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Avatar f tn DO NOT START CYMBALTA !!! If you go online and look at Cymbalta withdrawal you will be amazed. I have had 29 surgeries over the course of my life and have experienced some very severe pain including a thorotcotomy for spinal surgery, kidney stones, pelvic pain for numerous abdominal surgeries. I have weaned off of many narcotics over the years and have done OK by eating a very healthy diet, taking supplements, excercising, deep breathing and meditation along with praying.
1580828 tn?1322131622 I seem to have exhausted all possiblitites at this time. I have been on cymbalta for 3 or 4 years now. However, have been on disability for a little over a year from dizziness (imbalance) and migraines. It has been confirmed I have constant silent migraines due to mild chairi and cervical disk compression and cervical degeneration. My question is if I miss one dose of the cymbalta within a day I have the brain bashing migraine and the severe dizziness as bad as when it first occurred.
1442059 tn?1340244552 I am now on day 10 of taking cymbalta. I feel so tired. I lay around barely able to get dressed. What the heck. Can this be because of my liver? I was wondering if this goes away. No appetite,shaky,what the heck is going on? I thought it was supposed to help me feel better. My treatment starts in a few wks getting kinda scared. If I feel like this now what will life be like then.?This may sound stupid but they told me to take it in the am , can I take it at night?
Avatar f tn Has anyone ever been or is on Cymbalta for Depression or Anxiety? Have you tried to ween off of it? If so, did you experience major dizzy spells, mood swings, migraines and was it just overall really hard to get off it?
Avatar f tn It wasn't fun, but you can't just drop off of Cymbalta. You have withdrawals like LCC said - heroine addiction. I had sweats, vomiting, nauseau, swimmy head, dizziness, clicking in my head (I felt like there were bugs crawling under my skin), electric shock sensations, and insomnia then excessive sleep. I went down on Cymbalta at the same time my Lamictal was going up in dosage so I didn't do like LCC - but it helped me to have something in my body, I suppose (the Lamictal).
Avatar f tn hey everyone, How hard is it to get off cymbalta? i want to get of the Cymbalta that the ID put me on not too long ago...last December, just before christmas, 2011. so 8+months. I have never really been "on " an antidepressant, tried a few weeks here and there in the past 15 years and i was always in a stupor.. Doc said it would help with my pain. I was desperate. Came home with the script and cried. It is less than a year, and i went from 90mg to 60 in July 2012.
Avatar n tn 1) am I experiencing Lexepro/SSRI withdrawal? I was NOT having these extreme anxious feelings before May 17 when I started the Zoloft. It's been very disconcerting, to say the least. Would being on SSRIs for only 3 weeks do this to someone? And if so, when will I start to feel normal again?? The mornings are the hardest, but in general I feel kind of "different" even in the evenings. Lots of detachment and depersonalization, or whatever that's called. 2) my Xanax dose in the a.m.
Avatar n tn After I finished the project in mid-may, I decided that I needed to stop using a drug to get through the day, so I tried to just stop taking it. WOW! Serious withdrawal symptoms including joint and muscle pain, stomch issues, fatigue, depression and a strange hollowness in my nerves ensued. I didn't feel I could just stop functioning for a week or two or whatever it would take, so I used some hydrocodone that I had to help me get my tramadol use down to 100mg per day over the course of a week.
Avatar n tn It's especially useful, I've found, in getting rtid of the sweats and jitteriness during withdrawal. But it doesn't do a whole lot for the more extreme bone pain, vomiting, convulsive leg-kicking, etc., of serious withdrawal. The only drug that really does enable you to withdraw from opiates totally pain free is Buprenex, which is expected to get FDA approval probably sometime this year.
530150 tn?1284662480 At that point, then it is safe to introduce the Cymbalta. On the day you introduce the Cymbalta you will discontinue the Effexor 37.5Mgs. This will ensure that your body is clear enough of the Effexor before starting the Cymbalta. These two meds do not mix well together. That's why it's important to reduce the level of Venlafaxine (Effexor) in your system before starting the Cymbalta.
Avatar f tn 5 mg normally 4 a day but sometimes more. May 16, 20011 - June 8, 2011 - Cymbalta 60mg Delayed Release caps I went to the hospital in April 2011 and was so sick. I couldn't eat, I was shakey, sweaty, vomiting, ok...I had it coming out both ends. I was told then that it was a sinus infection and with the ER doctors knowing I was taking Ultram, they prescribed me Ciprofloxacin 500mg. I had no clue that these pills weren't supposed to be taken together...
Avatar f tn I have been a vicodin addict for many years on and off and have now been taking tramadol 400mg daily for about 4 months with an occasional bought of a week or so of 50-80 mgs of vicodin daily. I would like to know how bad withdrawal will be at this level when compared to withdrawal coming off of 200-300 mg of vicodin which I have done in the past. I have also withdrawn from Cymbalta which was hell and lasted for over 30 days.
209591 tn?1267418314 Once the tingling and burning sensations I experience heighten so does the nausea and vomiting. Some days I am barely able to even keep liquids down, which scare me because I am on so many different medicines, and I do not want my body to start going through withdrawal..What could be causing this, could one of my conditions, side effects of some of my meds, or the fact that I am weaning off of my anti-depressants (per my GP).
Avatar n tn I am a single mother to a two year old boy and I don't know how I will get through this. How do I withdrawal AND be a mother to an over active toddler?
Avatar n tn so it's really a no-choice situation... but for him to say he's had NO patients that complained of withdrawal symptoms after tapering off zoloft even in the correct time frame its supposed to be done? That is a downright lie. Everyone I ever spoke to who took it, had a terrible time getting off of it! And the idea that your doctor wants you to get your system "clean" before starting a new drug is total BS. You can start something right away. My guess is you need to change doctors..
Avatar n tn never mentioned that Effexor is associated with withdrawal symptoms. The effects of the Wellbutrin seemed to kick in almost immediately. My libido jumped way up, and just like that I quit smoking cold turkey. I couldn't stand the smell or taste of cigarettes all of the sudden. Now without the smoking, I also found that my morning coffee was nearly forgotten. (I'm sure that withdrawal from nicotine and caffeine added to my symptoms.
1697690 tn?1329127238 I'm also a little over a day myself today, 31 hrs to be exact, of 160mg of oxycontin withdrawal. The anxiety and sweats are by far my worst. I know I can get through this, I've been through this before and focused to be the last time. I want you to know you can get through this too, soon you will be feeling like other people are feeling off pills and it will be wonderful. I have too much to live for and I'm sure you do too.
5100586 tn?1363648354 oh Cat, I would be more prone to believe that the w/d's are from the Cymbalta instead of the lyrica. did you taper the Cymbalta? is it possible for you to exercise to increase endorphin production? have you been on AD meds for awhile? you brain needs to start producing serotonin, dopamine and endrophins again on its own. exercise helps with this. have you been working through the w/d's? it is best to keep yourself busy and to get out of the house.
Avatar n tn I'm having withdrawal symptoms I didn't expect. Light headedness, the runs, blood pressure going up, and general fatigue. Lots of fatigue. And some irritability. I am hoping that these symptoms begin to decrease soon. Well, they have gotten better than it was in the first 2 days. I am still wondering how long I can expect to have these side effects of withdrawal?
Avatar m tn Suboxone withdrawal for me was twice as bad; I never had all the symptoms of opiate withdrawal until I ended suboxone, and I'm three weeks into it and still feel f-ed up. I was given prozac for this post acute withdrawal syndrome and it does actually help some. I wouldn't recommend SSRIs for acute withdrawal, but they do help the post acute stuff, which mainly comes from methadone and buprenorphine. Hope this helps.
Avatar n tn it's a very comfortable withdrawal. the symptoms vary. some people still have problems with vomiting, pain, insomnia, muscle pain, anxiety, and all the normal withdrawal symptoms, but they`re not as bad. other people have very mild, and sometimes no symptoms at all. it all depends on the dose of opiates and the dose of methadone you`re on. i strongly suggest it though. it saved my life. it will be your best bet.
3079363 tn?1363277315 I couldn't open my eyes or even lift my head up. ect.. Worst withdrawal I EVER experienced. I stopped the new med and went back on Effexor after 2 days. I also took Neurontin many years ago for quite some time. I SLOWLY weaned my self off of it over time. I really would like to take it again for all my pain, but I don't want to go through the withdrawals again! Please be careful!
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544292 tn?1268886268 com/Q/How_bad_is_Tramadol_withdrawal Question - How bad is Tramadol WIthdrawal? Answer - Ultram (Tramadol) Withdrawal Tramadol is highly addictive. Normally your doctor would reduce intake slowly. Various withdrawal effects may include shakes, shivers, diarrhea, nausea, and possible flu-like symptoms. Not all people experience will all withdrawal symptoms, and some people may experience others not listed here.
358304 tn?1409713092 If you do get diarhea or vomiting... or muscle spasms... it won't be from withdrawal... it will be from your ANXIETY I promise. I felt really bad... b/c today I was acting like he's putting me through this hell b/c he has kept prescribing it to me for years. Now I realize I wasnt abusing or taking too much. He said his wean will be comfortable... but he says chances are my anxiety will come back, and he agreed that the Ativan is just a band-aid and I really need to seek therapy.
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Avatar n tn Hi Chris: Cymbalta is a powerful med. It can cause withdrawal symptoms (brain zaps, strange eye movements, brain fog, among others). But due to the short time you have been on it, maybe your simptoms won't last too much, perhaps 2-3 weeks or so. Hang on, they will dissappear slowly. I was on Cymbalta for 9 months and even I went off very slowly I had withdrawal simptoms for 2 years, but progresively slowing down each day.
Avatar f tn My psychiatrist put me on Effexor about a year ago. He had me taking 150 mg twice a day. At first, I thought that it was a great drug and that I finally found something to help my depression. However, about a couple weeks after I was on it, I started having horrible side effects.
1935252 tn?1329760719 Today is day 6 of my journey through this w/d hell, and I'm still not feeling any better... I don't know what to do now, I'm vomiting none stop it seems and my head feels like it's gonna explode! My emotions are out of control and my kids and husband are looking at me like I'm dying, and I feel like it... I'm an emotional mess and I'm no better physically. How much longer do I have to battle this?