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Avatar n tn The use of Armour vs Synthroid or Synthroid/Cytomel combination depends on the individual that is taking the medicine. Most patients only need Synthroid since the body converts T4 to T3. In some cases, like myself, Synthroid/Cytomel combination works the best since I'm having a hard time with the conversion.
Avatar n tn Thanks so much for your responses, I am excited that my doc is treating the t3 vs tsh, cause I still have alot of hypo symptoms, but just not really understanding the whole idea of adding cytomel vs upping my armour, I think he said it was because my FT4 was at a good level and just needing to fine tune my ft3??
Avatar f tn There are different schools of thought on the cytomel vs Armour issue. Some people do well only on Armour (or other desiccated), others of us do just as well on cytomel or generic T3. I've been on generic T3 for nearly 4 yrs and doing well with it. Armour contains much more T3 than your body normally produces. You may or may not need that much. The decision is pretty much a matter of personal preference.
178107 tn?1315951230 But the only way to correct it is to provide either straight T3 ( cytomel ) or some t3 , like in armour. Lastly, since TSH only monitors your T4 levels and not the amount of activated thyroid hormone, using TSH to follow patients is unreliable, archaic, and irrational. Why not just ask the patient how they feel?
Avatar n tn I am going to try and get my insurance to cover the Tirosint, and try again, with the Cytomel. I did some reading on Erfa, how its more consistant then Armour, which I also have a script for. I will run that by the Endo, as well. In the meantime, I will try the Tirosint/Cytomel combo first, and let you guys know how I fare with it all. I am still quite puffy, exhuasted and barely able to get out of my own way on just the Synthroid.
Avatar n tn If that small dose of t3 in 2.5mcg of cytomel caused anxiety, would not try armour (pigs have much more T3 in their thyroid than humans). Would consider a different brand of T4 - such as tirosint which has no fillers - some patients have had a benefit with this change. Or re-challenge with cytomel to confirm this was the problem causing anxiety.
Avatar m tn However I really switched to Tirosint with the Sytomel and so far love the Tirosint. I feel "clearer" know probably sounds goofy, but i am definately feeling a difference. Ralfina- As Barb stated....both meds are completely different hormones. You definately need to have some labs done. Please make sure you ask for Free T4, Free T3 and TSH. Dont let them try to do the Totals instead of the Free's.
Avatar n tn They thought I was in a Thyroid Storm. I was on Synthroid for 3-4 years and switched to 3 gr. Armour the last year as Armour has both T3 and T4 which the doctor thought I needed. ER took only a TSH which was 1.0. and ruled out Thyroid storm. Now, I am hearing they should of done a full panel Thyroid as Armour at times can cause more problems than Synthroid and T3 and T4 should of been check. Does anyone have any information on this? Thanks much.
Avatar n tn I too have Hashi my AntiAB is 3179 and I have been on all the synthetic drugs- Levo - Synthroid/Cytomel, etc... I did not find any relief until I started taking Armour. This is not to say it will work for everyone! but I wanted to make sure you understood that takingArmour did not create your antibodies- your body did. Hope this helped... We're in this all together........
Avatar f tn i use both synthroid and cytomel, the addition of cytomel made a world of difference. it took about 3 months though to see the result come fully. i was highly allergic to armour, never again. but many seem good with it. that's just my experience fwit's worth. frootbar.
Avatar f tn Hi, Which one do you think is better, synthroid which is artificial hormone or armour thyroid which is bioidentical. Is anyone taking armour thyroid? Can anyone compare it's effect.
Avatar m tn We have a ratio scale here in our Health Pages on the Armour ratios - vs- synthetics you can read. Usually someone that takes a desiccated thyroid at 90 mg and is about to change to syntheic will look at a dosage of T4 Synthroid at .112mcg and then add Cytomel T3 with the Synthroid at about 10mcg. That is pretty close to the ratios you are use to with Armour.
Avatar f tn I am so confused about Amour vs. Levoxyl I talk Cytomel and Levoxyl and have the hardest time remembering to take the 3 5mcg tabs of cytomel a day at 7am, 12 and 4 p.m. Would Armour be easier and is it a readily available drug??? Also have gained over 12 pounds in the last two months very discouraged, dry skin with arm rashes, no stamina, been on thyroid medicine for 7 years and never have felt like they got it right.
Avatar f tn Ok, for years I've been on 88 levo, 10 cytomel. In March I switched to brand Synthroid and cytomel, both, from generic. Because of price I bumped up to 12.5 cytomel (splitting a 25mcg pill) from 2 generic 5's per day. I did notice an improvement in energy and zest in just the switch from generic to brand. So I pressed further in my decision to try NDT wondering, 'Wow, maybe I can feel even better.' For years my levels on that combination of synthetics were consistently: TSH- from .23-.
Avatar f tn Tirosent is very expensive and my insurance doesn't want to pay so I asked my doc about Armour and he has FINALLY agreed to let me try it. He has prescribed 60 of Armour. I feel perfectly fine on the Tirosent/Cytomel. Last labs show everything normal except Free T3 which is always on the very low side of normal. Question....Is switching to Armour going to send my body into a mess of a mess?
Avatar n tn My symptoms greatly improved upon switching from synthetic combo of Levoxil and Cytomel to Armour. My RLS went away along with aching joints and I finally have REM sleep. The synthetic drugs just never did it for me. Within the first 24 hours I noticed a difference. I now am getting my life back. I have Hashimotos ... Catherine
393685 tn?1425816122 The grain formula is slightly higher than Armour is, measuring out a 65mgs per grain - vs - 60mg with Armour. Many , including me find that I need to take a tad more of Nature-throid ( even though it is higher in mg's) I moved up to 4.0 grains. That - DOES NOT mean you will need what I take - It tastes like c*** , but it's doing it's job far better than the new Armour was. It's all about YOU and YOUR thryoid!! Thyrolar is a synthetic for of a T3/T4 combo thyroid medication.
Avatar n tn I'm inferring from your post that you aren't a big advocate of T3 supplementation--just Armour, or even Cytomel? I've been taking Biotin supplements and using Nioxin hair products, but my scalp is clearly visible all over my head. I was hoping adding T3 would help. Very interested in anything you have to say.