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Avatar f tn This is related to the other question you asked about generic vs brand cytomel. It's always best to keep related questions together. While you may not feel that 5 mcg cytomel is not making a difference, most likely, it is, even though it may be subtle. I was on 5 mcg for quite a while before my endo finally agreed to increase to 7.5 mcg/day and I'd even forget to take it on occasion. If you forget often enough, you'll know the difference.
Avatar m tn I'm actually doing better on the generic levo than I did on synthroid; I can't tell a difference with the generic liothyronine (Cytomel). I'm happy to hear that you are on the tirosint; I downloaded info on it last week and faxed to my endo, in hopes that he will let me try it when I see him on Tues.
Avatar n tn The use of Armour vs Synthroid or Synthroid/Cytomel combination depends on the individual that is taking the medicine. Most patients only need Synthroid since the body converts T4 to T3. In some cases, like myself, Synthroid/Cytomel combination works the best since I'm having a hard time with the conversion.
Avatar f tn Ok, for years I've been on 88 levo, 10 cytomel. In March I switched to brand Synthroid and cytomel, both, from generic. Because of price I bumped up to 12.5 cytomel (splitting a 25mcg pill) from 2 generic 5's per day. I did notice an improvement in energy and zest in just the switch from generic to brand. So I pressed further in my decision to try NDT wondering, 'Wow, maybe I can feel even better.' For years my levels on that combination of synthetics were consistently: TSH- from .23-.
Avatar n tn I quit the Cytomel due to the tonsilitis, which I was told was a rare side effect. Also, there was some increased anxiety. Due to the way I feel now, I wonder if there isn't a 3 mg dose, that I can divide, and try again. This is way worse then the anxiety, and prior to trying the Cytomel, which I was on for just over a month.
Avatar n tn TSH: 0.57 (Range: (0.40-4.50) Labs at this time: TSH 0.32 Free T4: 1.4 Free T4: 1.5 (Range: 0.8-1.8) Free T3: 2.8 (Range: 2.3-4.2) Free T3: 3.2 (Range: 2.3-4.2) T3 Total: 70 T4: 9.0 (Range: 4.5-12.
929504 tn?1332589534 That's a real savings with the generic T3 vs the actual Cytomel price in the past. Does the generic just say liothyronine on the lable? Very little is mentioned about generic T3 on the forum. Just found my old leftover Cyto 5 made by Monarch, it was spendy stuff. When I was on Nature Throid after the Armour shortage (boy was that fun), it was also cheaper without insurance and similarly priced with Armour under $20 per month. I imagine the newer natural thyroid Acella NP Thyroid (or PN?
Avatar f tn What are your actual, current, thyroid levels? Please include reference ranges, since those vary lab to lab and have to come from your own report. There are 2 ways to calculate the dosage of desiccated vs synthetic. Dessicated has 38 mcg T4 and 9 mcg T3 per grain, so if you'd raised your desiccated according that, ahmee's calculation would be correct, and would seem logical; however, according to the conversion charts, 1.
4142235 tn?1350248319 The name brand Cytomel is co-pay $100/90 day supply vs. $14/90 day supply of generic liothyronine from CVS - big difference! But if the Cytomel works better it may be worth it!
Avatar m tn Some people absolutely have to have desiccated in order to feel well, some of us do fine on synthetics, others do well on compounded. I, personally, am on 88 mcg Tirosint (T4 gelcap) and 10 mcg Liothyronine (generic cytomel)/day and it works great, for me, but may not be right for someone else. Adjustments to either T4 or T3 med can be made very easily without changing the other.
168348 tn?1379360675 Levothyroxine /L-thyroxine (Synthroid, Levoxyl, Unithroid, etc.) Liothyronine (Cytomel/T3) Liotrix (Thyrolar) Methimazole (Tapazole) Propylthiouracil / PTU Natural thyroid (Armour, Naturethroid, Bio-tech) Thyrotropin alfa (Thyrogen) Time-released T3, compounded It is best to stick with the same medication. However, when changing, its best to give it time to work and make sure test are done because levels might change. Once you are regulated on the new med.
Avatar f tn The bottle just says Liothyronine, so apparently it is just a generic T3 med.
Avatar n tn Well, I went to see him, and he agreed to give me Cytomel. He wanted me to take 10 mcg of Cytomel per day (in 5-mcg pills). I would take the first 5-mcg pill with the 125-mcg Synthroid in the morning (I would swallow both pills at the same time). About 6 hours later, I would swallow the second 5-mcg pill. I would do this every day. However, to acclimate my body to the Cytomel, I would spend the first four days taking only one 5-mcg Cytomel pill, in the morning with the Synthroid.
18552345 tn?1472246864 I also have taken natural Armour Thyroid for many years vs synthroid and cytomel. I am pleased your doc knows to supplement synthroid (for ft4) with cytomel (for ft3). Most do not. I did have to take synthroid/levothyroxin and cytomel for a year or so when Armour was not being manufactured. I prefer the Armour Thyroid myself. I feel better on it and it is not a synthetic med, but that's just me. Armour Thyroid also provides both T4 and t3, so it is a one pill a day. Best of luck to you!
Avatar f tn 3) Since I cannot get anything answered until January 10th, should I try getting rid of the generic levothyroxine and liothyronine and replace with Synthroid and Cytomel? I am just beginning this journey to regulate my horomones, thyroid, etc. Unfortunately, I won't be able to have my first visit with an endocrinologist until January 10th. In the meantime I have been calling in sick left and right due to dizziness, feeling faint, and exhaustion.
Avatar m tn After 6 ms on NT(3grain) my labs didn't improve much, I was switched to Synthroid/Cytomel about a month ago(due to resistance supposedly). I'm feeling much better now, but not optimal yet. I still have lows but are not debilitating as before, do see small improvements every day, not a big wow effect. Have you tried a different medication before? And a question for Barb, how long do you think is a fair amount of time to give a medication a good try before trying another?
Avatar m tn If they don't, you may have to try a different type of med combo - perhaps a T4 med with and added smaller dose of T3, such as cytomel or its generic counterpart, liothyronine. 4) Since your FT4 stayed the same, even after 2 months without med and your FT3 increased, it's possible that your thyroid is still producing some hormones on its own. No, it doesn't mean that NatureThroid doesn't work for you. You should ask to get tested for Hashimoto's Thyroiditis.
1646889 tn?1301484828 Since you're already on Synthroid, the easiest method would be to add cytomel or its generic counterpart, liothyronine. Typically, the T4 med is decreased by 20-25 mcg for every 5 mcg of T3 added, which could be about right, since your FT4 is already higher than necessary. Do you have symptoms of hypo? What's your current dose of Synthroid?
Avatar m tn it's possible you could stand to drop back on the T4 med and add a small dose of T3, such as cytomel or its generic counterpart, liothyronine. With your FT3 as high as it is, I doubt you'd need more than 5-10 mcg/day. That might bring your energy level up where you want it. TSH is totally irrelevant, in spite of the fact that many/most doctors think it's the end all/be all in thyroid testing/treatment.
Avatar f tn Still expereincing some brain fog, My primary care physician switched me to 75mcg of Cytomel (t3) once a day for 3-4months. The Brian fog got ten times worse and i literally felt like i was only running on adrenaline (extreme fatigue) and the symptoms only seemed to get worse as a time went on. I begged my PCP to run my labs again.
Avatar m tn Typically, when Free T4 is too high and Free T3 is too low, the protocol would be to decrease T4 medication and add a small amount of T3 medication, such as Cytomel or its generic counterpart, liothyronine.
198187 tn?1190637930 Levothyroxine /L-thyroxine (Synthroid, Levoxyl, Unithroid, etc.) Liothyronine (Cytomel/T3) Liotrix (Thyrolar) Methimazole (Tapazole) Propylthiouracil / PTU Natural thyroid (Armour, Naturethroid, Bio-tech) Thyrotropin alfa (Thyrogen) Time-released T3, compounded It is best to stick with the same medication. However, when changing, its best to give it time to work and make sure test are done because levels might change. Once you are regulated on the new med.
317787 tn?1473362051 Hi Dee... Is the 25 mcg a T3 med - possibly, Cytomel or its generic counterpart, Liothyronine? Since you're going to get your FT3, FT4 and TSH tested soon, I guess you don't have any recent test results to post? It would be good if you could post your most current labs, with the reference ranges, as it always helps us if we can see what your actual levels are.
Avatar f tn I, personally, prefer synthetics, because many of us don't need the extra T3 that's present in the desiccated hormones and do fine on T4 meds and those of that do need extra T3 don't need the large amounts present in the desiccated hormones so we get by with just a small amount of added T3 in the form of cytomel or its generic liothyronine. That said, there are many people who absolutely do much better on desiccated hormones than they do on synthetics and all options should be kept open.
2033435 tn?1329947108 she was totally against me going to Mexico to do Weight Loss Surgery which my insurance did not cover, (cheaper abroad - 8K vs. 20k) and now she's happy I did it as I am in my ideal weight etc. she prescribed zoloft in my annual when I complained that I was still low and had difficulty getting up of bed. we did not have the results yet and did not know I was hypo. we found out a week later when labs came in.
Avatar f tn What she is telling me is that my TSH is too low (meaning it is working too hard) My T4 is low - therefore is also working too hard My T3 is normal and therefore wants to lower my medications I have been taking 75MCG of levothyroxine and 25MCG of liothyronine since December. Her preference is that I quit taking the T3, but because she knows I am reluctant to do that, she lowered my dosage of levo. to 50MCG (back to what it was prior to December).
1536256 tn?1292531483 Took synthroiod and similar brands for 12 years and got worse every year as Hashi progressed. Was on Cytomel too, but ended up on dessicated pig thyroid early '09, and feel better. Anyone on dessicated knows it was a pain is the arse to get in 09. And the American brands changed - becoming less effective. So I and a few others here get our dessicated from Canada. After being on Canadian Erfa thyroid since May I feel a whole lot better.
393685 tn?1425816122 Naturethroid provides 38mcg Levothyroxine (T4) and 9mcg liothyronine (T3) for each 65mg (1 grain) of the labeled content of thyroid. I have been told Westroid will be hard to find shortly and RLC labs is commenting to comsumers that are calling to look into Naturethroid as the choice. I thought about Thyrolar in the beginning, but my doctor wants to use this medication. I am not good with milk and Nature-throid has lactose in it. I am hoping to get a healthpage up this weekend.