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Avatar n tn Hi everyone. Does anyone know if an regular m.d. will ever prescribe Cytomel? I went to my endo who monitored my nodules & he asked how I felt. I told him still pretty crappy. My tsh was down to .45 with still a low T4 (5.9), but my FREE T4 was 1.08. He explained away the low T4 to being my Thyroid Binding Globulin low & said I should only concern myself with Free T4's. Anyway, I am on two separate doses of Synthroid (162mcg.
909086 tn?1242664364 I take cytomel, along with my levothyroxine. I'm on 75 mcg levo, alternating with 88 mcg levo + 5 mcg cytomel daily......... I was at 10 mcg cytomel and had to cut back due to rapid heart rate and palps. What are your free T3 and Free T4 levels? I would never recommend any start on cytomel without an FT3 test showing that levels are low. Cytomel is a T3 med only and is about 4 times stronger than the T4 med.
Avatar n tn I swear I've been on EVERYTHING except for Armour since my TT for cancer in Sept. '07. I started on a Levothyroxine and Cytomel combo and then switched to Synthroid only. I had a more than a few sleepless nights on that combo of T3/T4. I thought I "should" be on the name brand and "convert my own T4"... I HATED Synthroid only! Bloating and arthritis (so bad I had trouble walking from the pain in my hip joint!)made me switch ASAP.
Avatar f tn What are your actual, current, thyroid levels? Please include reference ranges, since those vary lab to lab and have to come from your own report. There are 2 ways to calculate the dosage of desiccated vs synthetic. Dessicated has 38 mcg T4 and 9 mcg T3 per grain, so if you'd raised your desiccated according that, ahmee's calculation would be correct, and would seem logical; however, according to the conversion charts, 1.
Avatar f tn I go back to the doctor in a week for new labs and I want to ask about adding a small dose of Cytomel to the levothyroxine. Has anyone had more success with this combo?
Avatar m tn The first several days I took 1/2 tab of Cytomel with Synthroid, then the other 1/2 at 3:00pm. I felt better, but when I took the whole tablet today with Synthroid, I could feel a lot of anxiety symptoms and kinda dizzy feeling. So I will go right back to the 1/2 doses. I do think my Synthroid may need reducing too, should I phone the Dr with this suggestion?
Avatar f tn Hello Is it possible to take cytomel alone or does it have to be taken with a t4 med. I am having a hard time adjusting to levo, and synthroid. When I take it I get head pain in my temples, anxiety, my toes itch or tingle, I feel sluggish and depressed. Cytomel is the only drug that seem to have few side effects, my headaches are gone and my depression has some what lifted. I take 15 mg of cytomel and I'm now down to 25 of synthroid.
581310 tn?1253033150 I just got switched from Natur-throid to Levothyroxine w/ Cytomel. I had to switch since Natur-throid is on back order for a couple months. I was taking one 64.8 naturthroid with a whole 32.4. Then in the afternoon I was taking a 64.8 with a half of a 32.4. so I was around 176mg. He put me on .88 of the levothyroxine with 5mcg of cytomel in the morning. In the afternoon he put me on .75 of the levothroxine with 5mcg of cytomel.
Avatar f tn Topical cortisone, not at all nor topical anti-fungal. My dose went from 75 mcg Mylan levothyroxine to 88 mcg Tirosint. Why does Tirosint come in such a strange dose anyway ? It seems hard to believe I would have an allergic reaction to the most pure hypoallergenic version of T4. I have been on it for nearly 2 weeks. The reaction was immediate. I'm starting to think I'm allergic to T4, period, since I cannot get better after 8 years of trying.
299155 tn?1235492869 Some people have trouble with the conversion process, and don't get enough T3, even though they are getting enough T4. People who have this problem do better by adding cytomel to their Synthroid, or Levothyroxine, or whatever. Some people take Armour, which has T4 and T3 combined. Unless you are having conversion problems, Cytomel is not what you need. Comparing your Free T4 to your Free T3 can show a conversion problem if it exists. Your TSH MAY be a little low.
Avatar f tn My Levothyroxine dose has remained the same. Does Cytomel affect T4 as well or is something else going on? I am now on 5mcg Cytomel and 100mcg Levo (from 125). Is it likely that the past couple of months have done my heart any damage? I've had palpitations, racing heart, restlessness etc. Many thanks in advance for any input.
Avatar f tn I am on 15 mcg of cytomel also. Here is my question, do indeed to increase cytomel with levo increase? Also should I try a different brand or will I feel like this with all thyroid meds. Is it normal to feel depressed with increases? My t4 is very low. At the bottom range. Just wondering if all this is normal?
Avatar f tn I haven't felt this good in years and really don't want to go off of the Cytomel. The iodine alone didn't seem to do it for me, but I do like the Cytomel and 'find' myself doing stuff, instead of trying to figure out how I'm going to get another nap.
Avatar f tn I am hypothyroid/ Hashi's. I have been on 75mcg or Levothyroxine for about 6 months now and still feel pretty crappy and not myself (major fatigue, dry skin/hair, hair loss, anger managment, some depression, adult acne, chest pains and a whole host of respitory and esophageal issues) . I just had a thyroid panel done again although my TSH is 2.2 my FT3 is still on the very low end of the normal range.
Avatar m tn While I was on Cytomel after the operation I didn't have any issues with energy or feeling tired, but once I was on Levothyroxine and stopped the Cytomel I felt horrible. Since I had some Cytomel left I did take it along with the Levo and felt better again. The ENT told me Cytomel was not for long term use and to only take Levo, my TSH at that time was very high at between 31.0-46.
Avatar m tn I started out on 25mcg Levothyroxine. Felt great about the 2nd month in, after the 3rd mo, I started feeling as exhausted as before. Had blood work done again and the Endo doc said my #was still a little lower than she'd like, so she put me on 50mcg Levo. I feel no better whatsoever. Pathetically drained, no energy, always tired, and NOW I am experiencing large amounts of hair being shedded in the shower especially. It is disturbing how much is lost in the shower.
Avatar n tn I have been on my Levothyroxine for 3 weeks. The first week, I felt a bit crazy, jittery when I tried to lay down to sleep and so on. Now I am very tired, I wasn't even tired before I knew I had a thyroid issue and was put on the stuff. I just don't understand why I feel worse taking something rather than feel better than what I thought of as I was feeling just fine before. And I have a strange lingering after taste in my mouth all day?
Avatar f tn Since I bought the Cytomel privately maybe it's worth not taking it for now and continuing with the Levothyroxine until the next lot of bloods are done?
252327 tn?1250187576 After RAI and trying several combo dosages (which I've since gone back to) I did try T4 alone and my dosage was 200mcg's. If I went on 200mcg's of Cytomel, I'd be DEAD! I was taking 137 of Levothyroxine when I was taking 25 of Cytomel. It reduces your dosage by that much! Also Shannon, did your doctor add anything to that "It's not good for Cancer management" statement? I've never heard of that.
Avatar n tn Hi there. I'm on 10 mcg cytomel/day. I am also on levothyroxine 50 mcg. I take the levothyroxine and 5 mcg cytomel when I get up at 3:30 am, then the other 5 mcg at 9;30 am. My endo said I didn't have to split it, but that seems to work better for me. I feel really good since I started on the cytomel and have lots more energy than I've had in years. The sweating does stink, but I figured I could live with it since the cytomel makes me feel so much better, but now I'm not so sure.
Avatar f tn Having some trouble converting to Free T3. Last labs on 125 mcg levothyroxine = TSH 4.65 (normal .3 - 5.5) Free T4 16 (normal 11-22) Free T3 3.6 (normal 4 - 7.8). I have been doing a lot of research, and have read that conversion problems can be fixed. Increased estrogen can cause this, as well as adrenal exhaustion. I am going to ask my Dr to increase my T4 meds to 137 mcg to bring my TSH down , as I am having some symptoms of hypo : fatique, irritability, constipation etc.
Avatar n tn I guess it could be a lab error, but I've read about T4-T3 conversion issues, but the threads can branch off in lots of ways and get confusing. Thanks for any advice.
1139187 tn?1355710247 As a previous poster mentioned that your Selenium may contribute to high conversion maybe you don't need Cytomel. And with Cytomel why did you add .5 + .5 within a day? That will send you to hyper-hell b/c it is way too much for a newbie. Not trying to gang up on you but we want to make sure you do not do anything that can be fatal. The T3 in Cytomel is NOT the same as the T3 in dessicated where the dessicated is not as strong. Please be careful and take it slow.
667016 tn?1238895504 I've done research on both of these - as I've got a T4/T3 conversion problem at cellular level, caused by micronutrient imbalances & estrogen dominance. The information I've read is pretty in depth & complicated. I still can't quite get my head around T3 resistance, the more I research - the more confused I get! Is having a conversion problem & being T3 resistant the same thing?
2055874 tn?1330534053 The thyroid produces the hormones, but the conversion isn't even done in the thyroid. The majority of conversion is done in the liver, smaller amounts are done in other organs. If you have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, iodine can make make things much worse, rather than better. If you have Hashimoto's and there's already damage to your thyroid, nothing is going to repair it. One month on levo is not long enough.
Avatar f tn I'm also wondering if I have a conversion issue going on. From what I've read - if the free t3 is mid range and the free t4 is low - it could be a conversion issue. Do you know anything about that? 60 mg Armour - 6 wks Free t4 (Range 0.7 - 1.8) - 0.7 Free t3 (Range 2.3 - 4.2) - 3.26 TSH (Range 0.32 - 5.5) - 1.
Avatar f tn Typically, the first dose of a T3 medication, such as Cytomel or Liothyronine is taken with one's Levothyroxine in the morning and the second dose around noon/early afternoon; however, there's nothing carved in stone, so you can experiment with the timing and do what works best for you. T3 does not have to be taken on an empty stomach, like Levothyroxine does so there's more leeway in the timing. It can be taken with lunch, just before or just after.
Avatar f tn Hi I was wondering if anyone was switched to levothyroxine because of the shortage and had sucess with the transition. I was switched to levothyroxine 150 from being on Armour Thyroid 105 for about 2 years and had hyper symptoms and was was switched to levothyroxine 125 and still had hyper symptoms and labs. So the doctor decreased me to 100 and after 3 weeks was very tired, depressed, anxious and weak.
Avatar f tn I started on Cytomel last August - the dose was way too high and with some invaluable help from this forum, gradually reduced my dose. Each time I reduce the dose, the palpitations abate for a while, then return. By Xmas I had cut it out altogether. The palpitations had stopped but I started to get other symptoms i.e. - depression, tingling in feet at night, weight gain. Hardly surprising then, that my latest bloods (as of two days ago) read as follows: TSH 2.03 (0.27-4.