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233622 tn?1279338505 As for the advil.... I take prescription 800 ibuprofen and it has less of a stomach issue with me than taking 4 of the OTC advil. My stomach really reacts to the other ingredients in advil. And always always always take it with food.
177382 tn?1253044740 Paxil is an SSRI - Cymbalta is a SNRI, I have been on both. The serotonin aspects of both did not agree with me. I did not have the devastating effects you did but physically I was ill from the serotonin actions of these two meds. Here is the description of the two and an alternative you may want to talk to your Dr. about.
Avatar n tn Good morning, cymbalta is used as an anti depressant, it is also used for neuropathy pain (nerve pain). I do not know about the benefits/side effects of this drug in the long term. But be careful with the sleeping medication (Rozerem). Not that it is addicting but when it stops working our addict minds can tend to tell us that we need something better. Drink lots of water, mild excercise helps alot as well, even if it is just walking around the block.
Avatar f tn Cymbalta is not a drug you can just stop. You have to even go down to splitting the smallest dose into just grains until you can wean off this drug. The withdrawal side effects are akin to heroine withdrawal, so you should take this very seriously. I was down to 12 grains before I stopped, I still got the electric shooting feelings going on in my head, severe nausea and body aches, I had the chills and was sweating profusely. I also took ativan to help with the shakes, it was awful.
329994 tn?1301666848 I found Gabapentin and Lyrica to be very similar, but Lyrica is stronger at lower doses. I have tried Cymbalta as well and didn't like it. I had trouble with my GI system. I had diarrhea the whole time I was on it and I became incredibly depressed. I too am very anti-Savella because of some of the negative stories I've heard, because I know my body and the people who had negative responses tended to have things in common with me. I mean in terms of how they reacted to other meds.
5429367 tn?1368189606 About 1 year ago I stopped taking Effexor XR and Depakote ER a little too quickly (I had been taking these drugs for 12 years, and had reached the max dose at this time) and was thrown into hellish withdrawals. Even with the help of Prozac I could only stand this for 2 months. I was given Cymbalta 30mg to stop the withdrawals. Three months ago I went into my dr. complaining of extreme fatigue and confusion. Dr.
Avatar m tn Hello, I have read over your conversation with Selma and see all the points that seem necessary for your next step. Have you tried 600 mg of ibuprofen? Ask your doctor if that is safe for you. With my own head pain, I discontinued the heavy pain killers immediately after the surgery. They scared me. Until my surgeon said ok to ibuprofen, I had to rely on Tylenol, which doesn't seem to be helpful for me.
708008 tn?1228974702 of plain --------- about once every three weeks when the going gets rough enough. Otherwise I stick to the aspirin and sometimes alternate with acetaminophen or ibuprofen 800. None of this really helps much but seems to be better than nothing. Thank goodness for heating pads!!! Why doesn't the aspirin show up in the tests?
Avatar f tn My question--is taking Tylenol #3, 2-3 times a day (along with ibuprofen piggybacked on with that) a serious drug problem? I feel so dirty. Going to the dr makes me want to cry. Are there drs out there who treat chronic pain and don't treat you like a street criminal?
Avatar n tn Begin your detox with regular doses of Valium (or alternate benzo). Start with a dose high enough to produce sleep. Before you use any benzo, make sure you're aware of how often it can be safely taken. Different benzos have different dosing schedules. Taper your Valium dosage down after each day. The goal is to get through day 4, after which the worst WD symptoms will subside. You shouldn't need the Valium after day 4 or 5.
Avatar m tn The spasm cough causes it all and when it goes away (usually 4 to 5 days) things are relatively normal although a normal cough stays with me for weeks after. I notice if I catch it early (which means I carry antibiotics with me all the time) it is not as nearly as bad. Doctors have diagnosed this as Asthma, chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma etc etc. All different specialists seem to have a different prognosis and the recommended pills over the years have not really done any good.
Avatar f tn I've been doing research on withdrawals for my boyfriend who was withdrawing from percocet. I found this site and I was overwhelmed with the amount of information. The information available hellped me to help him (He's now 11 days with no Percocets!!!) But it left me questioning myself. Am I an addict? I've certainly come to realize that I'm without a doubt dependent and my tolerance has gone up. To make a really long story short, I had joint replacement surgery on my thumb 3 years ago.
1474625 tn?1371100679 Does anyone have any experience with this? If so how many milligrams a day did/do you take and how long does it take for the Neurontin to start working? I'm currently taking about 70mg of hydrocodone/day and I want to stop. I hate being on opiate painkillers for so long. I have a prescription for 100mg of gabapentin to take 3x a day. Does anyone know how much to take for cold turkey opiate withdrawal? And should I let the gabapentin build up in my body before I stop taking the hydro?
Avatar n tn I self medicate with Ibuprofen, and sleep on an ice pack every night. In addition, I lay on a baseball and roll over the rhomboid muscle while stretching to break up the spasms for some relief, the ball hits an area that feels like a rope that is in a horizontal position across the rhomboid. Pain radiates from the rhomboid up the right side of my neck, and down my right arm which includes the right shoulder. Headaches are almost constant.
Avatar n tn When and if I find something that helps, I will post. Meanwhile, my thoughts are with all of us who have these crazy symptoms with no answers. Hang in there.
Avatar f tn was taking Cymbalta for fibromyalgia but it started to feel weak and not help as much so Dr switched me to Lyrica. My legs are so swollen that I have not been able to walk in 3 weeks. To touch my legs is so painful the sheets are too painful Dr said to stop Lyrica but it has been 4 days and my feet and legs are 4 times their size and are going to explode. What do I do next? Not much faith in Dr anymore.
Avatar m tn Would like to know if I can take Reactine with cymbalta and wellbutrin for a rash. If not, what can take to relieve terrible itching.
Avatar n tn if u r not on one of these drugs then it is definitely worth a try and the nuerontin helps me alot..i tried lyrica and also cymbalta but did not do well with either drug..i work full time and lyrica caused me to be pain is associated with my spine, so i receive triggerpoint injections and facet blocks when needed...i aso take an anti-inflammatory as well....muscle relaxers rarely but the do help with the tightness that can be associated with does wonders for my pain..
Business man2 In answering an earlier question of mine, Dr. Murphy previously said he prefers his patients do NOT take a NSAID regularly (Dr. Timothy P Murphy, M.D. Feb 25, 2013 in this Forum - "I try to have my patients take very little daily ibuprofen/naproxen as they can lead to kidney disease (based on total lifetime dose), ...").
Avatar f tn I was put on Gabapentin and ibuprofen but was NEVER told this was the assessment. Been in chronic pain for 5 years now, after a hysterectomy. What is the best treatment. Am on 2400mg Gabapentin and 60mg of Cymbalta, but don't really want to have to take this for life.
483733 tn?1326802046 I'm on plaquenil and ibuprofen and am taking Tylenol 3's to help with the pain. It's not helping this time. Any ideas for helping the pain or sleep issues? I've been trying to sleep with benadryl's and muscle relaxants but no dice. Should I try Melatonin? I feel like a whiny child and just want to cry. Impossible to work! Help!
870933 tn?1240174364 upper back for some strange reason is numb, the skin is actually numb, but underneath burns like crazy, along with a pain that shoots around my right side into my ribcage. Still having left leg issues, shooting pain, numbness, weakness, and burning. The burning gets workse when i lie down, and it affects both legs.
513550 tn?1211488153 I been taking 300 mg of Gabapentin and 30 mg of cymbalta and ibuprofen 800 mg. It doesn't seem to work very well with pain. Should i go back on Oxycodone? Or is it a bad idea because of it being a narcotic drug?
4753943 tn?1359938169 she took me OFF of Effexor (said it wasn't doing me any good) and replaced it with 60mg of Cymbalta. She said it would help anxiety AND pain. She also gave me........TRAMADOL. The biggest bottle of prescription I've ever seen and 11 refills to go with it. I was shocked. My boyfriend asked her if it was addictive or a narcotic and she said NO. Yeah, right. So anyway, this pain on a scale from 1-10 was at a pretty steady 10. At good moments, at a 7.
Avatar m tn Hi I have similar symptoms and have tried ibuprofen with some success. I also got a prescription for Neurontin that seems to give limited relief. Sometimes ice, heat or just resting helps I wish you lots of luck.
Avatar n tn I take a very similar set of meds. I have suffered for years with chronic pain and my doctor added 25mg of Zipsor (anti-infam). It really makes a difference for me. When my pain gets really loud I take a Zipsor and it really takes the edge off. It has really helped me continue to work. My doc used to prescribe Toradol and it worked great, but because Toradol is so rough on the stomach they would only prescribe 3 days one time every 3 months. I am able to take Zipsor every day.
Avatar f tn I was on percocet lyrica and cymbalta. Once the nerve damage got better I stopped the lyrica and cymbalta. After going back to work after surgery, I was afraid of taking percocet (im a teacher) so the dr gave me tramadol. 2 weeks ago I had steroidal injections in my pelvis and asked for something stronger because the tramadol wasnt working. I only take the vicodin at night, but it doesnt get rid of the pain.
Avatar f tn I have had headaches for as long as I can remember. I find relief by taking Ibuprofen at the onset of each headache. I suspect that after many years of taking Ibuprofen that my liver isn't too happy. Anyway, the reason I am writing here is it feels as though many of my headaches originate somehow from the spine. I can sit certain ways and actually cause my head to hurt. Then I can move back the other direction and the headache will subside.
Avatar n tn If a specific treatment isn't available, the pain of the neuropathy can usually be controlled with medications. The simplest treatment is acetaminophen, ibuprofen, or aspirin. Tricyclic antidepressants such as amitriptyline (Elavil) and anti-seizure medications, such as carbamazepine (Tegretol) have been used to relieve the pain of neuropathy. Capsaicin, the chemical responsible for chili peppers being hot, is used as a cream to help relieve the pain of a peripheral neuropathy.
Avatar m tn The other problem I encountered with Ibuprofen is swollen legs. I take Celadrin, but haven't felt much relief with that. Some people take Omega 3, cod liver oil, and other lotions and potions. It is just finding the right one that suits you best.