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Avatar n tn It's mostly on my part line on the top of my head and on the crown of my head, but sometimes is all over. I am getting very self-conscious about this problem, so any suggestions would be appreciated. I did visit a dermatologist who gave me lidex solution, which doesn't seem to make a difference either. How can I get rid of this problem or at least control it so it's not so noticeable?
Avatar m tn I've have dry flaky skin under my beard and eyebrows pretty much all the the time. I apply moisterizer after my showers and in the mornings before work...to no effect. It doesnt itch or burn...just flaky and embarrasing because i look like i've been eating glazed donuts or soemthing. I drink plenty of water daily and i take multivitamins as well. not sure why i mention that but if that informations helps. Is there any suggestions as to what i can to do solve this problem?
440193 tn?1293814117 I go to her every six weeks to get a cut and color and she obviously has been cutting my hair since I was a baby,in the past six months I have lost hair on the right side of my head,she showed me the difference between the right side to the left and it was stunning!!! there was a inch difference in length and I am thinning throught out the right side of my head . My mother said she has never seen anything like it that she can remember.and she should know.
Avatar n tn For the past 5 months I have had dizziness every day, more like waves of dizziness that roll over me and especially when I turn my head to the left or right. I have this constant pressure in my head and rarely will I get headaches. My eyes feel weird and I don't really know how to describe the way they feel, I just feel kind of out of it. I also have this almost constant fatigue. I went to the Dr and he thinks I have a sinus infection from rubbing my eyes too much which sounds crazy to me.
Avatar f tn Please help my fiance. His symptoms: intermittent redness on tops of cheeks w/itchiness, intermittent dry red patches on forehead, intermittent redness on bridge of nose w/excessive oil production. Severe dandruff on his head, sideburns & beard. HIs face becomes aggravated after shavng and sometimes acts up just from washing w/water. Large amounts of dry skin in his ears. Also, 10-20 tiny whiteheads from his upper neck to his forehead.
Avatar m tn i just bought cetaphil and head and shoulders cause i read that the flakes might be dandruff of the beard? also i have tried using extra virgin olive oil on my face a few times in the past weeks....what could this be ? also what is the seriousness or worst case scenario?its not to noticable i guess cause no1 ever says hey u got white stuff on ur mustach.but i can see it clearly in a mirror...how do i get rid of it?
Avatar m tn It seems to be quite acute and I seem to hv white head or dandruff (not sure) on my beard. Also I hv noticed my skin becomig dry and minor scratch/press can lead to red marks. (eg if I keep my elbow on my thighs for a few seconds, it leaves a red blotch. Wonder what is this condition. I am horrified by his since I was moving on after getting low risk advice on my HIV exposure. My qn is - are folliculitis, dandruff, redness appear early in HIV cycle (wihin 8 months of exposure).
Avatar m tn i just bought cetaphil and head and shoulders cause i read that the flakes might be dandruff of the beard? also i have tried using extra virgin olive oil on my face a few times in the past weeks....what could this be ? also what is the seriousness or worst case scenario?its not to noticable i guess cause no1 ever says hey u got white stuff on ur mustach.but i can see it clearly in a mirror...how do i get rid of it?
Avatar n tn By the time I reached age 13 I had significant gray hair and by 23 my entire head was gray (clear strands). Now I am 26 my head, beard, chest, and even pubic area are gray. I have always had dandruff and have seen many doctors and have had extensive bloodwork done with no success. My skin does not tolerate shampoo or any topical medication that I have been given by doctors so now I do not use any. I was orphaned at birth so i do not know if my situation is hereditary.
Avatar n tn until i looked up my symptoms of incredible burning, scaling, itching and redness in my mustache/face and found out about Seborrheic Dermatitis, following suggestion of using head and shoulders my face immediately started to feel better. im 3 days into using head and shoulders 1% regular stuff and today i went and got T sal, lets hope i didnt over do it with the tsal, i thought using both would help more then just the head and shoulders.
Avatar m tn Last week i went to family doctor for acnes on beard and she gave me clindamycine , for the last 1 week , i have dandruff on face , beard, nose and eyebrows and even on hair ,i dont know if it s the side effect of clindamycine,or she gave me clindamycine for dandruff which i didnt know.
Avatar n tn So I have to shave ASAP also a lot of small white particles is fallen from my bear exactly as the head dandruff. In addition my exact lymph node swollen again not painful, not solid and very small. My questions are: 1- does my etching and red ( very red) and beard can cause my lymph node to be swollen? 2- I went to doctor and he said this is kind of fungus, I took the medication for 7 days but not solved!!
Avatar f tn My head itches a lot, when I scratch it, little tiny white beads or balls come out about half the size of a mustard seed. I thought it was lice, bought and did a lice treatment. The comb only caught these tiny white beads and no lice. I've noticed that I've had acne as long as I have had these tiny beads (for 5+ years) but the acne is very mild. There are no flakes and I wash my hair often. I have no rashes anywhere on my body but I often find acne on my scalp and between my shoulder blades.
Avatar f tn this was approx 10yrs ago (I was 12) when I was 18? it spread on my head.. a first blisers and the secreion.. then wounds like volcanos, yellow red and whie .. that poured a secreion wich hardened and looked like dandruff.. only that it was a lot thicker and very grose. if "I washed my head.. afer a day or two this diseased skin mixed wih secreion would peel off leaving onl wounds that made even more secreion it go worse abou 2rs ago.. when it spread in my genial areas..
Avatar m tn He will either offer you the medicated shampoo for lice, or make another suggestion. You might have him wash his beard with Listerine; my mother-in-law did that for dry scalp and dandruff and it is a refreshing rinse that will not hurt him. If neither of these work, consult a physician or dermatologist; he could have a skin condition and need to shave to be able to treat it adequately. Consult a professional if it continues.
Avatar n tn Have had redness on the side of my nose and under my eyes, and tiny flakes in my beard for about a month and a half now. I was given the Ketocy...2% cream which seemed to do absolutely nothing for 2-3 times a day for two weeks. I do not really have any problems with dandruff other than some small flakes from time to time, which usually go away with H&S Shampoo. I am in good health and have good personal hygeine. Recently went to Dermatologist again she told me to use Selsun 2.
Avatar n tn This seems to weaken the affected hair(s) and any scrathing seems to cause the hair to fall off. With the beard I seem to get pus filled boils a few days after I shave. However I don't think or atleast am unsure if there's hair loss from the beard. Doctor's Diagnosis My doctor seems to have diagnosed it as Sebhorreic Dermatitis and recommended me the medicated shampoo Selsun. This lead to no improvement and so another doctor recommended another such shampoo called Polytar.
Avatar n tn I could not do much other than shave my beard/mustache, and to apply some lotion or anti-dandruff shampoo to my eyebrows. I have seriously shaved my head a few times, knowing that the redness, itching and flaking go away when there is no hair to keep it all there. It only to returns when the hair grows back. My hair is so thick, if I were to use any prescription lotion on my scalp, I would need to buy a new container for every use.
Avatar m tn Always gets irritated when I use a razor. Always had a dry scalp and dandruff but know in my beard I get this flaky skin.
Avatar m tn He said he had a itchy nose itchy ears and dry skin, also had stuff that looked like dandruff in his beard, he claimed his skin was sensitive to the sun and would get itchy everywhere when trying to go for a run. This lasted for 2 weeks and his anxiety was extreme during this time(he'd hide in the corner of the room, was extremely negative thinking his life was over and distanced himself from others).
1613542 tn?1366472143 The impact turned the car back downhill, where I hit the second tree head on. Both trees were hit about five feet up. ( car was about five feet airborne. Broke my leg in half. went to hospital where nothing but my leg was checked, no mris, ct scan, nothing checked for head trauma. I should note that I hit the windshield twice and was unconscious for a undetermined amount of time. I had two passengers who managed to crawl out of the car.
Avatar n tn new problem is they stick up all over the place, i guess i just appreciate that they are growing back. and i have the goat fuzz that meki speaks of. nizoral shampoo (near dandruff shampoos) that should be good, lots of good conditioner, probiotics, and good diet. the chemo takes a lot out of us need to do a lot to put back on track.
Avatar m tn I then use conditioner for head and beard area, dry my face then use double base moisturiser on the face, which is used very minimally, a tiny blob for each area on the face. I now have a great complexion and you would never know that i have web derm. The selsun shampoo is all i use to cleanse my face. i hope this info helps others as it did for me, as i said i thought i'd be trapped forever with this horrible skin condition. Now i have my life back thanks to this simple regime.
Avatar n tn com of a beard hair being plucked. My hairs, head, eyebrows, leg and pubic all have the same thing on the ends when I pluck them out. the end is very sticky almost like suction cups so I figured it was some kind of parasite or lice. I am so glad that I am not the only person. I'm not sure if it is just normal hair follicles or if there is really something there. I have the same feelings you all describe. If somone gets a diganosis I would love to hear it.
Avatar n tn No sensative skin, nothing. About 2 to 3 months ago, I began itching on my head, then my face, then upper, and lower body. I went to the Dr. and was told i had dermatitis. Then it got worse and a rash appeared. I went back to the dr. pleading for him to do a skin scraping and look under the micro, but he wouldn't. I could feel the crawling in my ears, nose and throat but found nothing but black specs and white dandruff-like dust, but none of them moved.
496771 tn?1209698358 I went to Walmart to get benydryl and cortizone cream but as soon as he got home I could see his face was fire red and swollen with multiple wounds from scratching. He has a beard so his face head and for good measure his chest hair was dyed. As soon as soon as I saw him we headed straight for the nearest urgent care where he was given a steroid injection and scripts for prednisone and steroid cream. The Dr said he sees this a lot.
Avatar n tn In addition to the redness on face, three weeks ago, I had white flaking (looks like dandruff) on forehead and beard area. That went away after a week with the Elidel and Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream but the forehead flaking started coming back two days ago. I did use some of the Sulfaced on forehead at that time, and maybe it irritated it. I'm also noticing flaking now on the shoulder area.
288415 tn?1231634102 I recently used a dandruff shampoo and almost immediately the running of my ears slowed down to a near halt but now I have scaly skin in the outer ear with incessant ringing and my sense of smell is stronger. Does this make sense?
Avatar f tn This mofo wasn't done! Sometimes when you pop a white head (harmless, I rarely get breakouts)it will boil up overnight or within a few days and release more of that white crap- you pop it again and then the scab can finally heal. Well, I decided, I'm going to get that mofo out so I can be done with this already! That's where my journey began. I went in to extract what I consider to be the first 'root' or 'plug' in this situation.
Avatar n tn Unless you are having severe pain, breathing problems or feel like your head is going to pop off learn to live with it. For some reason as good as the medical community is they are not good at diagnosing numbness and tingling or creepy crawling sensations. I know this because I have been trying to get something similiar to this diagnosed for several years.