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Avatar n tn While being on Cymbalta, the one side effect I've noticed is insomnia. For the first little while I had nausea but that's gone away. Other than that, my appetite has increased and I'm eating a bit more.
1442059 tn?1340244552 I was on cymbalta for about 18 months (after effexor and before that lexapro). It did ok--only side effect I noticed was weight gain. Withdrawal is VERY bad however as when I ran out of meds and could not get refill in time etc. Just in last month I noticed withdrawal like symptoms culminating in a crash over abott a week's time that i never hope I repeat.
Avatar f tn I tell ya, my feet hurt more, my legs hurt more and I feel more depressed and that's without cutting down on the Cymbalta yet. I also gain some weight and crave high carbs and sweets more than I did before Cymbalta alone and the 2 meds together. I've been on abilify for about 5 or 6 weeks. I hope this helps somehow on your daughters' desision.
639385 tn?1266214505 I have been on Cymbalta since it came out. After a couple years of being on this med, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. Then, Cymbalta was introduced as a med for people with Fibro. Well, if it helps with reducing the effects of pain, I am much worse than I thought. I have been on 120mg for several years, and I am now out of work with pain/Fibromyalgia and depression that just won't lift. I was reduced from 120mg to 90mg to try and slowly get me off of the Cymbalta.
Avatar f tn Weight gain is one potential side effect of Cymbalta but it would also depend on your other medications and if they have this side effect as well. It would be worthwhile to speak to your psychiatrist about this and they could see how to adjust and/or change your medications as needed and also how this specific side effect could be addressed.
Avatar n tn First I took Lexapro then Cymbalta and now Zoloft. My doctor keeps changing my meds because of the weight gain and every change only makes it worse. This latest change has caused me to gain about a pound a day. Since Thursday I have gained three more pounds and have been eating next to nothing. I finally convinced my doctor that I am not pigging out all day and she ha ordered a thyroid test. I'm so scared that I'm going to die from this, it's uncontrollable.
Avatar f tn The doctor on the mental health and emotional eating expert forums often suggests prozac as a med that doesn't have weight gain as a side-effect. If you are concerned about your weight you may like to look at your own lifestyle (including both diet and exercise). If you are over-eating you may also need to address the underlying issues causing you to overeat.
Avatar f tn The paroxitine is an SSRI and the weight gain can be a side effect. I just looked on the web for a statistic and it said about 25 percent of people experience weight gain. As with any medication, it should never be stopped suddenly. These medications need to be tapered down slowly so that you don't experience side effects. The best thing to do is to talk to your doctor as soon as you can and tell him/her that you have stopped taking it.
Avatar m tn I guess I tend to agree. Is this type of side effect somewhat common? And since it takes a while for Paxil to build up in the system, am I logical in thinking that it takes a while for it to be eliminated, thus causing the red spots/pimples to last quite a while before they disappear?
606584 tn?1224853036 That is much safer and has far less side effects including not causing cognitive blunting, weight gain and not needing blood draws as well as the risk of long term kidney damager. And as for Rispedal that has a fair amount of side effects too and Abilify is better with that. Of course with any antipsychotic there is the ever present risk of tardive dyskinesia as I am well aware of being that I have it in its extreme forms.
959341 tn?1246888289 I was originally taking Cymbalta, Avonex and Lyrica/ Since weight gain is a side effect of all of them, I have stopped them all but couldnt function. I I am back to Lyrica. Is there any other drug to deal with MS pain that does not cause weight gain? Thanks for your answer!
Avatar f tn He purports to teach how you can take these drugs and avoid the weight gain and other side effects, but I'm not really keen on his dietary suggestion. Still, it's a place to start.
Avatar n tn Lexapro does cause weight gain. I gained 40 pounds. I was taking Lexapro for close to 9 years. I had enough. I stopped cold turkey. I lost the 40 pounds in 7 months. I feel better look better and no need to rely on anti depressants.
Avatar m tn My eating habits have not changed and the pharmist told me yes effexor either causes weight gain or weight loss that it depends on the person. Effexor works great for my mood everyone notices a difference but I wish I would stop gaining weight. I have always been slim and was on medication before to gain weight. If anyone has found anything to help you lose weight while on effexor I would love to hear it!
Avatar n tn I've been given wellbutrin because since I've been on Zoloft,(about 6 months), I've gained 8 pounds. Wellbutrin is supposed to help with the weight problem but, the possible side effect of seizures terrifies me. Does anyone have any info regarding these things???
Avatar n tn Had to do it cuz I gained 30lbs in 3 yrs, while working out 5 x per week. Doc says Cymbalta doesn't have the same side effect. Hmmm. Seem to read mixed reviews about that. Have lost, through exercise and calorie counting, 14 lbs in the past month. Feeling kind of sad and a bit anxious, however. Am trying a series of homeopathic products. Read it takes about 80 days till they make their effects known, so I am trying to hold out till the end of August and will re-evaluate then.
1088430 tn?1259163373 I'm being treated for chronic headaches/migraines.4yr history,only within last 6 months went back to neurologist to seek MD help again after MANY pro-active "natural" then OTC methods had failed.(4yrs ago several CT's/MRI's, then arterialgram ruled out a possible AVM or any other serious cause) Other than aboritive Relpax or Imitrex, was started on combo of Lyrica/Amitriptaline(?) Topamax ruled out due to "nerve" symptoms he said it wouldn't help.
Avatar n tn Lexapro and most antidepressants cause weight gain. It is an unfortunate side effect/ My memory of the week or so I could tolerate it, was a relief from pain. A good thing, as I could resume an exercise routine. In my case it caused an anal cancer survivor...this was enough to stop it immediately. Ask your doctor which medicines are least likely to have this unwanted side effect. Every system is different and it may be that another drug would work for you without weight gain.
Avatar f tn I have never in my life had a problem with weight, I eat well and am active but this weight gain in my stomach is just depressing. I have always been very petite but I've gained 20 lbs and it seems to be mostly in my stomach/love handle area. I am thinking about asking my doctor about switching my medication but I am a little scared to because Lyrica works better than anything else ever has.
202665 tn?1248810333 Yes I did gain weight on lithium. That is relatively common although each person responds differently to each medication. Weight gain can occur on Seroquel as with all atypical antipsychotics. Sleep apnea can occur for a variety of reasons but weight gain can be associated with it. Perhaps your psychiatrist could adjust or change your medications as needed. You could discuss that with them and see what might be of help.
Avatar m tn Prozac won't affect your norepinephrine level and will only affect your serotonin. Effexor is a cheaper SNRI that should gives you less side effect by preventing a norepinephrine withdrawal that might happen during the switch to Prozac. Please consider that I'm not a doctor and this should be discussed with your doctor.
1264863 tn?1391121793 Antidepressants can also cause weight gain, as can other medications as well. I was on Cymbalta and found no changes in my weight due to that. But Lyrica did cause me to gain weight rapidly and without changing my diet. Once I stopped taking the Lyrica, though, that weight just dropped right off. It can be really hard to exercise when you have chronic pain. I found swimming helped as it was gentle on my joints.
Avatar n tn I take 60 mg a day. It helps with depression and makes the pain easier to bear. I did not gain any weight and have not experienced any side affects. I really think this type of medication affects each person in a different way. It might be worth a try. I wish I didn't have to take it because it's expensive, but it really helps me.
Avatar f tn I also worry about weight gain...I am already aware that people say Lyrica causes weight gain which of course I know if the med works it will be one of those things where you choose alleviation from pain vs weight gain. Hope all of you are having a somewhat pain free day...I hope to say the same for myself in the future!
217229 tn?1192766004 It also has worked well up until now, my body has gotten too used to it so I am not sleeping well now and it is not helping with the pain, but had no weight gain or bad side effects for all those years. Would definitely recommend this drug for Fybro sufferers! Hope this helps!
867787 tn?1318939830 Weight gain isn't one I've been having. It's one of the only anti-depressant that doesn't cause weight to increase. I have not been able to have an orgasm since I started this med. Dry mouth and other symptoms I can't tell if they are my old symptoms I already had, such as lightheadedness. I was told that Cymbalta is prescribed for many other issues so don't worry that it's an anti-depressant if it helps with what you are going through sometimes it's a good thing.