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Avatar f tn I have in the last 4 months tapered myself off the cymbalta and I am suffering from withdrawal symptoms. I have been two weeks totally off this drug . The dizziness and brain zaps are getting better, but my taste buds are still horrible. It feels like the front of my tongue has been burnt and it feels like my teeth are coated with rubber. How long do these withdrawal symptoms last. I can handle it all, but the taste bud sensation is horrible.
Avatar m tn Then it was going to happen AGAIN but I was smart the second time and expected it to happen so I gradually poured more and more powder out of the capsules over the course of months to prevent withdrawal and the second time I didn't experience withdrawal at all. Only problem is the second time I soon after had my next full psychotic break. juliagulia45 Benzos you have to be careful about withdrawing from because the withdrawal can actually kill a person.
Avatar n tn I have to cut down and recently cut down to 10 a day and have experienced physical and emotional withdrawal symptoms. I have some clonidine and don't know how much to take for withdrawal. What is the recommended dosage. My goal is to eventually cut down to 4 a day, but have been very uncomfortable at 10. I also take effexor and trazadone for depression, but I am so depressed right now. Hydrocodone, believe it or not has helped my depression and has given me something to look forward to.
Avatar n tn this is day five ... have had all the horrific withdrawal as set out on the net as to the cymbalta withdrawal. Am trying to hang in there, but am scared about the tramadol part. I'm still taking the tramadol (i've done the tramadol withdrawal about three years ago and know how nasty it is), I know i need to also stop the tramadol, but am too scared to at this time. HAS anyone gone thru both of these withdrawals at the same time? and is it safe?
Avatar n tn On day 16 I began to itch, no hives, just itching. The itching started around one ear and top of one foot, then was mainly contained in the areas of bottom of feet, and hands. I also experienced some minor swelling of glands behind one ear and base of skull. My Dr. advised to stop Wellbutrin and within one week all itching and swelling had subsided.
Avatar n tn never mentioned that Effexor is associated with withdrawal symptoms. The effects of the Wellbutrin seemed to kick in almost immediately. My libido jumped way up, and just like that I quit smoking cold turkey. I couldn't stand the smell or taste of cigarettes all of the sudden. Now without the smoking, I also found that my morning coffee was nearly forgotten. (I'm sure that withdrawal from nicotine and caffeine added to my symptoms.
Avatar f tn I currently have a better appetite, tho of course, will never be able to eat a normal serving in one sitting. And because sensory things are extremely heightened in withdrawal, some foods taste weird and even the texture bothers me. But I AM eating a lot better. Sorry. This is a confusing tale. My shrink did not call in prescriptions and an appointment with a new shrink wasnt until July 30. When I called, I was told I should "talk to my PMD about the Klonapin and Ambien." HUH?
544292 tn?1268886268 com/Q/How_bad_is_Tramadol_withdrawal Question - How bad is Tramadol WIthdrawal? Answer - Ultram (Tramadol) Withdrawal Tramadol is highly addictive. Normally your doctor would reduce intake slowly. Various withdrawal effects may include shakes, shivers, diarrhea, nausea, and possible flu-like symptoms. Not all people experience will all withdrawal symptoms, and some people may experience others not listed here.
544292 tn?1268886268 Hi Friends; Holy Mother of Tramadol FOG! Early morning and all morning has been ... the height of suckiness. It got better once I just cried. I felt better after that. I think now alot of the emotional stuff is hitting me. I'm not numbed by a drug and I have 5 years of emotional cellular storage to work thru I think. May I Trust Higher Power to restore me to sanity!? I got an email this morning from my Mother who says she's coming here in September? I can't even think that far in advance.
Avatar n tn First it was Lexapro, then zoloft then cymbalta. They've all caused me to have horrible itching everywhere (and I mean everywhere). My doctor is going to try Wellbutrin but I just don't know what to do. I know each med is different and reacts differently with different people but Im at a loss. I stopped taking Cymbalta cold turkey and am having some mild withdrawal symptoms. Is it even worth it anymore to keep trying different medicating.
Avatar m tn I am currently going through Cymbalta withdrawal and it is pure hell. I would not take it unless it is the last option. I belong to a forum for those withdrawing from Cymbalta and have really learned a lot. Please check it out thoroughly before you take it! I give you my support.
438868 tn?1207704284 I went through withdrawal again. This time a had clondine. I was in withdrawal while working. I think that I was maybe sober for a couple of months. Then I was back to the doctor again. I did not want to live with the pain. I decided that I could try to only take Vicodin when I needed it only. I also noticed that Clondine helps a little bit with some pain too. I was given a script for both. I abused the Vicodin. My doctor is a very sweet generous man. BUT he gave me way too many pills.
Avatar m tn Most are kind of in a line or grouped together. Very minor itching if any. So I stopped about 4 days ago.Pimples are still there though. Also, a small very slightly raised spot appeared on my cheek. Not very noticable, but it is there. Thought it might be ringworm, but do not know where I could have picked it up and it is curious that I did not notice it until after my sking broke out after I began the Paxil. During this time I have continued to take the Xanax 0.
Avatar f tn I stopped taking it, and now take Cymbalta, and I can't stop the itching feeling. I just wanted your opinion. Thanks for any help you can provide.
Avatar n tn Hi: I have been having itching of my legs, particularly the lower front and backs. Perhaps this is a side effect of effexor xr. I do know this is driving me crazy. No rash (unless I scratch too vigorously) to speak of. Hopefully, someone can give insight to this itching.
Avatar f tn ok i found this on the lyrcia site Lyrica withdrawal Lyrica is a prescription drug designed to help deal with epilepsy, nerve pain from things like Shingles, and the pain from fibromyalgia. Although it is not fully understood how the combination of chemicals works to help these problems, it has been shown to be very effective. However, if you've been on Lyrica and now have to go off of it for any reason, there are some things you should know about Lyrica withdrawal.
Avatar f tn Hi Sassisu, I am glad that you found us at MedHelp. And sorry to hear about your experience with Flexeril. I have not heard of any dependency issues of that drug before. It does make sense that your body can become accustom to any medication. Have you discussed this with your PCP? As Sandee said I don't know how many you are taking per day not the dose. I think I would just gradually reduce this medication. Are you sure the migraines are related to the discontinuation of the medication....
975514 tn?1325001538 I had profuse sweating, itching, didnt care about nothing and the worse, grinding my teeth and dry mouth. My doc mentioned Savella but it looks very similar to Cymbalta. Yes, Cymbalta got rid of 90% of my pain but I was ruining my teeth. My pharmacist mentioned Topamax so that is why I am looking on here to see what people think. I am very overweight and do not want any drug that may increase my appetite and cause weight gain and I knew Topamax helps with weight loss.
Avatar f tn The main side effects that I have noticed so far is itching (just general itching, anywhere on my body, more specifically on my face it seems like) and sweating. Does anyone know of any long term effects that this could be having on my body? Is this the kind of pill that is hard on your kidneys and liver to take?
Avatar n tn DO NOT stop taking Effexor suddenly because serious withdrawal symptoms may occur. I have reduced from 150mg daily to 75mg and I'm now on 37.5mg. See your doctor for a suitable acne medication. Oral antibiotics can be helpful. I wouldn't take Erythromycin whilst on Effexor as it may affect the way your medicine passes through your body. Ask your doctor about Oxytetracycline or Lymecycline instead. If you would like a topical remedy ask your doctor about Differin.
1855076 tn?1337118903 , constipation, itching, sweating) when compared the opioid agonist medications such as morphine, oxycodone, etc. I do hope the Nucynta helps with your pain. Please update us on how it is working for you. I also know you mentioned that you deal with chronic low back pain. You may want to ask your doctor about Voltaren Gel. I was just prescribed this medication yesterday and it is working GREAT for my low back pain!
20003388 tn?1515169640 Provigil is the only stimulant type medication that keeps me awake and doesn't cause anxiety and or panic attacks. I do also take Prozac and Cymbalta but the Prozac and Cymbalta are blunting the effect of each other due to liver enzyme competition. I am tapering off the Cymbalta and will be asking for a dose increase of my Prozac tomorrow since I'm only on 20 mg.
199177 tn?1490502134 I think I fear the depression I'll probably experience more than the withdrawal symptoms. I'm also on Cymbalta for depression, which I have been tapering off of. I'm going to switch to Zoloft soon. Anyway... Would I do the Sub again? Yes, I think I would, of course I haven't gone thru the withdrawals yet. And if I could do it over, I would have at least gotten down to a much lower dose in the first month or so.
Avatar n tn She is now on cymbalta and is doing well. Please please see your doctor so that the both of you can figure out what is the best course of action for you. by the way, why are you wanting to get off the effexor, do you have a plan or med that you are planing on changing to.