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Avatar f tn I also quit eating fast food. I lost 20 pounds from just doing this. I also like to do zumba and hip hop dance. You can look up zumba and dance workout videos online and do it in the privacy of your own home if you are uncomfortable dancing in a class situation. This is what I do. Also try to stay away from fried foods, candy, and chips.
Avatar f tn Maybe some sort of ballet workout or a hip hop workout. I love to dance! I also have Tae Bo that I rarely do so one of these days I'll pop that one in. I think I have been sticking to what is comfortable and trying to get "used to it". I think I need to step up my game! So last night I did end up doing a different cardio workout and it was amazing. I was doing moves I had never done before and it worked my leg muscles really good, too!
Avatar n tn The important causes of this bone coming forward are any swelling inside the bone, deformity of spine or deformity of hip joint. All these three things have to be checked by examination and if necessary by X-ray. The same deformity can also be present because of vitamin-D deficiency in childhood and evidence of this will also be seen on X-ray. I advise you to consult an orthopaedic surgeon for examination and proper diagnosis of your condition.
Avatar n tn Hi...if u r doing baby freezes and typical hip hop moves out on the street, u will have pain....but do see ur dr to be sure u have nothing else going on.
Avatar n tn probably not as it gives your germ cells a good workout to replenish new sperm every time the previous batch is used up! might result in retarded babies if you don't make new sperm, as it sits there and degrades. however there will definitely be a bunch of new sperm which can have a chance of producing offspring with disabilities. on this subject... i wonder how celibate monks deal with not wanking/masturbating for their entire lives...