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Avatar f tn What is food and supplements are safe to consume with Cytomel. I am actively trying to lose weight through diet and exercise and feel like I am fighting with a brick wall. Very defeating! I eat certain things or take different supplements, I get extreme reactions. Please advise. . .
Avatar f tn Hello Is it possible to take cytomel alone or does it have to be taken with a t4 med. I am having a hard time adjusting to levo, and synthroid. When I take it I get head pain in my temples, anxiety, my toes itch or tingle, I feel sluggish and depressed. Cytomel is the only drug that seem to have few side effects, my headaches are gone and my depression has some what lifted. I take 15 mg of cytomel and I'm now down to 25 of synthroid.
Avatar n tn With Hashimoto's, should I take both Synthroid and Cytomel? Some docs prescribe both; others only the synthroid. What does the Cytomel add?
Avatar f tn Why did the doctor decide to prescribe Cytomel only and why start with such a large amount? The daily dosage of 50 mcg of Cytomel is the equivalent of 200 mcg of a T4 med. In addition, Cytomel (T3) is such a fast acting med that I can easily envision unwanted reactions. Many of our members report on adverse reaction to such a large dosage. I suggest that you discuss with the doctor and reconsider the starting dosage.
Avatar f tn Hi! Been a while since I've been on! I have a question for those of you on cytomel (or have been on it in the past)... Did it give you acne? After I started it, I noticed I was getting "cystic" pimples on my chin/jawline. They kept getting worse. I actually stopped the cytomel for a few weeks, and they got better, but I felt horrible. Started cytomel again, pimples back immediately. Sigh. Did this happen to you? Anyone know the reason? Is it maybe too high a dose?
Avatar f tn When I was switched from Cytomel to the generic I had a gradual deterioration of my previously good state and had symptoms of hyperthyroidism (dizzyness, heart palpitations, anxiety, joint pain) even though the dosage remained the same. My prescription was 75 mcg. T4 and 25 mcg.T3. I made sure that the generic was from Mylan labs every time. My doctor cut the T3 dosage in half and I crashed...severe depression, edema and 15 lb. weight gain in 3 weeks, visual and cognitive problems.
Avatar f tn Just started Cytomel 5mcg (split in 2 doses am and pm) because I was having intense brain fog, fatigue, lethargy and weight gain. I'm having palpitations, insomnia, headaches and feel pretty anxious while taking Cytomel. The great thing is that brain fog is gone and I have more energy. Let me know what you think. My doctor is very willing to listen make wise changes. Oh, and I'm pretty physically active, 45 and eat mindfully.
Avatar f tn I have a slightly underperforming thyroid and was put on synthroid which made me nauseous, even when the dosage was lowered. So I have now been put on 25mcg of cytomel and am having real trouble falling asleep. My doctor told me to half the dosage but I still cannot sleep and am now taking sleeping pills as well. I usually take the cytomel in the morning and I read somewhere that it can help to take it at night, which doesn't make sense to me.
Avatar f tn I am taking 112 mg levo and 10mg of lio Generic cytomel I feel the same as I did before cytomel was added have a hard time going to and staying asleep take lorazepam works great. Feel tired and achey Here are my labs JUNE JULY FREET4 1.27 0.80-1.80 ng/dl T4 11 5.0- 12.5 FT3 3.0 2.3-4.
Avatar n tn So then we figured that wilsons wouldn't work since I couldn't keep my temp up so he decided to try me on cytomel since I did respond somewhat to the SR t3. Well, he put me on 25mcg twice a day. The first day was great. Felt gret and temp went up. The second day I felt awful. So tired and sleepy I couldn't hold my eyes open. My temp dropped and I have felt bad since. I've been on it for a week now. I feel like cytomel is making my autoimmune sx worse. I'm so tired I can't get out of bed.
Avatar n tn does anyone know if the fillers in generic t3 liothyronine are the same as the fillers in the brand cytomel- i feel much better when i take the t3 but after a week my stomach is so bad i have to quit it.i can't find filler info been searching. i'm trading symptoms for symptoms. trying to hang in but beem depressed- its been so long and so tired of it all. thank you for your suport-and info.
Avatar f tn Hello! I just changed doctors and was put on generic cytomel. I was being treated by my family doctor for years for hypo. I would have periods of doing ok but for the most part I was not doing well at all. Horrendous mood swings, brain fog, lack of concentration, insomnia, weight gain and hairloss. My numbers have been all over the place. Last visit, I was told based on my labs that they wanted to increase my Synthroid from 100 to 112.
Avatar f tn Hi gang, Ive been on 112 synthroid and 10 of cytomel for about a year and have just received a scrip from my gp for erfa from my gp. The problem is my gp doctor is not an expert on dosing and transitioning so I've come to you. latest labs tsh 0.16 t4free 10 (12-22) free t3 4 (2.6-5.7) Do I start at 60 mg and then move up or start at 90? I'm on my own with this (I do see a endo but she does not prescribe ndt so will likely drop me if I start) so I'm looking to you for your best practices.
Avatar f tn It seems they did the TSH 3RD GENERATION twice - figures since I'm afraid of needles. What should my numbers look like? How much Levoxyl/cytomel does my body need at 137 lbs? Thank you for any help May 7, 2011 Test Flag Result Normal TSH 3RD GENERATION (TSH3) Low .24 0.40-4.00 THYROID PEROX (TPO) AB High 41.1 0.0 -9.0 FT4 1.3 0.6-1.6 TSH 3RD GENERATION Low 0.21 0.40-4.
Avatar n tn How much Cytomel are we talking about here? Was the Cytomel an addition to, or a replacement for the Synthroid?
19095824 tn?1472271265 I have been taking 50mcg of Synthroid and and 5 mcg of Cytomel for a year. MY labs just came back at: T4 free .88 T3 Free 3.75, TSH-.801 Cholesterol/HDL ratio: 3.8 LDL-126, and Triglycerides 135, VLDL at 27. I've never had high cholesterol in my life. I have gone from 135 pounds to 180. I need advice. I started taking 30 mg of Armour this morning and Standard Process Adrenal Desiccated (one pill). I stopped the Synthroid. Am seeing a new doc this coming Tuesday.
Avatar f tn I think some of us are more prone to med reactions. You did not ask about this - it seems that 25mcg of Cytomel is a lot in ratio to your Snythroid. That could be part of your reaction problem. Hopefully someone more educated on Cytomel will chime in on this in a while.
Avatar f tn Since I started the cytomel I began having debilitating muscle cramping. Cytomel doesn't typically cause cramping so I decided to not take my Tirosint for 2 days and only take the cytomel. For those 2 days I had NO muscle cramps. Today I started the Tirosint again with the cytomel and again I have severe muscle cramps. Has anyone else experienced muscle cramps from the combination of Tirosint and Cytomel? Is it possible for my thyroid to managed with just cytomel?
Avatar f tn If you think the cytomel is causing your headache, all you have to do is stop taking it.... 5 mcg is such a small amount that you probably won't even notice it, unless you really need it to keep you from going hypo... I've been on cytomel/generic T3 med for about 3 yrs and never had a headache from it. What are your latest thyroid hormone test results? You should be getting tested regularly for TSH, Free T3 (FT3) and Free T4 (FT4).......
1549937 tn?1300223935 My Endo doc told me yesterday to then take just ONE pill of the generic 5 mcg Cytomel ONCE a day instead of twice as he had originally instructed me to. I had just started taking this drug on Thursday and had reactions with it..... So yesterday, after being on this forum, I decided to try just HALF the 5 mcg Cytomel yesterday, by trying the best I could to cut this tiny pill in half. I actually didn't have the numbness ANYTHING like I had before last night after taking it. I was surprised.
Avatar f tn Hi - I have been on just 2.5mg of Cytomel for about three weeks. Besides a headache it was fine for a week. The last 2 weeks I have been really emotional, depressed, and tired, a little anxious too (besides anxiety before I started in 25mcg of levo, I am a pretty stable person). I go back to get retested in about a week. Even though I am tired, could it be that I did not need any T3? Anyone have similar reactions? All I read is that it is supposed to help with depression...
Avatar m tn If you are taking T4 (besides your cytomel) then you will be converting that T4 to T3. How well you are converting T4 to T3 is another matter.
Avatar n tn I take Cytomel 5 mcg and Synthyroid 25 mcg day, What could be causing the reactions, is there any other alternative, I have been on all the meds and adjustments, I just continue to get worse and acquire more medical problems.
988694 tn?1332363079 Does anybody know a T3 only medicine without fillers? I was added Cytomel and my NT was reduced to 2 grains due to RT3. So far feeling awful, but I am more concern, despite all the pain and discomfort I am in, about Cytomel causing me allergies. My nose is itching and I have been sneezing. I had a similar episode a couple of years ago and I quit it. I cannot do compound pharmacy since I have to travel and it is too much trouble. Any idea about an existent hypoallergenic T3 only medicine?
Avatar n tn The doctor then added 5 mcg Cytomel (but also then reduced my Synthroid to 25 mcg). I felt great for about four days, but then back to miserable. I am going to try to get back on meds and I want to know what I did wrong the last time so that I can do it right this time. If I added 5 mcg Cytomel to my already 50 mg Synthroid and it made me feel great for only 4 days, WHAT should have been my next step? Should I have upped my Synthroid to 62.5 and kept the Cytomel at 5 mcg?
Avatar f tn Your FT4 was quite high, so bear in mind that when adding Cytomel, the rule of thumb is to decrease Synthroid by 20-25 mcg for every 5 mcg Cytomel added. Cytomel is roughly 4 times more powerful than Synthroid, so be sure your doctor knows how to use it and doesn't try to dose it like Synthroid. Also, Cytomel is very fast-acting compared to Synthroid, so many of us split the dose and take some in the morning and some later in the day. Start low and work up. Good luck!
Avatar f tn After trying to add a tiny dose of cytomel, I had hyper symptoms. My endo lowered tirosint from 137 MCG to 125 mcgs, but still felt hyper. After still having tremors and anxiety, my labs showed tsh had dropped from 3.5 to 2.2. I was still feeling panicky and tremors, so he lowered to 75 mcgs...(huge mistake)!! After two weeks at this lowered dose my tsh spiked to 6.3 and ft4 dropped from 1.4 to 1.0. I am trying on my own to move back up and am taking 88 MCG this week.
Avatar n tn So, out of network, I saw a doctor willing to work with supplements and hormones and returned to a combo of Levoxyl/Cytomel, will bring in Selenium, some B12 and an Adrenal Support. Also recommended was a very small amount of liquid Iodine 1-2 x a week. Here are the past two labs and the medication doses I was on. Since the change to Tirosent and the increase to 30 mcg Cytomel, I am more tired. And can't seem drop an ounce of weight, despite a really strict diet. Are we missing something?
489786 tn?1255696479 It's a long story, but I couldn't take the meds, couldn't do radioactive iodine, so through thyroid strorms, heart problems, allergic reactions, I had to have my thyroid removed in Dec. Since the surgery, I have been taking synthroid. My dr. added cytomel in Feb. because my body wasn't producing any t3 on it own. I have gained 45 pounds, my hair is falling out (I have lost over half of my hair) and the WORST part is I have facial swelling and eye swelling!!!
554999 tn?1215448045 After several years, still experiencing some weirdness that Endo told me was unrelated (and I no longer believe her after reading posts here and elsewhere) Tinnitus, more weight gain, itchy hivey things on ankles, muscle tightness in legs, have had plantar fasciitis, stabbing pain in back of head, mild depression for which I am medicated, weird skin reactions to sun. A little freaked out by all of these symptoms. Anyone else get through these things and find the answer ?