even heard of before.
Avatar n tn hi friends, when ever i sctratch my head , some white wetty substance get stucked into my nails.... what is this ? is this fungus ? or dandruff? i shampoo four times a week with garnier antidandruff, ......pls help me...
Avatar n tn My 9 year old cat was just diagnosed with Feline Lukemia. I was wondering what natural supplements have been shown to improve quality of life for cat's with Feline Lukemia..
Avatar f tn I was wondering if anyone had tried alternitive therapies and if they were ***** full? I am breastfeeding so not keen on passion medication at this time. Thanks!
Avatar f tn Breathing methods, biofeedback work very well in my opinion, although it is not considered 'alternative therapy.' It is actually the most proven and mainstream way of confronting and dealing with anxiety, in my opinion. I am a big proponent of learning about the source of your anxiety and ways to deal with it, and in talk therapy, you will often learn these methods from your counselor, psychologist, psychiatrist, etc.
572651 tn?1530999357 Do any of you use complimentary therapies in addition to the drug regimen you might be on? I'm wondering about yoga, massage, biofeedback, accupuncture .... any of those things that make you feel better . I would like to hear about your experiences, even if it is negative.
Avatar f tn t use over the counter creams or douches while using natural remedies these can upset the balance and will have an impact on your natural treatment. No drinking alcohol or smoking these create acidic buildup in the body. These are thought to be the root cause of bv. Starting eating more green vegetables and take a vegetable supplement. Cut out as many processed foods as you can.
Avatar f tn I have constant dry scalp. It does not flake like Dandruff. I get sore spots all over especiallly along hair line. I had it bad a few years ago, then it got better. It just never cleared up. It hurts to even brush my hair. It has made my hair so dry that I cannot even style it anymore. It feels good after first washing it, but then it starts all over again. It itches too.
446049 tn?1649005835 I just noticed a patch of dandruff that I had checked out and it turns out it's scalp psoriasis. My dermatologist told me to start using Nizoral. https://nizoral.com/ After just 3 days I'm noticing a difference. My only question is will I need to use this forever or will it be just until flaking is gone? My dermatologist will charge me $435 to have her answer the question at a visit, so I'm asking here for advice. Thanks in advance.
973741 tn?1342342773 Are there any alternative therapies for Chronic anxiety? I'm interested in this for a teenager and am happy to look into anything.
Avatar f tn The last few weeks my scalp his been itching something awful, it is centered around the crown. I don't have dandruff and dandruff shampoo makes it worse. I have taken to washing my hair once a week because it itches so badly. The itching is making my head hurt. Please help.
Avatar n tn There are many claims for natural therapies, however, I have not seen ONE which has research to back it up. Many so called therapies rely on the placebo effect, which of course doesn't remove the disease, it just makes you 'believe' it has.
Avatar f tn But I really wanted to get him eating something healthier, and at his last vet visit about a month and a half ago the vet suggested Natural Balance. We chose the NB grain-free limited ingredient chicken and sweet potato flavor and gradually began mixing it in with the Beneful and phasing the Beneful out until now he's eating just the NB. He doesn't seem to like the NB but will eat it if we dice up and mix in one of his favorite sweet potato treats.
Avatar f tn Alternative therapies, not recommended. However adjunct or 'complimentary' therapies are widely used. I have researched and believe in the following: Maitake D-Fraction Coenzyme Q-10 (CoQ10) Genistien & I3C (Soy Isoflavones / Dark Green Vegetables) Turmeric Omega 3 (Fish Oil I have some articles I've written on them on my website; access via my profile page on medhelp. Let me know if you have any questions!
Avatar n tn After finishing the Clobex treatment (which did not help) I went off all prescription shampoos and started using all natural Neem shampoo which got rid of the dandruff. But the hair continued to fall. I went back to my regular doctor to get hormones, thyroid, allergies, vitamins and everything else tested and it all came back fine, except a copper and zinc deficiency.
1395422 tn?1308016251 The last 2 times i was pregnant i knew straight away by my hair, Like you i have naturally curly hair and after washing it the day later it would go really greesy and id get bad dandruff and every day was a bad hair day (literally) LOL.