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Avatar f tn my dr. just added cytomel to the synthroid 1.75mcg I'm already taking. Why did he add the cytomel?
Avatar n tn Don't compare Cytomel to Zoloft - the are two seperate meds from way seperate med families. Cytomel is a synthetic T3 to aid you with your Synthroid on the conversion process with the T4. Zoloft XR is an antidepressant I know that when you body is chemically balanced as you are describing since taking the Cytomel and Zoloft your anxiety/depresssion will lift. as for OCD that is a label of an illness and I can not see why you would not benefit from your meds in helping that condition also.
Avatar f tn I have been on thie Synthroid for over 15years. I have been on the Cytomel for about 10 years. I feel like the Cytomel is a waste of money. I was thinking about gradually dropping it to see if I notice any changes. I feel that 5 mg is hardly enough to notice a difference. Does anyone have any idea how long it takes to stabilize or to notice the change. I have forgotten to take it on occasion and I don't notice a difference in energy.
Avatar n tn I read that Cytomel is four times as potent as Synthroid. So lowering your Synthroid by 25 and putting you on 25 of Cytomel doesnt compute right. I was recently on 175mcg of Synthoid and lowered to 150mcg of Synthroid and the dr added only 5mcg of Cytomel. Maybe get a second opionion. Try asking the thyroid dr on the expert sight.
Avatar n tn 9, he decided to change my synthroid to 100 much and added Cytomel 5mcg twice a day. I’m not familiar with Cytomel, will the addition of this medicine compensate reducing my synthroid? Will it help with my Simptoms? Thank you!
909086 tn?1242664364 Has anyone tried taking Cytomel in addition to their Synthroid? I've been taking Synthroid for about a year now, and still don't feel right. I would love to try Armour, but it's completely unavailable, so I was wondering if anyone has had any good (or bad) results with taking both Cytomel and Synthroid?
545991 tn?1214440712 Now after going back on Synthroid my doctor feels that my Free T3's are on the low side of low 236 and is putting me on 100 Synthroid from 137 and 10 mcg of Cytomel my question is because this is a t3 issue is the reason I am not producing Free T3 levels due to RT3 or that I and is my pain going to come back what causes this? my T4 level was .39 and I am a Thyca survivor that just wants to get back to normal.
590006 tn?1221275120 I myself am on a T4 and T3 med (Armour), and need the T3 meds for conversion problem. If your dr lowers your T4 med low enough with the Cytomel you should be able to find your perfect levels again. Don;t forget that our levels fluctuate especially with hashi's and need frequent dosage changes. If you go a little hyper after a year, then the doctor just adjusts levels which should include the T4 medication dosage.
Avatar n tn Hi everyone. Does anyone know if an regular m.d. will ever prescribe Cytomel? I went to my endo who monitored my nodules & he asked how I felt. I told him still pretty crappy. My tsh was down to .45 with still a low T4 (5.9), but my FREE T4 was 1.08. He explained away the low T4 to being my Thyroid Binding Globulin low & said I should only concern myself with Free T4's. Anyway, I am on two separate doses of Synthroid (162mcg.
Avatar n tn I too have a conversion issue that my Dr prescribed Cytomel with my Synthroid.
Avatar n tn I can't answer your specific question about the conversion to synthroid/cytomel, but I have to ask - about a generic for cytomel? According to both my endo and pharmacist, there is no generic for cytomel......
Avatar n tn Then backing with blood work and listening to the patient the doctor could prescribe adding a T3 Cytomel to your Synthroid to see if you feel better. But usually not stop Synthroid entirely. I found my doctor frowned on Cytomel for some reason when I was still on Synthroid so he made the decision along with my inquiry to try a T4/T3 combo medication Armour. That has definately made a huge difference for me in relieving my symptoms of hypothyroidsim. HUGE!!
Avatar m tn However I really switched to Tirosint with the Sytomel and so far love the Tirosint. I feel "clearer" know probably sounds goofy, but i am definately feeling a difference. Ralfina- As Barb stated....both meds are completely different hormones. You definately need to have some labs done. Please make sure you ask for Free T4, Free T3 and TSH. Dont let them try to do the Totals instead of the Free's.
Avatar f tn I used to be on .2mg Synthroid and Cytomel, forget the dose until I could not get it any longer. It is again available I see. I had shown my previous doctor, moved, a study showing its benefits with synthroid. can you comment on it and also tell me what that study was. thanks This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/264286'>Adding Cytomel</a>.
Avatar f tn I started Synthroid June 16. I take the Cytomel in one dose 4 hours after taking the Synthroid.
Avatar n tn The use of Armour vs Synthroid or Synthroid/Cytomel combination depends on the individual that is taking the medicine. Most patients only need Synthroid since the body converts T4 to T3. In some cases, like myself, Synthroid/Cytomel combination works the best since I'm having a hard time with the conversion.
Avatar f tn Has anyone found they feel better on synthroid and cytomel instead of armour? I saw a new doc today who wasn't very helpful with adrenals or hormones, but at least she knew not to pay attention to TSH and suggested I switch back to synthroid/cytomel since I haven't been feeling any better on compounded armour. I just wonder if natural isn't always the best for everyone.
4274823 tn?1388532698 The doctor has again recommended Synthroid.(0.025 mg to start). He made no mention of Cytomel. I have read that some people take both. I haven't take any pharmaeuticals since 1993 and the thought of having to take one for the rest of my life is unsettling! How does the doctor decide whether to prescribe Synthroid, Cytomel, or combination of both? On December 9, 2013 my Ferretin was 39 ug/L and the reference ranges for reduced iron stores is 31 - 79 ug/L.
Avatar n tn The conversion chart on the armour web site is very different to the one my cmpounding pharmacy uses, I was on 90 mg of amour. what would that convert to for synthroid and cytomel, My TSH shot up from 1.0 to 79.2 after 2 months of compounded I know 90 mg of armour = 150 synthroid. but how much synthroid and cytomel combo would it covert to.
3241062 tn?1346899470 I was wondering if anyone has a link to a conversion table for the Erfa Thyroid. I was on 75mcg of Synthroid and my gp started me on 30mg of Thyroid. I tried to tell him that it didn't match my T4 dosage but he wants to wait for the blood work,arrgh. I was feeling great on the 30mg for about a week-what a tease,lol. Now I'm back to where I was before.
Avatar f tn I was treated for Graves disease 12 years ago. I am on armor thyroid and synthroid. My blood is checked 3 times a year and the thyroid values are normal. I have fibromyalgia and many symptoms of hypothyroidism. Could I have a problem converting T4 to T3?
Avatar f tn Hi gang, Ive been on 112 synthroid and 10 of cytomel for about a year and have just received a scrip from my gp for erfa from my gp. The problem is my gp doctor is not an expert on dosing and transitioning so I've come to you. latest labs tsh 0.16 t4free 10 (12-22) free t3 4 (2.6-5.7) Do I start at 60 mg and then move up or start at 90? I'm on my own with this (I do see a endo but she does not prescribe ndt so will likely drop me if I start) so I'm looking to you for your best practices.
Avatar f tn I was on the low end of normal with ft3 and my ft4 on upper normal range and tsh was over 3 so dr said she could increase t4 to 100 synthroid but I asked her if she could just add cytomel for me to try.....she said yes and order 25mg and told me to take it once a day.....ISNT THAT STRONG? how much synthroid does 25mg that over 100mcg synthroid equivalent?? I am on the fence to call and have her change it hence she doesn't really know much about cytomel .
Avatar n tn Roughly - and this is just roughly - 90mgs conversion would be about a .112 Synthroid with a .5 Cytomel. Keep in mind that switching over - especially at the beginning could put you at a higher T4 level but should deplete and convert as time goes by IF you are NOT having any problems. Are you switching because of your weight? Looking at your TSH (2.73) - most patients on either Synthroid or Armour would not be well - and gaining weight will be an issue regardless.
Avatar m tn Although labs are falling in range, I have hypo symptoms and heart pals and fatigue and muscle weakness. Dr added Cytomel 5 mcg daily to my Synthroid 125mcg. Both in the morning. It makes me feel really anxious and all, so should i have been reduced to a lower synthroid while adding the Cytomel?
Avatar f tn My Endo told me that 1 week after my TT (while pathology makes a Dx over their findings) I will be placed on Cytomel. Then if it's not cancer then I will be placed on Synthroid. Does anyone know why post-op TT patients are initially placed on Cytomel? I am aware that Cytomel is just T3 while Synthroid is T4, but I still don't understand. Also, how does Cytomel affect your mood? Is it sufficient or will you go hypo? Any response appreciated.
Avatar f tn I take 15 mg of cytomel and I'm now down to 25 of synthroid. I just switched from 50 mcg of levo because it makes my feet itch. My levels are: Tsh .67 T4 .72 T3 3.02 Any info will help Thanks!
Avatar n tn I been on on 75 synthroid and 15 cytomel ( split into twice a day) . Not sure if 1 1/2 grain is enough or too much.
299155 tn?1235492869 Cytomel is synthetic T3. Synthroid, and other drugs like Synthroid, are synthetic T4. Most people can take Synthroid and their body converts the T4 to T3 as needed. Some people have trouble with the conversion process, and don't get enough T3, even though they are getting enough T4. People who have this problem do better by adding cytomel to their Synthroid, or Levothyroxine, or whatever. Some people take Armour, which has T4 and T3 combined.