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Avatar m tn Get a prenatal checkup done and ask your doctor about prenatal vitamins like folic acid. Stay away from stress and exercise daily. If you are still unable to conceive contact your doctor. In that case you and your husband both may need evaluation .The common causes of infertility are blocked tubes, ovulation dysfunction, hyperprolactinemia, thyroid disorders, PID etc.Sperm motility disorders and decreased sperm count are male causes of infertility. Treatment will depend on the underlying cause.
Avatar f tn In 1998, the Food and Drug Administration mandated that folic acid be added to enriched grain products - so you can boost your intake by looking for breakfast cereals, breads, pastas, and rice containing 100% of the recommended daily folic acid allowance. But for most women, eating fortified foods isn't enough. To reach the recommended daily level, you'll probably need a vitamin supplement.
Avatar f tn I like them a lot. It has the basic vitamins in it that women require on a daily basis. I dont get any symptoms. You really shouldnt get symptoms from taking any multivitamin.
Avatar f tn Fertility blend is a scientifically proven formula useful in enhancing fertility for women and men. Apart from taking fertility supplements you should also take a balanced and nutritious diet. There are many vitamins which can help in ovulation. Vitamin D helps in calcium absorption and regulation and normalizes the development of healthy follicles and increases chances of conception. Folic acid intake helps in egg production and ovulation disorders .Calcium helps in egg maturation.
Avatar n tn Thank you so much. I've been a vegetarian for a little over a year now. I had been reading up on similar situations to mine, MANY women said it was a hormonal imbalance. So, I did a little research on the vegetarian diet, and I realized I was not getting many vitamins & such that I needed, so I bought 6 different vitamins that I take daily, and within 3-4 days, it stopped. I was super relived. And thanks so much again!
8069122 tn?1407171566 I take pills on a daily plus vitamins I just got used to it It does stink but I want to make sure my baby is healthy I take 4 prenatals 4 folic acid 2 calcium and my epilepsy meds morning and night
Avatar f tn Does anybody have any suggestions on vitamins that I could get for DH? I'm going to wait a few more months before I make an appointment with an RE, but I feel there is something that we can be doing now to help increase our fertility. I'm currently taking pre-natals, but don't know if I should also be supplementing? Has anybody tried the FertilAid, with any success?
Avatar f tn Not all omega 6 oils are created equal. I don't know why you're taking evening primrose oil, you don't state what you're trying to accomplish. Some take it for female hormonal balance and some take it for depression. It is somewhat high in GLA, a very beneficial fat, though borage oil has more. But it is very effective for women with hormonal disruptions, so if you need it for that and it's working, then I wouldn't worry about the Omega 6 portion.
768015 tn?1333652075 I think it has to do with what vitamins are in the Centrum, they probably don't have the rec. amount of folic acid or iron in them. I didn't take any prenatal vitamins until I was further along b/c they made me sick. I do not recommend that. I would look up online what the rec. amount of which vitamins is online, and compare them to your vitamins. Keep in mind also, that a lot of women don't find out they're pregnant until further along too. You should be fine.
1126418 tn?1326165992 Wahls designed her own eating plan, based on the nutrients she now knew she needed for optimal mitochondrial-, myelin-, and neurotransmitter function, because while your body can create some nutrients, others must be provided through your diet.
Avatar f tn Folic acid is essential for brain development.
Avatar m tn ve been on them for over 7 years after surgery and kept using them when I discovered what a great use they were for depression. I was an Executive for a tech company and was just laid off so I was thinking what a great time to do this!
Avatar n tn Which ever u decide on. Take them to ur doc n ask him if those r ok. Because some don't have enough of some vitamins that r needed even if they r prenatal n may have to take an extra but just to make sure the levels let ur doc approve. My doc told me he could prescribed some or I could go over the counter but he wanted me to take them on my next prenatal appt so he can make sure they were ok. He was the one that told me not all prenatal have the recommended amt.
Avatar m tn 25 years of national poison control statistics show that there is not even one death per year from vitamins. Check the research literature and see for yourself exactly who is being harmed by vitamins. Aside from the pharmaceutical industry, virtually nobody. Half of Americans take vitamin supplements every day. So where are the bodies? Decades of physicians' reports and controlled research studies support the use of large doses of vitamins.
Avatar f tn Some prenatals contain fish oil, which has very important nutrients for you and baby. The gummy vitamins, though much easier to take, trends to have far less off the needed vitamins than other OTC prenatal vitamins. Your OBGYN or midwife should be able too provide you a checklist listing ask the necessary nutrients your vitamins should include, or recommend/prescribe specific kinds. Check with them first before switching!
Avatar f tn Is cuz women think that by taking vitamins babies will come out healthy but that doesnt happen always because i have know womens who take vitamins all pregnancy without missing a day and babies will come out unhealthy like my sisters baby she wouldnt even miss a vitamin, so girls think that if they dont drink vitamins that baby will come out unhealthy. Any ways i do believe vitamins are good for your bodies but you dont always have to drink them every single day.
Avatar m tn An adult only needs a total of 2,300 IU (women) to 3,000 IU (men) of vitamin A daily, and total daily intake of pre-formed vitamin A for adults should not exceed 10,000 IU. Note: Beta carotene does not count towards this upper limit for vitamin A. Two products, NOW Vit-Min 75+ and MegaFood Women Over 40 One Daily, each needed 40 minutes to break apart in the disintegration test, which is 10 minutes above the allowable limit.
Avatar f tn Here in ireland its never reccommended by doctors we take prenatal vitamins,just folic acid for the first 12 weeks and iron after that but only if needed..this is my 4th baby and never took any prenatal vitamin and all very healthy babies and i dont know anyone that has taken them..it seems to be an american thing...as long as you have a healthy diet i dont see a problem...
216278 tn?1308861082 • Black Cohosh Root Used to promote healthy menstruation and to treat symptoms of PMS, menstrual cramps, dysmenorrhea, mood swings and menopause. Its ability to mimic estrogen makes it a valuable female supplement. Short-term, daily use may help stimulate menstrual flow in women suffering from dysmenorrhea. In menstruating women, take during the follicular phase (first half) of your cycle. Do not take this supplement if pregnant or breastfeeding.
1126695 tn?1261597496 For the vitamins supplement i recommend a multi-vitamins/minerals like Centrum + a good vitamin C ( 1,000mg with calcium ) + a vitamin B complex. Consider Green+ or SuperFoodRX as a daily intake too which is rich in nutriments. Please consider that I'm not a doctor nor a nutritionist therefore i recommend you ask a doctor what would be a good intake for your age/weight.
Avatar f tn She should continue taking the Prenatal vitamins and minerals she needs for the baby and herself while she is pregnant and during breast feeding.