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Avatar f tn So when you go in for your annual check-up, you should request testing for thyroid function. Specifically ask for free T3, free T4 and TSH. Note that free T3 and free T4 are not the same as total T3 and total T4. the tests for totals are somewhat obsolete and not very useful compared to the Frees. If the doctor resists testing for FT3 and FT4, then you should insist on it and don't take no for an answer. Remember that you are the customer.
Avatar n tn My surgeon and my endo don't seem to be too concerned that I'm on that high of a dosage. I have no side effects and feeling normal. Just wondering if I'm doing something potentially dangerous to my body. Or-- how will my body react when switched to Synthroid after RAI?
Avatar n tn I just started cytomel a week ago, I am on 5mcg twice daily, I have noticed now at exactly the 8th day that my face is starting to really break out?? Is this one of the side effects of cytomel, and does anyone know if Phendimetrizine is allowed to be taken the same time as cytomel??
1139187 tn?1355710247 I was taking naturethroid for 10 days. Felt good at first, but then had really odd side effects. The worst effect was that my throat swelled up really bad and i couldnt breathe through my mouth and was diverting to my nose but my nose was clogged up so i was gasping for air. Also had really really bad thryoid pain which went away the day after i stopped.
545991 tn?1214440712 Why did I have the pain? Now after going back on Synthroid my doctor feels that my Free T3's are on the low side of low 236 and is putting me on 100 Synthroid from 137 and 10 mcg of Cytomel my question is because this is a t3 issue is the reason I am not producing Free T3 levels due to RT3 or that I and is my pain going to come back what causes this? my T4 level was .39 and I am a Thyca survivor that just wants to get back to normal.
Avatar n tn I was put on Cytomel about two and a half months ago because I had read and heard that T3 is helpful if you aren't doing well on a T4 only. The T3 has helped with my hair loss and back acne. I am not a doctor but I increased mine from 5 mg to 10 mg and it has seemed to help. However, it can cause anxiety if you take too much and the feeling will resemble hyperthyroid symptoms. I would increase slowly to see how you do. Good luck!
Avatar n tn Hi - apparently this Cytomel is very potent stuff, this is what is seem to need. What are the side effects and how effective is it when used correctly. My metabolism is very delicate and I see why it is prescribed in small amounts. I am just disgusted with medical viewpoints and when I go in there to see them they don't seem to know too much about thyroid problems.
Avatar f tn I take my first T3 pill with my T4. Unlike T4, Cytomel/T3 can be taken with or without food, so it's okay to take it with lunch or slightly before. It's okay to experiment with the timing and see what works better for your schedule. Do make sure you don't take any calcium or other mineral supplements within 4 hours of taking either thyroid hormones.
Avatar f tn I did take cytomel with ERFA but i seemed I was getting too hot on the combo before I could feel any effect of the cytomel. So out came the ERFA to try to increase the cytomel due to my low T3. But its not working either. I'm still dizzy from increasing the dose and I think I will have to go back down in order for this to go away.
1369218 tn?1282427484 Cytomel (T3 med) tends to suppress TSH, which is why TSH is not a good indicator of whether or not a person is hyper - again, I'll refer to myself, with a TSH of < 0.01....... If you think you have a heart issue, by all means see a cardiologist. I had palps, rapid heart rate as well, when I first started cytomel, but once I got used to it, and my levels stabilized, those went away. I did get sent to a cardiologist for a complete work up on my heart, just to be sure..
Avatar m tn Hello people, I just ordered my Cytomel (T3/Thryoid Meds) from Mexico, it's called Tryiotex and people in the net says it's a slow released meds.. the dosage are 75mcg for a pill.. how should i take them? what's sustained release means? will it be ok to take the dosage first thing in the a.m on an empty stomach? or should i split the dosage for 2 times a day? (remember - that's a slow/sustained release pills.. different from other brands out there..
Avatar n tn Hello, This is not a normal side affect of Armour. In fact that seems like the opposite. Armour is a T3/T4 combo drug. So it should in actuality give you a boost during the day instead of causing lethargy. Armour is dessicated pig hormone so it is more natural. Before you become sleepy do you feel a burst of energy or sense of being "high" for about an hour and then crash? That is kind of how I have been feeling lately on Armour so I was seeing if you had kind of the same symptoms.
Avatar n tn I took Levoxyl for 1 month and suddenly the side effects of extremet faituge, insomnia, shortness of breadth, swelling of both legs and abdomen started to appear. I stopped taking Levoxyl for six weeks now. The side effects of swelling of legs, insomnia and abdomen are still here. How long will the side effect last ? What was your experience ? Thank you so much. Ann P.S.
Avatar f tn History, Dosing, Testing, and Side Effects I consulted postings to see if anyone else got dizzy from Cytomel and found I had lots of company. I became very dizzy, with ears ringing,after taking it for I tested more than once since I started the Synthroid and Cytemel combination. I felt pretty good until late Oct/early nov- dizziness was intermittent, then constant late Oct/early Nov.
Avatar f tn I've been taking synthetic T4 and generic T3 for about 7 years and am doing well with it. First off, it would be good if you could share your actual thyroid hormone levels with us, so we can see where you are there. Be sure to include reference ranges, since ranges vary lab to lab and have to come from your own report. Secondly, how are you getting 59 mcg of Levoxyl? I know it's easily split - I take 100 mcg/day, but I can't imagine splitting it that precisely...
Avatar f tn Cytomel is the only drug that seem to have few side effects, my headaches are gone and my depression has some what lifted. I take 15 mg of cytomel and I'm now down to 25 of synthroid. I just switched from 50 mcg of levo because it makes my feet itch. My levels are: Tsh .67 T4 .72 T3 3.02 Any info will help Thanks!
Avatar f tn When I first had my TT last year, I tried the Synthroid without the Cytomel and sis terribly.. now that I added the T3.. its working good. I feel better now than I have in a very long time!! Even on the Armour! Hope this helps!
988694 tn?1332363079 It has been more than two years dealing with thyroid medicine and I have not seen significant changes. I feel I am getting worse. if Cytomel does in fact give me side effects (allergies) I think there is nothing my doctor can do. He has been great. However my body is not cooperating. Thanks for the good wishes though.
554999 tn?1215448045 Anyone else get through these things and find the answer ? Were they Synthroid related ? Did adding Cytomel or a T3 supplement change it ? Did switching to Armour change it ? Is it a new autoimmune rearing it's head, or just more fun with the current DX ? Thanks again for your responses !
1063764 tn?1272824664 I was taking armor before this and I had a lot less side effects. I felt so much better but the med world doesn't want to support armor for some reason so they fight against us taking it. I think Tirosint is not good for our bodies, and through my experience I think it's very dangerous.
Avatar n tn And Is it possible to just add Cytomel in while taking the Armour. I am on 120mg now of Armour and have no side effects. I have taken as much as 240mg and still not side effects. Can you suggest what to do?