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2078979 tn?1332210268 I'm gonna be 35 weeks and recently started getting it, so right now I'm gonna try using a Paul Mitchell product since my bestie works at a salon that her mom own but I'm pretty sure head and shoulders or selsun blue they are both dandruff shampoos.. the selsun blue works good!
Avatar n tn ) He's lost the 3 extra pounds he was carrying and his muscle tone looks wonderful. And as I said, his coat actually looks really nice and shiny. But he still has dandruff, and some days it's only a few flakes, but some days it's really, really bad! He NEVER scratches. I'm home with him all day, and he doesn't scratch or bite at himself or seem the least bit uncomfortable, and his energy levels seem normal as well. His skin doesn't seem dry, which seems weird.
Avatar m tn Hello and greetings. I have had dandruff for years. All shampoos and treatments ( including doctor prescribed) have failed me. My dandruff comes off in thick, large chunks. I have sores on my head which ooze and bleed.
Avatar f tn I have had dandruff all my life. When i was younger my brother and i use to vacation in the country side near a beach and every time we came home my mother would see these sores in our heads that oozed and smelled funny. She said it was from sea bathing in the dirty water and sure enough it would clear up over time and after we used many products. When i started straightening my hair, my scalp would get burnt really badly all over and the scabs would stay and recurred even if i left it alone.
Avatar m tn Head and Shoulders made them go away (both the Dandruff and head sores) but only for a short time. I have since been using a rotation of Head & Shoulders, Pureformance, and American Crew to no avail. My dandruff isn't too bad anymore but the scalp sores won't go away. I haven't tried T/Gel or Nizoral since getting the scalp sores.
Avatar n tn I have stopped but I am suffering with scalp irritation at the crown of my head, including intense itching no matter how much hydration, treatment or lack thereof. I have no dandruff whatsoever. No sores or anything like that. Color seems normal to the naked eye too I do have a sore scalp and my hair breaks in these areas very seriously. I want to stop the itching and the soreness. I have had many stylist look at it but no one seems to notice anything out of the ordinary.
Avatar n tn I have dandruff like scales in this area, the rest of my scalp is itchy and burns and i have sores that won't completely heal. This has spread to my face and eyes. My face is flaky and it hurts and my eyes burn and are gritty. I don't know what to do. cortisone cream helps my face a little but it comes back. Please help, the doctors i have gone to don't want to follow through with this. I've been to a lot of doctors.
Avatar n tn I have it too, and I can't get rid of it. The only thing that the Dermatologist has prescribed that has helped some is Clyndomicin.
1468158 tn?1363029895 so ive got these bumbs/sores on my head, first i thought it was acne from my make up so i started washing my head more, an stopped wearing makeup for about a month, then i thought it was dandruff so i switched to head an shoulders but its still there an ive found them in different spots. they bother me on occasion an itch from time to time they come an go but i cant figure out the cause of them.? has anyone else had this?
Avatar f tn You need to determine what the sores are--bacterial, fungal, and parasitic infections are all options for sores, and there are autoimmune conditions that can cause issues too. An allergic reaction to things is also a possibility. It's best if you see someone who can tell the difference before throwing a truckload of treatments at it. For me, I have horrible dandruff, and if I don't keep after it, instead of having a nice layer of skin on my head, I get this greasy yellow sludge/crud.
Avatar f tn Use the search feature and archives and read about blepharitis and the treatment. It is a problem you try and control not cure.
Avatar f tn The dried skin builds up so bad sometimes that it clumps my hair together. I have tried perscription strength shampoos and treatments and they all help for a little while but then it comes back. Lately I have been getting small red sores on my head and can see a slightly pink tint to my scalp, obviously irritated. I still get the dried skin that peels off. Am I forever going to have to keep using a dandruff shampoo or could this be something else?
Avatar f tn its so thin, seems like these last 2 times i color with temp dye, it doesn't grab the same, its thin, my scap has sores because of thin of hair can really see the sores to me its gross and disgusting. i want to buy a wig. i think it will make me feel better, prob is the one i like is expensive. my kids tell me mom you have lots of hair it looks fine, but i don't believe them. i worry that i won't be able to like the way i feel if i get called to an interview, or even going back to work.
1009876 tn?1326493677 I am 33 years old and my scalp has been driving me a little crazy. It's itchy and when I scratch, I notice bumps (big & small) bumps (painful sores) on it. I had this in 2009 for a bit and then, throughout my pregnancy in 2010 it disappeared. Now it's back and far worse than it was before. I've tried cola tar & dandruff shampoos but neither have worked so far. I did see a dermatologist last year, but by the time I saw him, I had no symptoms so he couldn't help me.
Avatar f tn They range from little pimples to large ones and some are like blind pimples. They are very painful and they come and go. I found that it helps to use an oil free shampoo/conditioner or shampoo for oily hair, even tho I don't always have oily hair. I am getting really frustrated because no Dr. has been able to give me a good diagnoses or treatment. One Dr. said scalp acne which seems possible and he gave me an antibiotic for acne which actually worked great only my scalp got reallys dry.
Avatar f tn Hello, These pimple type sores can be due to folliculitis or cysts. Keep the area clean and apply some topical antiseptics and warm compresses. Also use an antibacterial soap or mild soap like dove.Avoid any kind of cosmetics and check your hair for dandruff. Topical antibiotics such as mupirocin or neomycin containing ointment are also useful.In case the symptoms persist then oral antibiotics and incision and drainage may be needed. Please consult a dermatologist in that case.
Avatar n tn I agree with jemma116 about going back to the doctor. Did you see a dermatologist or your primary care physician? If you didn't see a dermatologist, I would suggest seeing one for this type of issue. It could be that the shampoo is drying your scalp out and exacerbating the dandruff and irritating the sores, preventing healing. I've personally found Head & Shoulders, Nizoral, Selsun Blue, and all those anti-dandruff shampoos to make my scalp worse.
Avatar n tn I have dandruff bad sometimes, and when I do get it, I get these itchy spots on the back of my scalp, ive never seen one, but my wife says they look like little red soars, and dandruff is caused usually by stress and or bad diet!!! did you know that? I wouldnt worry about it, I don't. I think its VERY NORMAL. Now, I don't think my hair falls out or anything with these things...
Avatar m tn For the past month I have been getting these zit like sores on my head. They come and go and literally move around! It's so weird like one week I will have two of them like one near the scruff of my neck and one on the side of my head. They are kinda like as if I bumped my head, and sometimes it's got a zit like characteristics but nothing comes out when I squeeze it like a zit! They hurt like heck!
Avatar f tn I also have severe back of scalp itching with no sign of dandruff, sole of foot and lower leg itching, and night sweats. Any help would be great. They don't really bleed, and no fluid comes out when you itch them and break the papule open, but the open sores itch mildly, and sort of sting.
Avatar n tn About 2 weeks ago my scalp started to itch really bad and had alot of buildup and dandruff. Now I have sores on my scalp all over.sometimes they ooz clear sticky fluid then crust over and when scratched then bleed. Also now when I tuch my head in certain areas it feels like my brain/skull there is electricity. It is very painful accompanied by headache, shoulder, and neck pain with a lump on back left side of neck. My skin on face, neck and back have a burning sensation.
Avatar m tn ) Up until recently, I've been able to sleep fine with no crawling and minimal itching. The bites heal slowly, and new ones appear much less often. One thing to note, it seems like every time there's an itch, I can scratch and there's a tiny white, almost dandruff-like substance. But it isn't just in the pores, it's in my hair(any hair), my nose, and my ears. I've recently seen a dermatologist last Thursday.
Avatar n tn 05 Over the past few years I've had a persistant problem with itchy scalp and small sores on the head. I've been to a dermatologist and he put me on Kenlogg? (hydrocortisone) spray for the scalp. It help for awhile but the condition comes back again. Any suggestions? Thank, Doug A. Posted by Derm M.D. ASR on August 06, 1999 at 10:24:10 Doug: In my experience, itchy scabs on the scalp are less likely to be seborrhea or dandruff, and more likely to be stress-related.
Avatar n tn This will itch a little so I scratch it off and there is a sore underneath. The sores come and go but they all come and go together. I will start with 1 or two that are mild, then suddenly will have an outbreak and there will be 7 or eight and they will get very sore, oozey and crusty. This can last a week or a month, then they will subside slowly until they are almost gone and before long the cycle starts all over.
Avatar n tn I still have the pain and it seems that i have a lot of dandruff sticking to the scalp. I also had pus under my 2 armpits for over 6 months, but one went away and one not. On my Nose, I started having marks as if I had pimples on them and are trying to heal. BUt i never had pimples on my nose. I saw a dermatologist today, and he thinks all these symptomps are from a SUPER infection that i have in my body and that could be treated with an antibiotic for a week.
Avatar f tn Adema,I have abdominal cramps and headaches, cold sores. I lost alot of hair and i feel tired and sleepy all the time. I've had ear infection for over a month. i get leg cramps and shooting pain under my armpit to breast. i feel so exhausted. and my eyes hurt i wear glasses and my vision seems more blury than when i got my glasses 3 months ago.
Avatar m tn My hair has been falling out rapidly for the past year, I've had dandruff my whole life and nothing has cured it. I'm a 22 year old male and have no family history of male pattern baldness, in fact the men in my family all have extremely thick black hair, including my grandfathers. but i found these red sores on my scalp, what do you think it is? Seborrhoeic Dermatitis ?
Avatar m tn Hello I am a 15 year old boy who had an unprotected oral and protected vaginal intercourse with a prostitute in the Philippines but the condom broke and I continued for about 2 mins and ejaculated inside her. Its been 7 weeks since the exposure, my symptoms are lower back pains, dandruff and tired eyes. I'm really really scared that I might contract HIV from that single exposure. I really don't know what to do. Please help me the anxiety is killing me and makes so depressed.
Avatar f tn for about a month now my hair follicles around the back of my head round to the back of my ears itch like crazy and the hair follicles feel like someone is pulling my hair out with tweezers!! No redness, no bumps or lumps, no bruising, no bleeding or sores, no lice, no dandruff. I colour my hair using a peroxide mixture for a bright red look but Ive never had a reaction with it. CONFUSED!!!!!
358258 tn?1197408877 I have it myself and you can get recurring styes, and flakes on the eyelashes, it's like dandruff on the lashes they also can fall out, be itchy and red, etc. I have no idea about Chrohn's but ended up here searching because I have bowel problems and alot of other stuff that makes me feel like an old person.