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198187 tn?1190637930 How does Cytomel differ from generic or name brand Synthroid? Just curious why some docs pic one thing over the other.
Avatar f tn Liothyronine should not be a problem -- that's what I'm currently on and doing well with it, though some say you shouldn't take anything but the "brand" name. Both my endo and pharmacist say it doesn't matter, so if you do well on it, you should be okay. If not, insist on cytomel. My endo's instructions were to take it every morning with my levo too -- but I figured out that doesn't work as well for me.
545991 tn?1214440712 You may want to consider trying a different brand of dessicated (NP by Acella, Naturethroid, Westhroid-P is a new one with few fillers, just to name a few). This may reveal whether the problem is the brand of dessicated and its inactive ingredients. What are your most recent lab results for Free T3 and Free T4, along with reference ranges? It would also be good to know where your vitamin B12 is at as a deficiency may be a contributing factor.
Avatar n tn does anyone know if the fillers in generic t3 liothyronine are the same as the fillers in the brand cytomel- i feel much better when i take the t3 but after a week my stomach is so bad i have to quit it.i can't find filler info been searching. i'm trading symptoms for symptoms. trying to hang in but beem depressed- its been so long and so tired of it all. thank you for your suport-and info.
Avatar f tn I've taken, both, generic levothyroxine (T4) and liothyronine (T3), as well, as brand name Synthroid and Cytomel. I did better on on generic levo than I did on Synthyroid... I've been taking generic liothyronine for over 5 yrs and have done just as well as I did on Cytomel. I don't think you'll have any difficulty, with generic T3, but if you do, you can always go back to Cytomel.
744962 tn?1270945638 Cytomel is the name brand for synthetic T3 med. Synthroid is a name brand for synthetic T4 med. Some people do better taking the name brands; however, some of us do fine on the generics. Still others do better on T4/T3 combo, dessicated, such as Armour, NatureThroid, etc. I'm on both T3 and T4 med, both generic and doing well. Do you have symptoms? If so, what are they? What are your latest test results? Can you post them along with the lab's reference ranges?
Avatar f tn I'm wondering if there might be something in the fillers in the brand name Synthroid that you are allergic or intolerant to??? Perhaps it's not the active ingredient, but the inactive ingredients that are giving you these symptoms. You could try asking your doctor to switch brands to another tablet or to Tirosint, which is a gelcap with only water as a filler and is hypoallergenic. If that's the problem, it's an easy fix. Before your latest labs, you were on 25 mcg, correct?
456333 tn?1206976813 Okay, so is Levoxyl a brand name or generic? I've been on Levoxyl for many years but since I had my TT it doesn't seem to be cutting it. And I'm also very jittery but I thought maybe I was going hper, now it could be the medicine? Should I try Synthroid?
Avatar f tn My endo said that he thinks it would be fine if I switched to generic liothyronine. Brand name Cytomel is crazy expensive! He says that almost all his patients have switched to it with no problems. He does not recommend generic levothyroxine though. I'm feeling so good that I'm kind of afraid to mess it up, lol, but I sure would like to save money if the generic Cytomel would be just as good. Does anyone have experience with this switch?
Avatar f tn I just started the generic Cytomel yesterday so it's too soon to tell a difference, but I talked to a pharmacist and was told that if you're starting on generic you should be fine. People who took the brand name and then switched to generic may have a little problem. From what I've read, the medicine is the same between brand and generic, but the dosing might be slightly different. Since my insurance won't cover most brand names of thyroid meds, I'm stuck with generics and hoping they work.
Avatar f tn Oh yes- forgot to add I am on only name brand synthyroid and cytomel. My endo will not write prescription for generics, says they vary too much - just as you experienced. Thank you.
Avatar f tn I've been on both brand name cytomel and generic T3 and haven't had any issues with either one as far as acne. You could be sensitive to the fillers/binders. They can cause different reactions in different people. I'm happy to hear that I'm not the only one who doesn't get that "blast of energy" after taking my T3 med.
Avatar f tn for a few months, and having some problems sleeping, I went to Synthroid only... (the name brand gig... yada yada yada)... I wanted to try converting my own T4! I immediately had a HUGE arthritis onset in my hip joint... (where there was never an issue b4) and basically EVERYWHERE else. It truely sucked to sit, then "try" to get up... Also the BLOAT (I made that caps, because mine was and still is really BIG...) is killing me. My feet, my boobs, even my hands...
Avatar n tn on Wednesday and will discuss trying the brand name Cytomel or possibly Armour w/Levothyroxine. All I know is I need to raise my T3 somehow and need to find a way to do it without the reflux.
822804 tn?1298229902 First was the generic form and I was dealing with alot of heart palpitations...the second script was written for the name brand and the palpitations were alot less,is there any other dosage or any other type of T3 med that I can take that will work?I feel great on Cytomel...i havent felt like this since before I was diagnosed with having hypothyroidism...I am able to do stuff and not be tired,I can't explain how great I really feel on this except for the palpitations.Should I switch to Armour?
Avatar f tn I have a slightly underperforming thyroid and was put on synthroid which made me nauseous, even when the dosage was lowered. So I have now been put on 25mcg of cytomel and am having real trouble falling asleep. My doctor told me to half the dosage but I still cannot sleep and am now taking sleeping pills as well. I usually take the cytomel in the morning and I read somewhere that it can help to take it at night, which doesn't make sense to me.
944643 tn?1418218022 When I was first dx my doc said to only take the brand and don't substitute, but I can not longer afford the brand, due to changes. I've been feeling really bad with my body aches and pains and headaches and blurry vision...don't know if switching to generic has made the difference.
Avatar f tn said no, but to try adding Cytomel. He prescribed 25mcg and said to take it once a day. I couldn't afford the brand name, so I got the new generic. I've been taking it for 11 days and don't feel better. I started taking it once a day (at lunch), but was still tired in the morning and having heart palps at night. I'd also get a mild headache right after taking it, and crash around 8:00pm. I tried splitting the dose for a couple days, taking half in the morning and half in the afternoon.
252327 tn?1250187576 some people are saying that the generic is not working for them. so they went back on regular brand name cytomel. thanks for the input.
Avatar f tn I was given this website: I am too on Cytomel/Synthroid combo and donot have a lot of relief. I move to Denver in 2 weeks and want to try the slow release also. Let me know how it works for you!
1518372 tn?1291015248 My Dr only prescribes name brand BC generic is allowed to be +- 20% of the actual does.. I was dx with t4 resistance BC my cholesterol was to high with being so active and my does as high as it is.. I haven't been to the Dr in almost a yr and can't afford my $350 a pop Dr and $50 a pop blood test.. I've been unemployed for the past 10 months.. I can't find my last lab work either.. Y is it customary anyway? Who cares which I take as ling as I'm healthy a feeling right?
1139187 tn?1355710247 I had a problem with generic, got hyper and had palps, dizziness and joint pain on it after about 5 months even though the dose was the same as Cytomel. My pharmacist told me the FDA allows a 5% difference from the brand and I read on a drug website, maybe FDA, that the variation can actually be 10%. And also some people have trouble with the fillers in the generic and can be allergic to them or find they bind the hormone too much so it can't be fully absorbed.
Avatar f tn i'm scared of ordering from sites that don't ask for a prescription because i don't want to get junk. Can anyone recommend an online site that i'll know i'm getting a brand name fda approved drug? thanks!
Avatar f tn Well its not menopause....went through that @ 41. My cytomel is the name brand. I tried the generic but the results were so so and I read where the lab for the generic was fined for inconsistency. I'm thinking of rt3 and a definite absorption problem. How to treat it though, thats the question. Or could another part of my endocrine system be crashing?
198187 tn?1190637930 All thyroid hormone replacements are synthetic with the exception of Armour which is derived from pig thyroid (beef or sheep). Generics are just a name change only, from high cost brands name medicines to low cost brand name medicines. Just like all other products sold here in the US: Toilet paper, clothing, clothes soaps, and foods, etc., etc., etc. I buy a lot of generic products, which are made by brand name companies, with the same ingredients.
Avatar m tn I could never tell the difference between the generic T3 and brand cytomel. I've had pills by a couple of different manufacturers, but the main one my pharmacy gets is manufactured by Mylan. Be aware that just because I don't react to the generic, doesn't mean you (or others) won't either, because we're all different. Total T3 really tells us nothing, because we have no idea how much of that is bound by protein and unusable. Same goes for T4.
1882966 tn?1320749059 Based on what I read, I feel as though my doctor should have reduced my Synthroid to 75 or 88 mcg and given me 10 mg Cytomel 2x per day instead. I dont know about how I feel about taking the Cytomel without having a lowered Synthroid T4 dose, because I had serious hair breakage on the Synthroid (which has gotten "MILDLY" better because I am taking so many supplements to counteract it)....but I have heard that taking Cytomel, has the same side-effect (ie.
Avatar f tn Also, I cannot afford the brand name Cytomel, which is why I got the generic. My insurance considers the brand a non-preferred drug and charges $50. Same with the brand Armour, but I've heard that's a lot cheaper to buy without using insurance.
798555 tn?1292791151 You have to have a compound pharmacy make this for you. It isn't under a brand name. My endo has used a compound pharmacy with some of his patients using this, but it is very expensive.