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Avatar f tn The Levothyroxine .50/.75 alternating daily and the Cytomel .5 1/2 am and 1/2 at 5pm was rx by Endocrinologist.
Avatar n tn The first week or so you still had a fair amount of levothyroxine in the system so levels were higher -- explaining your improved energy. Consider 1/2 of the 25mcg cytomel in am and the other 1/2 about 2 pm and most likely you will need to add back levothyroxine (or preferably a brand) in the am (?50-75mcg) -- The goal TSH depends on the thyroid cancer history. (ie lower TSH if high risk).
Avatar n tn I tried Levoxyl and it got a little better, but I just added back in the Cytomel and changed back to Levothyroxine, and I'm feeling SO much better! My theory is that with no thyroid, you need some sort of combo, whether Armour (natural) or a synthetic combo.
Avatar f tn I have just been prescribed cytomel and i also take Levothyroxine 100 mcgs. I wait until the afternoon to take cytomel which works best for me. I feel better after taking it, and I had my lunch already. Hope this helps!!
Avatar n tn it took me months to convince my endo. to give me armor or cytomel, and since she does not deal with armor and swore to me that cytomel would not do any thing and in her 30 years of being an endo. im her first patient whom she is prescribing cytomel to and that is only to prove to me that it does not work. im on cytomel 5 mcg and levoxyl 100 mcg daily. been on cytomel for the last 2 wks, and have not felt any different then i did before. I was realy hard on my dr.
Avatar f tn You can play with that timing a little bit and see if you can get it better. Even though cytomel is faster acting and doesn't stay in your system very long, it's going to take a while for it to build in your blood, so you actually feel better. And the fact still remains that you might not be on a high enough dose of T4 med, either. I notice that you had Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies (TPOab), but I don't see Thyroglobulin Antibodies (TgAb)...
909086 tn?1242664364 I'm on 75 mcg levo, alternating with 88 mcg levo + 5 mcg cytomel daily......... I was at 10 mcg cytomel and had to cut back due to rapid heart rate and palps. What are your free T3 and Free T4 levels? I would never recommend any start on cytomel without an FT3 test showing that levels are low. Cytomel is a T3 med only and is about 4 times stronger than the T4 med. If your FT3 is low, that could indicate that you have a conversion problem (converting T4 to T3 for the body's use).
Avatar n tn Hi Free Bird82 Can't answer about Cytomel but about the weight loss, after 1 week of exercising and watching what you eat. Many people won't lose the pounds straight away as the exercise is building muscle and muscle weighs more than fat (some people even put on weight to begin with!). This is a good thing - don't stop what you're doing! Muscle burns calories even after you've stopped exercising. Yay! I am facing the same struggle.
Avatar n tn I swear I've been on EVERYTHING except for Armour since my TT for cancer in Sept. '07. I started on a Levothyroxine and Cytomel combo and then switched to Synthroid only. I had a more than a few sleepless nights on that combo of T3/T4. I thought I "should" be on the name brand and "convert my own T4"... I HATED Synthroid only! Bloating and arthritis (so bad I had trouble walking from the pain in my hip joint!)made me switch ASAP.
1058524 tn?1285190840 I had a TT 5 weeks ago. For 2 weeks I was on Levothyroxine 175 1x daily . Then I got the news I "had" cancer and was to stop Levothyroxine and take Cytomel 25 2xs a day. *Levothyroxine I would take in the morning/empty/with h20 no food for 1 hour *Cytomel I take one in the morning 8-9am same as above, then one at 9pm My question is I felt amazing on Levothyroxine (alive again!) and I feel OK on Cytomel. My issue is I am really tired between the hours of 2pm and 6pm.
Avatar f tn Hello Dr, i have been hypothyroid for 10+ yrs and been treated with only levothyroxine, i've suffered for years with symptoms of anxiety, depression, fibro, weight gain, always cold, constipation, brain fog, hair loss on the front of my scalp, i recently saw an endo and she lowered my does of levo from .75 to .
Avatar f tn What are the results of your latest free T3, free T4 (and their reference ranges) and TSH tests? If you post them, members can respond more intelligently. How long have you been on the 112 mcg? Why was your thyroid removed? What are your other symptoms besides depression? It sounds like you need an adjustment in dosage. Sorry to have to answer a question with several of my own, but this is really important information. Thanks.
Avatar f tn Hi. I'm new here and have many questions and concerns. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and anemia almost 1 month ago & have been taking rx iron 150 2x per day and levothyroxine 50 mcg (not at the same time of course.) Thyroid labs were: TSH - 6.88 Free T4 - 1.3 Free T3 - 2.7 My TSH is obviously above normal, my free T4 is mid-range and my free T3 is low-normal. I think I've been hypo or at least borderline hypo for years.
Avatar f tn Hi all. My new endo (who I didn't like) discontinued my cytomel and started me on levothyroxine 25mcg. Sorry I don't have most recent labs back yet. My question is, about an hour and a half after taking my pill I feel almost high. And not in a good way. This lasts about 1-2 hours. Then I go back to feeling tired, sluggish. My normal hypo symptoms. Then about 8 pm I get a great burst of energy. feel clear headed. In general, better than I have in 2 years. By 10-11 its gone and off to bed I go.
Avatar f tn I've taken, both, generic levothyroxine (T4) and liothyronine (T3), as well, as brand name Synthroid and Cytomel. I did better on on generic levo than I did on Synthyroid... I've been taking generic liothyronine for over 5 yrs and have done just as well as I did on Cytomel. I don't think you'll have any difficulty, with generic T3, but if you do, you can always go back to Cytomel.
Avatar f tn I talked my PCP into adding Cytomel to my Levothyroxine due to continued symptoms after a couple years including an enlarged thyroid. it is for 25mcg. Does that seem high? He said he would try a low dose. This discussion is related to <a href=''>CYTOMEL</a>.
Avatar m tn It's rarely used alone, except in extreme cases. Cytomel is fast acting and doesn't stay in the body very long, but it can cause one to have feelings of hyperthyroidism, including tiredness and/or nausea. Is your mother currently on only cytomel? Please explain more fully about which medications she's been on and is currently on.
Avatar n tn I had his endocrinologist put him on cytomel (5mcg) for about a year and increase his 100mcg levothyroxine to 125 mcg too that year. His TSH went below norm and T4 went to the high range...and didn't help memory. I'm trying the reverse now so went from 100mcg T4 (OK after month) to 71mcg. to 57 mcg(now for month). Is it ok to take 4 out of 7 days 100mcg. to have weekly daily amount 57mcg. or should Dad be on daily pill of 50 or 60 mcg?
Avatar f tn My new endocrinologist is now having me take 75mcg of Levothyroxine at night and 5mcg of Cytomel 3x day. I am having difficulty with when and how I should be taking this. Is anyone on a plan like this? I understand that calcium can affect the absorption and should be avoided 4 hrs before and after taking. Does this mean to avoid just calcium supplements or all dairy. Are small amounts of dairy ok? Taking the meds 3x day would seem like I can't have dairy all day.
332168 tn?1201030515 Currently I take 137 of Levothyroxine and 25 mcg of Cytomel. I was taking a half tablet in the morning and once in the early afternoon, but I couldn't manage to remember to take the afternoon dose in a timely fashion, and sometimes was kept up at night. I asked my doctor about just upping the Levo and dropping the cytomel, but he seems to think that it's best I'm on both. So I now take the entire dose in the morning and I find this works great for me.
Avatar n tn of years, and was feeling ok, not great, on Levothyroxine. So this week, I asked my dr. if I could get on Armour. She said yes, and put me on 90mg of Armour, and also 5 mg of Cytomel. From reading around, I have not seen anybody else take this combination. Is anybody else taking this? Also, I have been having a headache ever since. When will this go away??
908150 tn?1243186560 I left it at 75mcg Synthroid and had her add the Cytomel. My question is would it be advantagous to increase the synthroid first and stay at 5mcg Cytomel, than if that doesn't help move to increase the Cytomel? I sure appreciate everyones feedback, this forum has been a great source of information!
Avatar n tn Hello, I am new to this forum and very pleased to have found it. I was put on cytomel for low thyroid function in April. Since then, @5mcg 5x?day, my T3 rose and my T4 fell, so I was reduced to 5mcg qid. Still had sky high T3 and low T4. 2 weeks ago my hairdresser informed me of much hairloss at my temples and around hairline, but more thyroid type loss pattern than estrogen. So my Dr. is pulling me off cytomel, I had already been reduced to 5cg qid, AM temp 97.2-97.
665587 tn?1265950524 , he stopped Synthroid and started Cytomel 25 mg twice a day to prepare for RAI. I will stop Cytomel tomorrow and start the LID diet. Hugs and kisses and a Merry Christmas to you all!!!
Avatar m tn 15 125 mcg Synthroid every morning Then Dr added 5 Mcg Cytomel due to heart palps, dry skin, GI upset, and muscle weakness and aching
Avatar f tn Some people seem to have negative reactions to some of the fillers in the drugs, so changing brands can be helpful. Smilerdeb is correct - Cytomel is T3 only; Synthroid, Levoxyl and generic levothyroxine are T4 only. The problem with taking T3 only is that it is very fast-acting and doesn't stay in your system for very long. If you're just going to take T3, you would have to spread it out over multiple doses throughout the day or you're going to have peaks and valleys.
Avatar n tn The most recent decision was to up the Cytomel to 24 mcg and reduce the Synthroid to 50 mcg. shooting for a higher t3 and a lower t4, to see how that felt in symptoms. Meanwhile, here are the labs. 1/2014 88 Syn/10 Cyt 12/2013 88 Syn/20 Cyt t4, free: 1.2 [Range: 1.2] 1.5 tsh: 0.01 (L) [Range: 0.8-1.8] 0.01 (L) t.3, Free: 2.9 [Range: 2.3-4.
Avatar f tn Because T3 is so fast acting, if FT4 levels aren't high enough, there's nothing there to convert at times of peak demand. How and when do you take your 25 mcg of Synthroid and your 15 mcg of Cytomel? How long were you on the 50 mcg Synthroid, and was that your initial dose?
Avatar f tn Does anyone know the time line of events that would occur if a total thyroidectomy person stops taking levothyroxine? I want to understand this condition, but can't seem to find this information. Thanks everyone.
Avatar n tn Hey, your subject line caught my eye, since I was once on Levothyroxine as well...AND I kept losing more and more hair. I'm not a guy, but I figure I lost 50% once it was all said and done. And I think I know what was going on with me--it was that I was only getting T4--Levothyroxine is T4 only, a storage hormone which is meant to convert to T3.