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Avatar f tn Ive always suffered from dandruff and so i used T-gel and capisal anti-dandfuff shampoos, but when i got pregnant my doc told me not to use them because of coal tar and so i stopped, it also says on the back of the bottle not reccomended during pregnancy, its been 9 weeks and my head is soo itchy its driving me mad :( .. Anyone know any good natural ways to get rid of it?
Avatar f tn Hi, for the past two months my daughter and I all of a sudden got extremely dry scalp. we have tried everything. At first, I taught it was lice and I applied lice shampoo to both of our heads. That did not work, so next I tried apple cider vinegar, natural drandruff shampoo, head n shulders,, expensive shampoo from the salon, I don't know what else to do. Our heads itch all the time. It looks like we have dandruff all thru our heads, alot!!!!!
446049 tn?1649005835 I believe that's exactly what I said, Mom. But it won't cure psoriasis. It won't cure a dandruff problem. If you can cure something, it's always better than medicating it. But to cure it you do need to know what you're dealing with and whether it has a cure. But yeah, I said it doesn't have too many problems. But it can be very drying as it's very strong, all dandruff shampoos are, and that just makes the problem stick around.
17551709 tn?1457744886 I have had dandruff for years. I tried washing my hair with different shampoos, tried washing my hair multiple times per day and even tried several different anti-dandruff shampoos without success. Now I'm going to start using home remedies like apple cider vinegar.
Avatar f tn Hi there! I hope someone out there can offer some insight. I have an almost 7-year-old Boston male who is a very, very picky eater. We tried every brand under the sun and the only food he would eat unfortunately was Beneful so that's what we were feeding him. On his last vet visit the vet recommended Natural Balance. I wanted to get him on something more nutritious, so I gradually switched him over to the Natural Balance limited ingredient chicken and sweet potato variety.
Avatar n tn Nothing seems to work, I've had dandruff since I was a teenager and tried nearly everything, including the following: Shampoos: Selsun Blue Naturals (Salicylic acid 3%) Selsun Blue Medicated (Selenium sulfide 1%) Head & Shoulders AD (Zinc) Head & Shoulders (Pyrithione Zinc) Nizoral AD (Ketoconazole 1%) Neutrogena T/Gel (Coal Tar 1%) Janson Dandruff Relief (Sulfur 2%, Salicylic acid 2%) Topical Steroids: Fluocinide Clobetasol Alternatives: Salt Water Mineral Oil Vinegar Rinse Fi
Avatar m tn I've always had issues with Dry Scalp and Dandruff, particularly during the winter. Over the past couple years, I've also developed some sort of scalp sores that when picked at tend to bleed. They seem to continually come back. I've tried a number of shampoos - Head and Shoulders, Nizoral, Aveda Pureformance, T/Gel, American Crew, etc. with varying results.
Avatar n tn The internet has many sites that say natural methods like mayonnaise, vinegar, and natural oils can be used to smother the louses and neutralize the nits. I would like for someone to share a real testimonial with me on how to defeat this agonizing pest, and I advise you to do your own homework on the subject and not waste hundreds and thousands of dollars on over the counter remedies.
Avatar m tn My doctor thought it was fungal, so she had me use Nizoral regularly. It kept my dandruff from becoming even worse, and sometimes my dandruff was mild but not gone. Then I recently contracted pneumonia and was given a round of strong antibiotics. My dandruff disappeared on the 7th day of my antibiotic treatment and has not returned for a couple of weeks now. This makes no sense to me, as I know that dandruff is not bacterial in nature. Do you have an explanation for this?
Avatar f tn Mix 1/2 raw honey with 1/2 powdered tumeric and place in mouth, allow it to melt slowly. The tuneric, garlic and apple cider vinegar are all natural antibiotics/ anti-inflammatories. Eat simple soups of vegetables in chicken broth with some real whole chicken with bones slowly simmered in it. A pinch of cayenne in your food is also antibacterial. Good luck! Go to a doctor if your fever worsens near/past their recommended max temp.
4315059 tn?1352675085 I took the pills as I should but was not told to go on probiotics. Soon after I got a massive fungal rash on my back, and got bad dandruff. Later, I noticed that I had what seemed to be "ear dandruff", and my ear was sometimes itchy. After months of tryin I finally got rid of the rash on my back, but the dandruff has persisted for years. Now I have had a painful earache went to the hospital emergency room one evening. I was prescribed an antibiotic suspension for my ear.
Avatar f tn best remedy and natural for itchy scalp is apple cider vinegar mixed with half water and vinegar in a spray bottle about 2 o/z size spray all over your scalp leave on for half hour shampoo and condition twice a week till all is well.
Avatar n tn Has anyone done some natural treatment, and what are the results. Also, has anyone tried ESSIAC, IP6 or LIV 52. Please, let me know. Thank you in advance.
Avatar n tn f you think you have lice, after you wash your hair, rinse it with a mixture of white vinegar and water (half and half). Lice do not like vinegar and will give up residence.
Avatar n tn It seems to me every time I am due for my period (or after it) I develop dandruff on my skin. Is this hormonally linked?
Avatar n tn I have also suffered all my life with itchy scalp,dandruff,peeling eyebrows and forehead, redness around the nose and on the chin. I also went through all these chemicals you've described but they gave only temporary relief,like two to three days. About three years ago I read somewhere that in the old days people used cider vinegar for these conditions. Just straight out of the bottle(normally 5-6% strength stated).It helped enormously.
Avatar m tn t terribly good as an antifungal, much more of an antiseptic. Vinegar is a disinfectant, kind of a natural chlorine. Interesting it worked as a nail fungus, I might have to give that a try! By the way, vinegar can be used internally as well, but you have to use apple cider vinegar, not white vinegar.
Avatar n tn I have been using these antibiotics from last two years, but nothing gave me cure. parallalley I am even trying Apple cidar vinegar, Neti pot, String therapy through nose. I am totally devastated how to go about it now for immediate cure. Can any one advice what is the content which is there in natural polyp miracle treatment book, If any one has read the book please do share with all of us who are suffering since long time.
1518141 tn?1290819155 fix yourself a vinegar tonic by mixing a tablespoon of apple-cider vinegar into a glass of water to sip during your meal. (5) Fennel seed mix 2 tbsp. into about a cup of boiling water. Let the mixture steep for several minutes to make a tea to sip on. (6) Rhubarb: Slice off a piece of rhubarb stalk and chew on it for a few minutes. It will be sour, but many swear by its ability to sooth the burn. (7) Anise seed: your spice rack grab a few anise seeds to chew on.
1351676 tn?1301339436 Hello, I have just started to notice my black cat has got dandruff,. How do I treat this?
2078979 tn?1332206668 Ive and what I thought was dadruff most of my life but I found out that dandruff is actually a scalp condition that is caused by a natural bacteria that grows on ur scalp and u can use oils like tea tree, and eucaliptus to kill it and calm/get rid of dadruff. But u could just have dry scalp which is different. Try drinking more water (even tho we all have to pee more we still need drink lots...
Avatar m tn I am having burning sensation in eye (one eye only) for the past 5 months & it worsens when watching computer/TV particularly in high temperature rooms (due to hot climate) & went to several ophthalmologist for a cure,some told me its due to over secretion of meibomian oil,probably due to dandruff & as a treatment gave topical antibiotic+corticosteroids to apply it on lid margins for 10 days.but the problem is not clearing up.