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Avatar n tn Through collaboration with the MD and the psychiastist, I have recently been prescribed a combo therapy of Zoloft, Synthroid and Cytomel. My OCD, depression, anxiety, and paranoia have disappeared. Within a couple of hours after taking Cytomel, my lethargic nature left and I felt normal. I also no longer need Xanax. It has been a couple of decades since I have felt this normal. The Cytomel seems to do a better and faster job than Zoloft. I am only taking 25mcg of Cytomel.
Avatar n tn Does cytomel need to be taken on an empty stomache...and what would be the recommended daily dosage?
294590 tn?1194814049 I drove myself to the hospital and in the waiting room while sitting in the chair I fell over and hurt the back of my head. They did a cat scan and xray everything was fine. They checked my heart and such and that was fine. I knew the fast heart beat and nervousness and jitters were from the medication. I called my surgeon in the morning and of course he told me it wasn't the medication and to call me medical doctor and tell him to prescribe something for my as he stated severe anxiety.
Avatar n tn I recently added Cytomel to my Synthroid. Previously, I was taking Synthroid 112mcg 6 x weekly. Dr. reduced to 88 mcg, 7 x and Cytomel 5 mg 2 x daily. The full 5 mg cause real anxiety and palpatations. I was told I could split the pill (challenging! lol) and so far, I am taking only 2.5 approx, once in the am. Will the anxiety settle down? I am considering taking Xanax to level out, as I am not feeling so great, with the edginess.
Avatar n tn it took me months to convince my endo. to give me armor or cytomel, and since she does not deal with armor and swore to me that cytomel would not do any thing and in her 30 years of being an endo. im her first patient whom she is prescribing cytomel to and that is only to prove to me that it does not work. im on cytomel 5 mcg and levoxyl 100 mcg daily. been on cytomel for the last 2 wks, and have not felt any different then i did before. I was realy hard on my dr.
909086 tn?1242664364 I'm on 75 mcg levo, alternating with 88 mcg levo + 5 mcg cytomel daily......... I was at 10 mcg cytomel and had to cut back due to rapid heart rate and palps. What are your free T3 and Free T4 levels? I would never recommend any start on cytomel without an FT3 test showing that levels are low. Cytomel is a T3 med only and is about 4 times stronger than the T4 med. If your FT3 is low, that could indicate that you have a conversion problem (converting T4 to T3 for the body's use).
Avatar f tn For instance, I'm on 10 mcg of generic T3 (same as cytomel) and I take a 5 mcg pill in the morning, with my T4 med and another 5 mcg pill around noon. That keeps me going all day.
294590 tn?1194814049 Lastnight the medication bothered me so much I got out of bed drove over to the hospital was sitting at the counter and keeled over on the floor, I hit my head really hard on the ground and I was in such pain for awhile but it subsided and went away. They took blood and cat scan and xrays and I didn't damage my head thank God. I'm scared to take my medication today till I can get some anxiety pill so I have to wait for phone call from Doctor. Going through a rough time.
Avatar f tn I felt good for a week off it and then I went down hill fast. Anxiety and depression have come back. I'm now taking Lexapro with my Synthroid and I dont think it's helping. I asked my Endo if she could put me back on Cytomel but she said I would feel good for a few months and thn not so great. I'm going to see a new endo thought so I would not take her word for it.
Avatar n tn I had to come down on the Cytomel due to a whole host of what I presume were side effects from it, especially anxiety and agitation. Immediately felt better on all counts.
Avatar f tn Also, what, if any, symptoms do you have? 25 mcg cytomel at one time seems like a very high dosage, but it would depend on your FT3 and FT4 levels.
Avatar f tn When I take it I get head pain in my temples, anxiety, my toes itch or tingle, I feel sluggish and depressed. Cytomel is the only drug that seem to have few side effects, my headaches are gone and my depression has some what lifted. I take 15 mg of cytomel and I'm now down to 25 of synthroid. I just switched from 50 mcg of levo because it makes my feet itch. My levels are: Tsh .67 T4 .72 T3 3.02 Any info will help Thanks!
Avatar n tn Hello, I am new to this forum and very pleased to have found it. I was put on cytomel for low thyroid function in April. Since then, @5mcg 5x?day, my T3 rose and my T4 fell, so I was reduced to 5mcg qid. Still had sky high T3 and low T4. 2 weeks ago my hairdresser informed me of much hairloss at my temples and around hairline, but more thyroid type loss pattern than estrogen. So my Dr. is pulling me off cytomel, I had already been reduced to 5cg qid, AM temp 97.2-97.
Avatar f tn Why are you switching if the doctor wants to add T3 in addition to Synthroid?
Avatar m tn 15 125 mcg Synthroid every morning Then Dr added 5 Mcg Cytomel due to heart palps, dry skin, GI upset, and muscle weakness and aching
Avatar f tn Still feeling fatigued/depressed and anxious. Its been a week at 50mcg Tirosint and 5mcg Cytomel. I was hoping I would have some symptom relief by now. When you stated you didn't think 5mcg Cytomel would be enough to raise my T3. What amount do you think will be enough? Do you feel the Tirosint can stay at 50mcg or will it too need to be adjusted up? I know to raise slowly as I am very sensitive to dose changes.
Avatar m tn I am taking propafenone 150 twice/day for heart arrythmias. You warned me off Cytomel becasue of this and my age, 81.. Now I find several researcher or doctor opinions that i I could take it at minimal dose and constant blood tests. All levels have been within the range for eight months now but with T4 at the high end and FT3 and T3 at the low end. How about 5 Cyto and reducing levo by 20??? I'll try anything to get out of ten intermittent days a month sick.
Avatar f tn I have been back and forth to dr and ER and no answeres....constant anxiety, panic attacks, heart racing, but temperature below normal always cold.....this is a nightmare and no one seems to know what to do....told me to stop taking cytomel completely cause i was over medicated cause I don't have a thyroid and I was hyper....thryoid removed 10 yrs ago no problems until now...after a couple days felt better now its been a week and its all back again and its constant....
Avatar n tn You will also become depressed and develop anxiety. And sweat a lot. I'm NOT telling you to stop your medications. I'm telling you to talk to a doctor about how this is going to affect your thyroid hormones, and because of that, your metabolism. I'm not a psychiatrist or a psychologist or an MD, but giving you a medication that WILL mess up your thyroid hormones seems counter productive. I may be wrong, so don't get all upset.
Avatar m tn I've been on cytomel a year and a half . Started at 10 up to 50 which I decided against however I've been puffy and weight gain ever since. I thought t3 helps you loose weight. I don't have a thyroid but I'm afraid to go off since it's helped my depression yet gaining weights kinda making me depressed again??
Avatar f tn com) which contains theanine (which is found in green tea) and GABA (an amino acid) and greatly reduces anxiety. I also take about 1 1/3 of a phosphatidylserine capsule. It helps to keep cortisol levels in check. Some folks find that ashwaghanda (an adaptogen) helps their adrenals (I couldn't take it because it tried to tease out T3 too soon in the healing process). Isocort made me terribly jittery. Gotu Kola is a nervine that I have used a couple of times. 5HTP is great for sleep as well.
Avatar n tn After the last hospitalization in January she began having anxiety attacks and still had fatigue, joint and bone aches and also head pressure and aches. Her TSH has been around .1-.15. She was on 150 synthroid. Her doctor recently put her on 112 syn. and 10 cytomel(2x a day). Her anxiety has worsened dramatically. She wakes up in panic attacks every morning. Is taking Xanax and starting paxil tomorrow. Could she be in too much of a hyperthyroid state?
Avatar n tn So we cut it to 2.5 twice daily, mostly only once a day. I found increased anxiety, insomnia and irritability somewhat tolerable, although uncomfortable and was striving to deal with this. But, after a month, I recently noticed a serious increase in weight (8 lbs and a full bra size larger ) and a swollen throat, with difficulty in real difficulty swollowing.
Avatar m tn Ultimately, I realize I'm 100% in charge of my own health, I'm convinced that Cytomel is the magic bullet for me, but I want to be in the safe ranges. Pre-Cytomel symptoms over the years I've exhibited / and frequently complained to my Primary Care Dr's / Psychiatrist / Neurologist /ENT / include: Exhaustion in every dimension–physical, mental, spiritual, emotional Inability to eat in the mornings-- No Appetite --I quite literally never "get hungry".
Avatar n tn I'm understanding synthroid helps tsh, but don't know T4 and T3. I will try to split the cytomel again and see if it helps with the anxiety. Also, my Doctor in the past doesn't see a BIG change between my levels from March to August. Clearly, I can see it and FEEL a big change. Again, I'm sensitive to any adjustments. Thanks for your help.
1139187 tn?1355710247 I still take it to help me out while my thyroid levels settle (just added Cytomel and lowered my levo about a week ago because they suspect a possible conversion problem with the T4 properly converting to T3 since my second RAI earlier this year), but if I have to go out, I take a dose and a half just to keep me somewhat calm, yet I often find myself needing to sit down away from people after being out for a bit because I just feel my body and mind get overwhelmed.
1451850 tn?1293857143 I had a TT a little over a year ago since then I have been on Synthroid every time I increase from 150mcg to 175mcg my anxiety and heart palpiations go through the roof. Three weeks ago when I saw my Endo for my 3 month check-up she kept me on 150mcg and added Cytomel 5mcg, she did all of these with TSH (3.0)lab results from October 2010 and said that we would check levels again in March, she never wants to check my T3 & T4 levels she and my family dr say that it is not needed.
Avatar m tn Your doctor, however, should not have increased your levo, and put you on cytomel, at the same time. It's customary to decrease levo by 20-25 mcg for every 5 mcg of T3 added. Since you needed an increase in the levo, you'd have been okay staying at 75 and adding the cytomel. Cardinal rule: NEVER make more than one change at a time!!!!
Avatar f tn Take about 10 deep breaths, redirect your thoughts to something positive, and do something that makes you comfortable. Stress can make you feel that way, I have become really good a recognizing my anxiety and reducing my stress and fears. I hope this helps. If you need to talk or vent I am here.