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Avatar f tn The Levothyroxine .50/.75 alternating daily and the Cytomel .5 1/2 am and 1/2 at 5pm was rx by Endocrinologist.
Avatar n tn is cytomel taken alone or in conjunction with something like synthroid? The first few days I felt great. Energy level improved greatly, but here a week later, I feel like I'm having a meltdown. Any suggestions?
Avatar n tn I hated every minute of it! I went off of a Levothyroxine/Cytomel combo post TT, to try and make my own T3... (TT in Sept '07 for cancer). The Synthroid only (T4) made me gain at least 15 lbs. But it was the arthritis/joint pain that made me switch immediately. I tried Levoxyl and it got a little better, but I just added back in the Cytomel and changed back to Levothyroxine, and I'm feeling SO much better!
Avatar f tn I take my first T3 pill with my T4. Unlike T4, Cytomel/T3 can be taken with or without food, so it's okay to take it with lunch or slightly before. It's okay to experiment with the timing and see what works better for your schedule. Do make sure you don't take any calcium or other mineral supplements within 4 hours of taking either thyroid hormones.
Avatar n tn it took me months to convince my endo. to give me armor or cytomel, and since she does not deal with armor and swore to me that cytomel would not do any thing and in her 30 years of being an endo. im her first patient whom she is prescribing cytomel to and that is only to prove to me that it does not work. im on cytomel 5 mcg and levoxyl 100 mcg daily. been on cytomel for the last 2 wks, and have not felt any different then i did before. I was realy hard on my dr.
909086 tn?1242664364 I take cytomel, along with my levothyroxine. I'm on 75 mcg levo, alternating with 88 mcg levo + 5 mcg cytomel daily......... I was at 10 mcg cytomel and had to cut back due to rapid heart rate and palps. What are your free T3 and Free T4 levels? I would never recommend any start on cytomel without an FT3 test showing that levels are low. Cytomel is a T3 med only and is about 4 times stronger than the T4 med.
Avatar n tn I was prepared to go in to my new PCP and FIGHT for a change to either Armour (t3/T4) or adding Cytomel (T3), but after a discussion with my new doc, he seemed to think I had done my research and switched me to Armour right away. Since then (over 2 months) I have finally regained my energy (which I am so thrilled about), my mood has stabilized (no more mild depression), and I've lost INCHES around my waist, legs, and arms.
Avatar n tn Never did Levothyroxine on it's own because I started to realize that *I* need the Cytomel. I have since gone back to Levo and Cytomel with a switch up in ratio between the two based on MY needs. I like Levothyroxine the best and have (I think) finally found where I should be (pending lab confirmation...). But having no thyroid, (I was never on replacement meds prior to TT), it is my feeling that you need a combo of T3 & T4.
1058524 tn?1285190840 cancer and was to stop Levothyroxine and take Cytomel 25 2xs a day. *Levothyroxine I would take in the morning/empty/with h20 no food for 1 hour *Cytomel I take one in the morning 8-9am same as above, then one at 9pm My question is I felt amazing on Levothyroxine (alive again!) and I feel OK on Cytomel. My issue is I am really tired between the hours of 2pm and 6pm. My legs ache a lot, mainly in the morning. If I take a nap, then I cannot sleep until 12am-3am.
Avatar f tn Please discuss this with your doctor. Since TSH levels are going up with Cytomel, repeat this after 15 days. You may need a further dose adjustment. Take care!
Avatar f tn I go back to the doctor in a week for new labs and I want to ask about adding a small dose of Cytomel to the levothyroxine. Has anyone had more success with this combo?
Avatar f tn I had none of this with the cytomel. My hair had gotten fuller and my eyebrows grew back. I was just still having hypo symptoms. If all this is temporary I will hang in there. But I can't rationalize staying on a med that is making me look like a characterization if myself if I don't feel better.
Avatar f tn I've taken, both, generic levothyroxine (T4) and liothyronine (T3), as well, as brand name Synthroid and Cytomel. I did better on on generic levo than I did on Synthyroid... I've been taking generic liothyronine for over 5 yrs and have done just as well as I did on Cytomel. I don't think you'll have any difficulty, with generic T3, but if you do, you can always go back to Cytomel.
Avatar f tn My new endocrinologist is now having me take 75mcg of Levothyroxine at night and 5mcg of Cytomel 3x day. I am having difficulty with when and how I should be taking this. Is anyone on a plan like this? I understand that calcium can affect the absorption and should be avoided 4 hrs before and after taking. Does this mean to avoid just calcium supplements or all dairy. Are small amounts of dairy ok? Taking the meds 3x day would seem like I can't have dairy all day.
Avatar n tn Thyroxine is not thought to have anticholinergic properties. If there was not clear benefit with the cytomel, would resume T4 monoRx and keep TSH in the 0.5-2.5 range. Over-suppressing the TSH in the elderly (my assumption on age) increases atrial fib risk 2-4 fold. The memory issues likely have another root cause, but can be exacerbated by thyroid dysfunction.
908150 tn?1243186560 I take cytomel with my levothyroxine (generic synthroid) also. I'm on 10 mcg/day but even though my endo told me to take it all in the am, I don't. My pills come in 5 mcg so I take one when I get up at 3:35 am when I take my levothyroxine, then take the other 5 mcg at 10:00 am. By 10:00 the one I took at 3:35 has definitely worn off, so I get another shot of it to get me through the rest of the day. It's all gone by evening and I am ready to sleep about 7:00 - 7:30.
Avatar f tn However, not everyone, including myself has responded with any relief of my Fibro. I was diagnosed with hypo 5 years before I was diagnosed with Fibro. The Fibro was a gradual thing & they had watched my TSH carefully for years. When the dosage of Levo was increased approx. 2 years ago it had no affect on how I felt. My last blood work showed I was well within the normal range for TSH.
Avatar n tn I'm not saying this is happening with cytomel, but I have noticed some increased symptoms due to the lexapro I've weaned off of. Especially at night, I get like that wanting to kick my legs and feel like I am going to explode/blow a gasket typed anxiety feeling. Could this be from the combination of coming off of several types of drugs at the same time, staggered, but essentially the same timeperiod? I take many nutritional supplements,all regimented by the same dr.
Avatar m tn The first several days I took 1/2 tab of Cytomel with Synthroid, then the other 1/2 at 3:00pm. I felt better, but when I took the whole tablet today with Synthroid, I could feel a lot of anxiety symptoms and kinda dizzy feeling. So I will go right back to the 1/2 doses. I do think my Synthroid may need reducing too, should I phone the Dr with this suggestion?
665587 tn?1265950524 Really need to get with your Dr. Sounds like a pretty high dose of Cytomel and it is fast acting. I used to get SOB when I started taking Levothyroxine, but improved once my levels were in the norm. It can have cardiac effects -- that's why they like to increase it so slowly.
Avatar n tn As listed before, I am struggling with increased exhaustion. I no longer make it through the day without sleeping, and can barely function. Since my last post, medication has been adjust several times, and additional tests taken. I was at 112 mcg Synthroid/20 Cytomel. Then, we reduced to 88 mcg Synthroid/10 mcg Cytomel. These reductions affected only the t3 readings, (by 50%-understandabley), while the t4 and tsh remained steady at 0.01 throughout all the adjustments.
Avatar f tn Hello Is it possible to take cytomel alone or does it have to be taken with a t4 med. I am having a hard time adjusting to levo, and synthroid. When I take it I get head pain in my temples, anxiety, my toes itch or tingle, I feel sluggish and depressed. Cytomel is the only drug that seem to have few side effects, my headaches are gone and my depression has some what lifted. I take 15 mg of cytomel and I'm now down to 25 of synthroid.
Avatar f tn Does anyone know the time line of events that would occur if a total thyroidectomy person stops taking levothyroxine? I want to understand this condition, but can't seem to find this information. Thanks everyone.
Avatar n tn My endo recently prescribed 5 mcg of cytomel to my 100mcg of levothyroxine routine. From what I've been reading about cytomel, it should be supressing my thyroid. So, why would my TSH go from 1.35 to 2.99 when the only change was the addition of 5 mcg of cytomel? Any insight is greatly appreciated.
581310 tn?1253033150 He put me on .88 of the levothyroxine with 5mcg of cytomel in the morning. In the afternoon he put me on .75 of the levothroxine with 5mcg of cytomel. Do you think this is a high starting dose of the synthroid with what I was taking on the Natur-throid. Have you ever heard of splitting the doses in the beginning instead just once a day?
Avatar m tn My mom had to get her thyroid removed do to cancer. SHe has to take levothyroxine, but this hormone was destroying her platelets. her count went under 30,000 ...she has changed the hormone three times already and they produce the same result. Everytime that she stop taking the hormones her platelets count goes up un til 90,0000 in three weeks. Her endocrinogyst and hematologyst don't know what to do. They have never seen a case like this...SHe was in Er yesterday..
Avatar f tn A trial of levothyroxine and tri-iodothyronine is not unreasonable. The dose of levothyroxine should be reduced by 50µg daily and tri iodothyronine in a dose of 10µg (half a tablet) daily added. **** This is a link re osteoporosis and their are lots of interesting topics at the top of the page.
332168 tn?1201030515 Currently I take 137 of Levothyroxine and 25 mcg of Cytomel. I was taking a half tablet in the morning and once in the early afternoon, but I couldn't manage to remember to take the afternoon dose in a timely fashion, and sometimes was kept up at night. I asked my doctor about just upping the Levo and dropping the cytomel, but he seems to think that it's best I'm on both. So I now take the entire dose in the morning and I find this works great for me.