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Dandruff in pubic area

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Avatar f tn hi....i have itchiness on pubic areas plus it is very dry that it flakes like dandruff on the head. It bothers me a lot especially when itchiness attacked. i have only 1 partner he is my husband. Because i always scratch it soreness happen to follow and it is really not good. I tried to use canesten thinking that it might be fungal but the more it itch and discharge appears. what will i do with this....
Avatar m tn I have tried to gently exfoliate in the upper pubic area, use a thick moisturizer and hydrocortisone cream but the rash keeps coming back. Please help.
560684 tn?1306712545 like moderate pitting of the finger nails (this has been going on for the past 3 months), weaking of fingernails along with peeling of nails and itching of the pubic area - past 2 weeks(without any signs of pubic lice - but when i scratch the 'root' of the hairs have these small while things - almost like some sort of internal moist dandruff...the skin is fine though).
Avatar f tn I have had a few bumps in my pubic area but not on my penis, they have puss in it and it hurts when i try to bust it, what could this be?
Avatar f tn I have been having sharp pains in my vagina area for two days straight. What doea that mean?
Avatar m tn I have got some pimples in the area of pubic hair. They are reddish in colour. Yesterday i saw a raised pimple on the penis also ( were penis is attached to body). Can anyone help me to define if it indicates a major disease of it is some minor infection. Just to add that I shave my pubic hair once every month.
Avatar f tn Hey guys,im having a severe ithchiness on my vangina surface since a month ago,I dont know what to do,it hurts me so much and havent sleep peacefully for days.I tried using dandruff shampoo(usually dandruff hair itches) and applied some sort of cream,i feel like it doesnt help.Oh god,im typing this with the itchiness down there.I even trimmed my pubic hair thinking maybe it itches because i havent trim for so long.Is there something i can do to stop the itchiness at least for temporarily.
Avatar n tn before they were never there. They dont hurt or anything but for me its just an unpleasant sight. I do shave my pubic area occasionally and im not sure if its from my razor irritating my skin thus causing whiteheads or what. I have only had one sexual partner for 4 years and been faithful the whole time. She has been faithful as well so no worries on that topic.
Avatar n tn I plan on going to a clinic if they grow back or if I end up seeing more in my pubic area or on my actual genitals.
Avatar m tn With in the past week I have noticed a few red bumps in the pubic hair area. Now I am quite paranoid! I have been sexually active with a girl in a relationship for six months, then been absent with any encounters for a several month then had sexual activity, then absent for couple months again then last week was active again. Before my last sexual encounter I did shave my pubic area, and I don't recall having this ever before.
Avatar f tn The bump or pimple you describe may be an infected hair follicle since you said you had shaved in your pubic area. It happens when there is shaving involved. As long you had protected intercourse, this is not a worrisome matter at all.
Avatar f tn s caused by a relaxation of the ligaments that normally keep the two sides of the pelvic bone tightly bound together at the symphysis pubis, the joint in the pubic area. (The culprit here is the hormone relaxin, which softens those joints to give baby an easier path out into the world.
Avatar m tn The main STD that can cause genital area lesions similar to this is herpes. However, herpes rarely starts in the pubic area or other hair-bearing areas; the initial lesions almost always involve the areas that receive the most friction during sex, i.e. the penis itself (and the vaginal opening or labia minor in women). You give an excellent description of typical symptoms and signs of pubic area folliculitis, i.e. inflammation/infection of the hair follicles.
Avatar m tn As you said, that is not herpes behavior. So, since they do not give you pain, bring them up the next time you go to the doctor. If you think genital warts are a possibility, then you should make sure you don't let any partners come in contact with these bumps.
Avatar f tn I have a bump in my pubic area. I am 16 a girl. i have had it for a month. I have had one similar to it but it went away. the bump is the size of a pea. it seems to be under the skin. I pop it and acne fluid came out also blood and clear fluid. i don't know what this is? Please help!
Avatar f tn Ever since, I have been experiencing itching in the pubic area around the labia and the area below the vagina opening. Whenever I give in and itch, it itches even worse. Recently I began treating it with Carbon Dioxide and it really helps, I just want it to be gone permanently. What is it and what can I do?
Avatar f tn It can be a hair bump, try looking for the hair.
Avatar f tn m embarrassed to say that i have this thing where i pick the ingrown hair in my pubic area right above my vagina. Since i pick them, that leads to scabs and/or scars. I know i should stop picking them and i will, but I'm worked those scars will stay there forever. What should i do? Please help me as soon as possible.
Avatar n tn I have a few bumps in my pubic area. They won't go away and they've been there for like 6 months now. I have one main one that has, what looks like, multiple bumps out together. I'm 18, male, and I am sexually active. But my partner was a virgin and hasn't been with anyone else and neither have I. So I'm not sure about an STD. I'll post a picture of it below.
Avatar f tn I am a 15 year old girl and I am having a painful swell thing on my right "flap" thing in my pubic area. It really hurts and it is like a knot or something under the skin. I asked my mom about it and she said to wait and see how it is on Monday. I am so concerned and scared about what it could be. Could you please help?