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Avatar n tn Does cytomel need to be taken on an empty stomache...and what would be the recommended daily dosage?
Avatar n tn Hi, I was taking the phendimetrizine before with my syn, was working pretty well, with no heart rhythm problems, but I have just gotten cytomel added to my agenda on Friday and have not taken the phen since, because I was not sure, but in reference to the cytomel, does this have to be taken on empty stomach and does calcium affect, kinda like the syn--and can the syn and cytomel be taken at the same time, or should I take one in the am and one in the pm?? I am on 5mcg of cytomel and 0.
Avatar f tn I just started cytomel in addition to the synthyroid I have been taking daily for two years. ??? Do I take on an empty stomach and wait to eat?? Or can I take and eat immediately?? My endo said to wait to eat, but pharmacists said I could eat with cytomel as long as no calcium, vitamins taken. Thanks.
294590 tn?1194814049 Hi ,I also had TT this year May 16, the Dr. put me on cytomel 5 mcg. instructions take 1/2 tablet on empty stomach and wait 30 min. before eating. I took my 1/2 in the morning and the other 1/2 in the noon. It is a very short acting medicene. I did have one panic attach the first or second night after coming home from hospital. I slept with my head on a pillow wedge. I was afraid I would stop breathing...and more afraid to go to ER.
744962 tn?1270945638 You can take your Thyroxin first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. However, most people taking Cytomel split it into at least two doses to avoid the peaks and valleys of the fast-acting T3. You could try half your dose with your Thyroxin in the morning and the other half when you feel you need another little boost. You may have to experiment with when this is best for you personally...early afternoon?...late afternoon?
Avatar n tn Cytomel doesn't have the absorption issues that T4 meds have, so you don't have to take it on an empty stomach.
Avatar f tn Typically, T4 thyroid hormones are taken when one gets up in the morning, on an empty stomach with a cup of water, then nothing should be eaten or drank for 30 minutes to an hour afterward. I take my first T3 pill with my T4. Unlike T4, Cytomel/T3 can be taken with or without food, so it's okay to take it with lunch or slightly before. It's okay to experiment with the timing and see what works better for your schedule.
Avatar f tn My prescription is for 25 mcg every twelve hours and my doctor said to take it on an empty stomach (4 hours w/o food), no solids for the first hour after taking it, and no calcium or citrus for four hours afterwards. AHHH! How do I do this? I can deal with no milk in my morning coffee, but what about dinner? Any advice or help? I think that this is just until my RAI in a month or so. THANKS!
744962 tn?1270945638 Cytomel does not need to be taken on an empty stomach like synthroid does; however, it *does* need to be separated from calcium, etc by 4 hours. I get up at 3:30 every morning, so I take my levo then, but wait until about 7:00 am to take my cytomel (5 mcg). By taking the cytomel later, I have enough energy to make it through the day. You could even take yours later if you want to, depending on when you go to bed -- make sure you take it early enough so it's worn off by bed time.
1070570 tn?1283439813 Now on 125 mcg Tirosint and 20mcg of Cytomel daily. The T4 meds you always take first thing am on empty stomach. Cytomel I take 15 mcg in am and the other 5 mcg approx 6 hrs later. I have had great success with these meds. Synthroid alone didn't work, and Armour made me sick too.
1018470 tn?1251337123 Just so you know I always take T med on an empty stomach and no meds together at the same time. Stay away from Calcium and iron at least 4 hours before or after. Sorry for the length of this post, but I wanted to be complete!
Avatar n tn also i am getting different information about whether cytomel can be taken with food, or on an empty stomach. also i am on yaz birth control, which i take several hours after my cytomel--is that ok? please help.
Avatar m tn However, Cytomel is very fast acting, and most of us find that we have to split the dose and take the second half dose around noon to early afternoon (not too late or sleep could be effected). Cytomel doesn't have to be taken on an empty stomach like Synthroid does.
Avatar n tn I take it first thing in the am with my Levothryoxine. I don't take it later in the day because it makes it impossible for *me* to sleep. Doesn't effect everyone that way though. If you've never taken it b4 you'll have to experiment and see how you feel.
Avatar f tn or possible heart racing - the instructions with the Cytomel don't say you have to take it on an empty stomach. Do you recommend that? I have heard that that would make it more like a time-released version of T3? I just started the Cytomel yesterday and "think" at times I feel racy heart - but don't know how quickly it works? May just be nerves. 4. How long do you think it takes for me to know if I will feel better?
Avatar m tn will it be ok to take the dosage first thing in the a.m on an empty stomach? or should i split the dosage for 2 times a day? (remember - that's a slow/sustained release pills.. different from other brands out there.. the brand called Tryiotex) As we all know, Cytomel is a pill that can replace the Thryoid Function of our bodies.. but after tons of researchers, there's one thing than i need to know.. let's leave the sience/knowledge about this thing behind.. let's talk simple..
1355431 tn?1369978906 I agree with you, my endocrinologist told me that it doesnt matter when to take the synthroid as long as it is on an empty stomach so I would rather take it at night since I dont like to wait an hour in the morning after taking pills to eat.
1139187 tn?1355710247 i'd try splitting on an empty stomach like 6am and then 3pm. at least the t3 is fast acting and wears off after 4-5 hours so you'll know if its too much. the t4 doesn't matter take it when you wake up on an empty stomach.
Avatar n tn Also, unlike T4 meds, T3 doesn't have to be taken on an empty stomach. Have you tried taking it with a little food to buffer the effects on your tummy?
299033 tn?1393305017 Unlike T4 meds (Levothroid), cytomel does not have to be taken on an empty stomach. I don't think the calcium in the yogurt is enough to interfere with your cytomel. Are you splitting your cytomel dosage into more than one/day? Most of us find that it works better than way. You should NOT take calcium/mineral supplements within 4 hours of any thyroid hormone medication. I know you need the minerals for your BC, but can you start taking those in afternoon/evening?
Avatar f tn The prescription information didn't say anything about taking it on an empty stomach although I know it would absorb more quickly. Being prone to the heart palpitations (although I haven't had them on Synthroid - and I think some of what I might have are because of stress and anxiety over being sick for months now) - I don't want to get this from the Cytomel if I can help it. Also, I decided to split the 1/2 or the 1/2 tablet (so that is getting about 6+ mcg at a time) - one in A. M.
Avatar f tn I take my T4 med first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach with water. About 30 minutes later, I take 5 mcg T3. About noon, I take the other 5 mcg of T3. T3 is faster acting than T4 and only stays in the system for a few hours; by splitting the dose you keep the levels steady throughout the day, rather than getting one huge jolt, then running out before the day is over.
Avatar f tn However, if you can't take it, you can't. T4 is absorbed better into the bloodstream from the gut on an empty stomach. So, by taking your meds 4 hours before eating or drinking, you in effect could have "increased" your dose by doing that, raising your FT4 levels. First off, if I were you, I'd go back to taking it as you will have to take it for most of the year, i.e. a half hour before breakfast. That only makes logical sense. Had you been on 88mcg before these labs?
Avatar f tn And lastly, its important that I take it 1 hour before or 2 hours after eating(so on an empty stomach), and at the same time every morning. Otherwise I may not absorb it all into my system. Hope this helps.
Avatar f tn What are the reference ranges for the FT3 and FT4 results? There is no "standard" range for these, so they vary from lab to lab and must come from your own lab report. Without the ranges, it's very hard to comment on your particular situation; however, I can make some "generalized" comments. There can be a big difference between T3 and FREE T3 results.
Avatar f tn It's been nearly 3 weeks now and notice my body doesn't hurt as much but still have fatigue and have had stomach pain soon after I take it and then it gets better toward late afternoon could this be a side effect I can't seem to get much information regarding stomach pain. I take it in the morning on a empty stomach and eat 1-2 hours later.
Avatar n tn Is there a way to better absorb? I take it in the AM on an empty stomach. I tried taking twice a day but nothing changed. I also tried just in the afternoon on an empty stomach. Doesn't seem to change anything.
Avatar f tn Most of us find that when we take a thyroid medication with T3, such as NatureThroid or Cytomel/Liothyronine, it works best to split it into 2 doses, with 1/2 in the morning on an empty stomach and the other half around noon or early afternoon, since T3 is fast acting and only stays in the system for a few hours. This keeps Free T3 levels more stable throughout the day. I'm sure it must be difficult splitting a 25 mcg cytomel tablet in half to get 12.
407745 tn?1230853687 Synthroid needs to be taken on an empty stomach, alone and take the other medications later on...
Avatar f tn Unlike T4 meds, such as synthroid, cytomel and generic T3 meds do not have to be taken on an empty stomach; they can be taken with or without food....... If you split your cytomel dose, you might be able to skip the afternoon tiredness. Recommended not to take cytomel/T3 med after around 3:00 pm, as it may interfere with sleep......