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Avatar n tn Hey, I had a monster dandruff problem a few months ago, I would wake up and skip my day at the job when I'd see the white spots on my wet hair,I had flakes on my upper forehead, even in my beard sometimes..it was a nightmare, you're always checking behind you if there's somebody staring at it etc...
Avatar m tn If you are in your teens or twenties, I wouldn't worry. If you are in your thirties or older, you will probably be stuck with the beard you have. Good luck!
Avatar n tn Hello, The causes of premature graying of hair could be nutrients and proteins deficiency in the hair cells, emotional or physical stress and dandruff. Other causes of premature graying of hair are an unclean condition of the scalp, washing the hair with hot water, drying it with an electric dryer, and use of hair dyes. Heredity is also a predisposing factor.
Avatar m tn I like to let the active ingredients in the Selson Blue absorb into the skin after the evening shower and then put conditioner in the morning that dries quickly so dust or other particals do not get attached. I do this once a week and it eliminates my problem. I discovered this treatment one day when I was using this brand of shampoo and it fell on my face un lathered and it stung at first, but make me feel refreshed after lathering it in.
Avatar f tn Hi there, I have sensitive skin but for months I have had really bad dry skin under my beard. It's so bad that if I rub my beard, chunks of skin fall out. This also happens in my eyebrows. It is effecting my life greatly, very embarrassing. What can I do to cure this ??
Avatar m tn After reading copious online reviews and surveying the beard supplement market, it's reliable advice that Beard Czar works. It sits near the top of the ladder for beard supplements, so that itPer centu2019s reliable advice who's works pretty much. In the event youPer cent struggling to conceal those patches with your beard, Beard Czar are able to provide you with the added boost which you will want.
Avatar n tn It's on both elbows and I spend 99% of my time indoors and always wear short sleeve t-shirts. Psoriatic arthritis runs in my family. Is this it possibly? Regarding the patches beneath my beard: it's like dandruff, but scaly and my hairs fall out when I itch it. This is complicated by the fact that I have trichotillomania and beginning male pattern baldness. I have a compulsion to itch and pull hair at the same location.
Avatar m tn the temperature is important because if it's mild it won't bother them. keep the house clean and hoover the floors until they are all gone.
Avatar m tn It clears all of the pores and also oil glands inside the hair in the beard. Commemorate your hair inside the beard stronger and thicker. http://superiorabs.org/better-beards.
Avatar f tn You might get relief by avoiding shampoos with wheat, so maybe a Neutrogena shampoo or Dove shampoo and then rinsing your hair in the sink with a couple of tablespoons of vinegar in your rinse water.
Avatar m tn I wanted to give a solution as I have found one that worked pretty much overnight for me. Yesterday in the AM while I was showering I used some Pert Plus (Dandruff) shampoo as recommended here. I rinsed well and then on top of that I washed with Desert Essence Tea Tree face wash & Rinsed well. Once out of the shower, I dried behind my ears very well and used a q-tip to put a little bit of Hydrogen Peroxide over the open wound (cut-like wound) behind my ear.
Avatar m tn i noticed it everytime i cut my beard hair. well about a year ago i got it on my cheek and then on my mustache and in nasal folds and between my eyebrows. once i figured out what it was i was depressed i didnt eat, i begin to feel fatigue and was constipated becuase i read hiv is a main cuase. i havent had any fevers or wieght loss. or diahrea.
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Avatar f tn Sorry others have the same stuff I do. I just turned 41 and have had these issues forever. They start out with a little burning and itching, grow into a red lump, and will not pop like a normal pimple. Of course after washing and messing with them, they always open into a sore and there they are... the white things The sores will not heal until all the white things are pulled out (usually with tweezers).
Avatar m tn i just bought cetaphil and head and shoulders cause i read that the flakes might be dandruff of the beard? also i have tried using extra virgin olive oil on my face a few times in the past weeks....what could this be ? also what is the seriousness or worst case scenario?its not to noticable i guess cause no1 ever says hey u got white stuff on ur mustach.but i can see it clearly in a mirror...how do i get rid of it?
Avatar n tn Here's the symptoms: Very red eyes most of the time. Eye pain, but not what I would call "itching" as in allergies. But the RIGHT eye tends to be red way more than the other. VERY bad in the morning--bright red, takes 45 minutes or so for them to settle down. Gets very red again at night after about 10pm. Other odd things: when riding a bike, the right eye seems to be more sensitive to the wind.
Avatar f tn Please help my fiance. His symptoms: intermittent redness on tops of cheeks w/itchiness, intermittent dry red patches on forehead, intermittent redness on bridge of nose w/excessive oil production. Severe dandruff on his head, sideburns & beard. HIs face becomes aggravated after shavng and sometimes acts up just from washing w/water. Large amounts of dry skin in his ears. Also, 10-20 tiny whiteheads from his upper neck to his forehead.
Avatar n tn I thought it might take some time for the symptoms to subside so I waited. The symptoms got worse over the night and in the morning I was miserable. I knew what I had to do so I called the breeder and let her know I had to bring the puppy back. We drove 1 ½ hours back to the breeder to return the puppy . When we returned home we clean and vacuumed the house. The symptoms last a couple more days but immediately decreased once the dog was out of the house.
Avatar m tn i just bought cetaphil and head and shoulders cause i read that the flakes might be dandruff of the beard? also i have tried using extra virgin olive oil on my face a few times in the past weeks....what could this be ? also what is the seriousness or worst case scenario?its not to noticable i guess cause no1 ever says hey u got white stuff on ur mustach.but i can see it clearly in a mirror...how do i get rid of it?
Avatar m tn My ears are the worst the inside of my ear is always really flaky all the time. I pick at it and it comes right back. I also got a red spot on the bottom right side of my chin and it gets flaky and when i shave it is really red so i try not to shave so people can't see it but it still gets flaky like dry skin dandruff and i have to pick it out of my beard.
Avatar m tn It seems to be quite acute and I seem to hv white head or dandruff (not sure) on my beard. Also I hv noticed my skin becomig dry and minor scratch/press can lead to red marks. (eg if I keep my elbow on my thighs for a few seconds, it leaves a red blotch. Wonder what is this condition. I am horrified by his since I was moving on after getting low risk advice on my HIV exposure. My qn is - are folliculitis, dandruff, redness appear early in HIV cycle (wihin 8 months of exposure).
Avatar m tn I have also developed rash like skin at my cheeks and forehead, it appears normal when i wake up in the morning, but in the afternoon, it seems like a skin rash (very tiny bumps on cheeks), dermatologist couldn't find anything, but i can look at it in the mirror and feel it. All things point to HIV and i think i have given something to my wife. Could you please provide your location in Gurgaon, do you have clinic? Please madam, help me.
Avatar m tn i am having problems with dryness on my face, people have mentioned this could be SD but I have no redness, no itching, no dandruff or lesions, I have no yellow flaking skin in my eyebrows or beard. I have been using prior to this a tesco basic hand wash at the gym to wash the sweat of my face.....
Avatar n tn Dermatologist also recommends the use of photodynamic therapy which involves the usage of UV- A, UV- B laser and red or blue LED light to inhibit the growth of the yeast and reduces the inflammation. Adjuvant therapy includes use of dandruff shampoo, an antifungal agent or both are essential during the pulse therapy and should be continued here after as maintenance therapy after each pulse. Anti fungal diet includes the elimination of sugar should reduce seborrhoeic dermatitis.
Avatar m tn The reason for limit of 2,000 characters (about 400 words) is to require the entire question to fit in the initial window. The moderators can't be expected to read such long essays! I have not seen and do not plan to look at the parts that followed those above. Fortunately, there is plenty of information above for a reply that is accurate and, I hope, helpful. As you were told by Dr. Hook, the expiration date on the condom is irrelevant.
Avatar n tn So I have to shave ASAP also a lot of small white particles is fallen from my bear exactly as the head dandruff. In addition my exact lymph node swollen again not painful, not solid and very small. My questions are: 1- does my etching and red ( very red) and beard can cause my lymph node to be swollen? 2- I went to doctor and he said this is kind of fungus, I took the medication for 7 days but not solved!!
Avatar n tn Over time, it turned from small papular (in my best description) red spots to having slight ***** areas in the middle. I eventually turned to an over the counter hydrocortisone ointment, which helped for a short time, but then ceased to help, and it seemed like the condition just worsened. In mid April, I went to a general healthcare practicioner at my school, who diagnosed me with folliculitis of the beard area, and she gave me clindamycin pledgets to use for a bacterial infection.
Avatar m tn If any bit of skin peels off it is gone for good and the place it has come from never heals, hence the slow thinning progression in my nose. He confirmed my beard has seborrheic dermatitis. Could the dermatitis be affecting the nose too? The dermatologist didn't seem to think so, but said "maybe" as he really didn't have any answer. And that I should use the creams he suggested on the nose tip in any case. So confusing. What do I do?
Avatar n tn I'm not sure what is causing this as i haven't been to a dermatologist to have them look at it. but in the past 2-3 years or so i will get red patches on my face and the skin seems to be white and flaky in those areas. i also get dandruff sometimes and use Neutrogena T/Gel to help control it. however, the flaky, red skin on my face seems to come and go. i have been using a facial scrub that my wife suggested and although it does seem to help if i miss a day it comes right back.
Avatar n tn You can treat flaking and dryness with over-the-counter dandruff or medicated shampoos. Shampoo the hair vigorously and frequently (preferably daily). Active ingredients in these shampoos include salicylic acid, coal tar, zinc, resorcin, ketoconazole, or selenium. If the symptoms persist, then it would be best to get it confirmed from a dermatologist I hope it helps. Take care and please do keep me posted in case you have any additional doubts. Kind regards.