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396332 tn?1320003615 My doctor has recently added strattera to my cocktail mix. So I am now on Cymbalta + Strattera for general anxiety/ OCD. Has anyone had any luck with Stratttera being added to there antidepressant. My doctor said this was a great combo.
396332 tn?1320003615 My doctor has recently added strattera to my cocktail mix. So I am now on Cymbalta + Riseperidone for general anxiety/ OCD. Has anyone had any luck with Stratttera being added to there antidepressant. My doctor said this was a great combo.
Avatar m tn Yesterday, I noticed that you suggested Strattera to another mom for tics. Our doctor told us also to change to Strattera.
1063332 tn?1254751034 Just wondering if anyone out there has had such a large cocktail to remain stable and if anyone knows if adding a lower dose of strattera and a small dose of cymbalta to the mix would cause trouble. I admit I have been taking the 40 mg of strattera every other day even though pdoc switched me to vyvanse. Am taking that as well but just makes me a little moody when it wears off. (as did adderall).
Avatar n tn I take cymbalta for rsd. Ican I take citalopram in place of cymbalta?
1128643 tn?1262483649 What your doctor will probably do is cut down the Celexa completely and give you 60mg Cymbalta after your first week on Cymbalta. 60mg will be your regular dose, 30mg is the starting dose.
Avatar m tn I wonder if Wellbutrin makes the blood levels of Strattera higher could I get the same benefit of Strattera on a lower dose?
Avatar n tn The Wellbutrin is suppose to take the place of the cymbalta. After horrible withdrawal, I came completely off of Cymbalta last week. I became so depressed that I couldn't stand to talk, much less move. All I wanted to do was sleep and be left alone. When I did interact, I was grizzly mean. I started back on the Cymbalta yesterday, b/c my depression was overwhelming and my meaness was clearly taking a toll on my husband and 4 year old.
Avatar m tn ve been prescribed adderall for the past 4 years, I currently take 75mg per day. A couple months ago my Dr. started me on strattera in conjunction with my adderall. I have not noticed any improvement in my ability to concentrate or remain organized since starting the strattera, however my anxiety is gone and I am finally happy. A couple weeks ago my Dr. left and I was given a "temp" to take her place.
Avatar m tn I have been using Cymbalta for alomost four years, I am very concerned that my Doc wants to start me on 40mg of Prozac when I have been on 120mg of Cymbalta. Can I have your thoughts about 40mg vs. 120mg and what side affects I will have to go though.
Avatar n tn Started Prevacid and also Strattera for ADD. We were able to wean off of the Prevacid and just stick to Strattera, as our peds thinks the Strattera helps him with the anxiety related to the GERD, and therefore he had no complaints of symptoms of GERD. In March we went off of the Strattera, and within 4 weeks the symptoms of GERD re-appeared ( Not eating, coughing, feeling like something is caught in his throat.) We went back on Strattera and Prevacid.
Avatar f tn So, what you are saying is that the most effective way to treat ADHD would be to use medicines like Strattera, Ritalin etc.... and how safe are these drugs?
Avatar n tn While there is no contraindication to taking Strattera and Claritin (loratidine) together, some antihistamines do interact with Strattera. So it is possible this is a problem. The surest way to tell is to stop the Claritin and see the result. Check with the prescribing doctors for alternatives if it does turn out that the two drugs together don't agree with your son.
Avatar m tn Does strattera give any false positive reading for a urine or hair follicle test? Would it come up as a amphetamine or methamphetamine, or any other illegal substance?
Avatar f tn My doctor has me on welubturon 150mg, strattera 25mg and klonopin 1mg. The klonopin for sleep. I love the way the other two make me feel throughout the day. Focused, happy. However, I work for a gym and my physical abilities are very important as they are my job. Ever since I've started the strattera, I'm only able to give about 60% and I still feel flu'ish. Weak, sick, cold sweats. That's not me. They want me to try this for three weeks.
Avatar f tn My son developed Raynard's Phenomen after taking Strattera. Weaning him down on the dosage reduced the symptoms. His hands otherwise where blue, white, and cold through out the day. He had a reaction from the stimulants and can not take them. HAs anyone used accupuncture for controlling ADD symptoms?
Avatar n tn I was switched to Cymbalta, but had the same outcome. I found myself EXTREMELY irritable, lashing out for the smallest thing. Today I went to my doctor because I've been having extreme anxiety and anger the past week. The nurse practitioner refused to give any benzos for immediate relief from my withdrawals from Cymbalta and instead told me BuSpar would give me immediate relief. From what I've read this isn't the case.