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Avatar f tn I have been on thie Synthroid for over 15years. I have been on the Cytomel for about 10 years. I feel like the Cytomel is a waste of money. I was thinking about gradually dropping it to see if I notice any changes. I feel that 5 mg is hardly enough to notice a difference. Does anyone have any idea how long it takes to stabilize or to notice the change. I have forgotten to take it on occasion and I don't notice a difference in energy.
Avatar n tn I am wondering how cytomel may be beneficial to me. I have a friend who has Grave dx. She told me how she had been feeling achey in her joints, tired, never getting enough rest even when doing so, never having any energy. She was perfectly describing me. She started telling me about cytomel and it's effects and how the body uses it as T3. I feel I am missing out, because I am not taking this. Should I be using this in conjunction with my Levoxyl 88mcg?
Avatar n tn Don't compare Cytomel to Zoloft - the are two seperate meds from way seperate med families. Cytomel is a synthetic T3 to aid you with your Synthroid on the conversion process with the T4. Zoloft XR is an antidepressant I know that when you body is chemically balanced as you are describing since taking the Cytomel and Zoloft your anxiety/depresssion will lift. as for OCD that is a label of an illness and I can not see why you would not benefit from your meds in helping that condition also.
545991 tn?1214440712 Now after going back on Synthroid my doctor feels that my Free T3's are on the low side of low 236 and is putting me on 100 Synthroid from 137 and 10 mcg of Cytomel my question is because this is a t3 issue is the reason I am not producing Free T3 levels due to RT3 or that I and is my pain going to come back what causes this? my T4 level was .39 and I am a Thyca survivor that just wants to get back to normal.
Avatar n tn 9, he decided to change my synthroid to 100 much and added Cytomel 5mcg twice a day. I’m not familiar with Cytomel, will the addition of this medicine compensate reducing my synthroid? Will it help with my Simptoms? Thank you!
590006 tn?1221275120 I myself am on a T4 and T3 med (Armour), and need the T3 meds for conversion problem. If your dr lowers your T4 med low enough with the Cytomel you should be able to find your perfect levels again. Don;t forget that our levels fluctuate especially with hashi's and need frequent dosage changes. If you go a little hyper after a year, then the doctor just adjusts levels which should include the T4 medication dosage.
Avatar n tn When your doctor added the Cytomel, did he decrease the Synthroid to compensate? 25 mcg of Cytomel is a rather hefty dose. Cytomel (or any T3 meds) have a quicker effect than Synthroid. T3 is very fast-acting and quickly neutralized by your body if not used promptly. It doesn't have to build up in your body like T4 meds (Synthroid) do. Are you splitting your Cytomel into two doses? Your energy will most likely improve with the Cytomel.
Avatar n tn Hi everyone. Does anyone know if an regular m.d. will ever prescribe Cytomel? I went to my endo who monitored my nodules & he asked how I felt. I told him still pretty crappy. My tsh was down to .45 with still a low T4 (5.9), but my FREE T4 was 1.08. He explained away the low T4 to being my Thyroid Binding Globulin low & said I should only concern myself with Free T4's. Anyway, I am on two separate doses of Synthroid (162mcg.
909086 tn?1242664364 I'm on 75 mcg levo, alternating with 88 mcg levo + 5 mcg cytomel daily......... I was at 10 mcg cytomel and had to cut back due to rapid heart rate and palps. What are your free T3 and Free T4 levels? I would never recommend any start on cytomel without an FT3 test showing that levels are low. Cytomel is a T3 med only and is about 4 times stronger than the T4 med. If your FT3 is low, that could indicate that you have a conversion problem (converting T4 to T3 for the body's use).
Avatar f tn possible a few reasons Symptom relief Poor conversion off the T4 meds. Abnormal or low FT3 and FT4 hormone levels.
Avatar f tn Since I have seen a response (my temp is higher) I think I will start another cycle sooner. 13 years ago I asked my GP if I could try Cytomel for fibromyalgia. I only took small doses but I did see an improvement in my symptoms. There was a day that stands out. I felt so good. Lots of energy, no pain, and my mood was through the roof. It lasted only a day. I have always wondered if this is what "normal" is for most people.
3241062 tn?1346899470 I was wondering if anyone has a link to a conversion table for the Erfa Thyroid. I was on 75mcg of Synthroid and my gp started me on 30mg of Thyroid. I tried to tell him that it didn't match my T4 dosage but he wants to wait for the blood work,arrgh. I was feeling great on the 30mg for about a week-what a tease,lol. Now I'm back to where I was before.
Avatar f tn You could try cutting back on Cytomel slowly to see if conversion replaces the Cytomel. However, as thing at a time so you can really isolate its effects.Change too many things at once, and you're guessing...
267288 tn?1256281777 Supplementing with Cytomel will cause the body to convert less T4 into T3, because you will need less. It will also lower the amount of Free T4 in your blood. At least that is the way I understand it. It is not a permanent change, just an adjustment to try to keep the two hormones in balance.
Avatar f tn That conversion takes time, and for some of us, doesn't happen like it's supposed to. Cytomel is a T3 only med, about 4 times more powerful than T4 meds, is fast acting and short lived, so will get into your system quickly. Most likely, your doctor is trying to prevent your going hypo by using the cytomel. I do hope that he doesn't give you a real high dose AND that he does frequent testing to make sure your levels don't go too high.
Avatar m tn The first several days I took 1/2 tab of Cytomel with Synthroid, then the other 1/2 at 3:00pm. I felt better, but when I took the whole tablet today with Synthroid, I could feel a lot of anxiety symptoms and kinda dizzy feeling. So I will go right back to the 1/2 doses. I do think my Synthroid may need reducing too, should I phone the Dr with this suggestion?
Avatar f tn Hello Is it possible to take cytomel alone or does it have to be taken with a t4 med. I am having a hard time adjusting to levo, and synthroid. When I take it I get head pain in my temples, anxiety, my toes itch or tingle, I feel sluggish and depressed. Cytomel is the only drug that seem to have few side effects, my headaches are gone and my depression has some what lifted. I take 15 mg of cytomel and I'm now down to 25 of synthroid.
Avatar n tn I been on on 75 synthroid and 15 cytomel ( split into twice a day) . Not sure if 1 1/2 grain is enough or too much.
Avatar f tn Turns out that WPThyroid is covered under my insurance and the doctor is willing to prescribe it. My current doses of thyroid meds are 88 mcg Tirosint and 35 mcg Cytomel. How would I convert that to the dessicated thyroid. Obviously I would still have to take extra T3.
1646889 tn?1301484828 Upon reading, research and lab results, I am thinking that the nature of my thyroid challenges lie in lack of conversion (and, yes, I realize I could be totally off base). I have normal TSH (2.54), low normal free T4 (1.02) and very low (compared to what I need to function optimally) free T3 (2.4). Does this sound like a conversion issue with the fact that my TSH isn't really high and T4 is ok.
299155 tn?1235492869 Unless you are having conversion problems, Cytomel is not what you need. Comparing your Free T4 to your Free T3 can show a conversion problem if it exists. Your TSH MAY be a little low. Dropping your dosage to 112mcg might make you feel better. It's trial and error finding just the right dose. The Pub is a recent creation for laughs and relaxation, and of course you may join.
Avatar f tn My Endo has not even checked my T3 levels. I have done lots of research and am reading alot about Cytomel. I need to find an Endo in NJ, who for one will check my T3 levels but also prescribe me Cytomel at least on a trial basis and see if my symptoms improve. Please help if you know of a well informed Endo in NJ because I really cant live my life with a diminished quality of life much longer. It is affecting all areas of my life.
Avatar n tn Doctor initially wanted to put me on Armor Thyroid but for ethical reasons I resisted (I'm a vegetarian). So would adding Cytomel or switching to a T3/T4 combo like Thyrolar help? Also has anyone cured their condition with natural remedies and/or diet? I'm open to doing that as well! Thank you.
Avatar f tn My Levothyroxine dose has remained the same. Does Cytomel affect T4 as well or is something else going on? I am now on 5mcg Cytomel and 100mcg Levo (from 125). Is it likely that the past couple of months have done my heart any damage? I've had palpitations, racing heart, restlessness etc. Many thanks in advance for any input.
Avatar f tn Just got labs done a few days ago: TSH .186 (0.4-5.5) low, but not as low as 1/17, when synthroid was lowered from 137 to 88 & 10 cytomel added T4 1.2 (.9-1.7) down from 1.8 in Jan 17 T3 1.8 (2.3-4.1) definitely low I'm asking here b/c I've reported symptoms to my endo (muscle aches, very cold hands and feet, eyebrows disappearing, difficulty losing weight despite regular exercise and healthy diet), thinking maybe I need to raise my cytomel and/or lower my synthroid.
Avatar n tn I was wondering if anyone out there has ever tried adding in 25 mg of cytomel to level things out. I just received some and was going to add it in but i didn't want to screw things up more than they already are. If anyone has any answers or opinions let me know.
Avatar f tn I haven't felt this good in years and really don't want to go off of the Cytomel. The iodine alone didn't seem to do it for me, but I do like the Cytomel and 'find' myself doing stuff, instead of trying to figure out how I'm going to get another nap.
Avatar f tn I read on here how many use cytomel with their Levothyroxin or other thyroid medication. Why & When is cytomel prescribed? Is it something that makes your mind feel better? How do you know if it would help me or not? Just curious..
Avatar n tn I can't answer your specific question about the conversion to synthroid/cytomel, but I have to ask - about a generic for cytomel? According to both my endo and pharmacist, there is no generic for cytomel......