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Avatar n tn Hi! As far as I know Cymbalta is available in the following strengths: 20, 30, or 60 mg. Take care! The medical advice given should not be considered a substitute for medical care provided by a doctor who can examine you. The advice may not be completely correct for you as the doctor cannot examine you and does not know your complete medical history.
1192994 tn?1305951741 Started alternating strengths of the Cymbalta today. Will do this until all the 60mg caplets are gone.
Avatar f tn Since October I have tried Lortab (3 strengths), gabapentin, Lyrica, Ultram, Relafen, Zonegran, and Trileptal. I am also on Cymbalta and Ambien. Any ideas/help would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar m tn I am in major pain and nothing seems to help. I don't know if these pain pills or patch's strengths need to be more. my pharmacist has been so hard on me. I almost feel like a druggy. Very hard to deal with. I would like to wean off and an also on Ambien and phendometrozine for nerve pain and Cymbalta. I dont' want to take any of these. I just don't want to end up like I was before taking them if not worse. The hydro doesn't really help me much.
Avatar f tn She also said they don't treat fibro with narcotics, that it's actually contraindicated. She wants to put me on Cymbalta, instead of the Celexa. She then said it would probably be better for me to see either a pain management doctor, or a Neurologist. Either of which would be more comfortable with the combo of Lyrica and Neurontin, and with them at these dosages.
Avatar n tn During my med checks these docs just kept upping my doses to strengths that I could not tollerate( went to ER with chest pains and palpitations, BP went through the roof). So I don't know if I can take these 2 because of being OD by irresponsible docs. Been on Celexa, Cymbalta( sick to tummy 24/7),Zoloft gave me severe diahria(sp?), Pristiq(headaches), and 1 more I can't recall. Anyway, I'm a real challenge! Hopefully, my new doc and I can find a pill for me! Thanks for your interest.
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725248 tn?1316165845 * OxyContin 10 mg * OxyContin 15 mg * OxyContin 20 mg * OxyContin 30 mg * OxyContin 40 mg * OxyContin 60 mg * OxyContin 80 mg * OxyContin 160 mg. It seems that they are still dispensing it at 160mg. Anyway it was working well for me since October of last year, but since my last surgery on 6/17/09 I am not getting the same pain reduction either.
Avatar f tn But like I said, after being on it for so many years, I felt it pooped out to a point. My psychiatrist changed to Cymbalta. I have read on the Internet that Cymbalta really isn't used for OCD, but it is used for depression. I am hoping to get it changed and maybe go on a medication that helps more with OCD. Currently, I am working full time but I don't like my job. I am looking for new one. I have various issues that I need help with at the moment.
Avatar m tn I have had a lot of trial and error on my anxiety medicines, and currently am on Cymbalta, which is a medicine, I have been told, is used with Fibro. The sleep cycle is horrible. I constantly fight the needing sleep, but can't take sleep meds because I have early classes in which I cannot oversleep, which I have anxiety about doing. It truly is a vicious cycle.
739070 tn?1338607002 Does anyone have a drug or combination that works especially well for them other than the ones listed above? I thought I remembered someone using Cymbalta with successful results. My MS neuro has ordered another MRI (just had one in March) to see if there are any new lesions given my new symptoms, THEN he said he would work on making me more comfortable.
Avatar f tn of oxycodone up to 4 times a day as needed. (Also other things, compounding cream, Cymbalta, Clonidine, and a few others.) Any thoughts on what I could switch over to with causing me to go into withdrawals? (Which is one of my greatest fears.
Avatar f tn What do you take for sleep? I take trazadone. 50-100mg at bedtime. Cymbalta is a great drug for depression and pain. What do you take for depression? Are you sleeping at all? Do you get bad headaches? If so ask your doctor about Topamax. The first few weeks while ramping up there are side effects but for most they do go away, talk to your doctor about it. It saved me. If you still have you neck collar and if it is a soft one put it on during the day for short periods.
1508881 tn?1313118501 From what I can tell this medicine is basically something like tramadol and morphine, but kills pain more like hydro or oxy. It also helps with nerve pain like Cymbalta. It's really confusing and apparently hard to find. My pharmacy said they had never had it in. Has anyone ever heard of it or taken it?
679575 tn?1245119050 I am a chronic pain patient and I have a doctor who wants me to try a combination of cymbalta and suboxone to use as a way to control my pain. Has anybody heard of this or tried. I just wonder how good it would work on pain. I have a lot of pain due to having lupus and rheumtiod arthritis and a couple of other things. I know from what people have said that it works wonders to get off of pain meds but very hard to get off of the subs.
1855076 tn?1337118903 Opana ER has the new TimerX technology that is supposed to keep a steady level of the medication in your system for the full 12 hours versus the medicine tapering off after 6-8 hours in the case of morphine sulfate ER and Oxycontin. The have a wide range of strengths available with even a low enough dose of the opioid naiive patient. I won't start taking it until Monday after I speak with my doctor about the dosing as I think it is a little on the high side, especially at night.
Avatar f tn I believe that people can take Tramadol for BT pain with it but unfortunately that one is out for me due to my Cymbalta and Topomax. There is a drug interaction there unfortunately. :( The other thing that I'm curious about is that this seems to be quite a jump in medication strength? I take two 7.5 mg Vicodins a day. Some days that is enough and some days not. I usually break them in half and take them with another tylenol so that I can get all day coverage.
2117997 tn?1339541369 YOU my friend are not hopeless, just more honest than most on your strengths and weaknesses. Where do you see yourself in 6 months if continued use?
Avatar f tn Currently on Vicodin, Neurontin, and Cymbalta. Ok...where I am going with this is last March I had a hysterectomy. I had fibroids and endo, and my pain management DO thought perhaps my uterus was causing secondary pain to my back. I was put on Oxycodone-acetaminophen (Percocet) after my surgery. I really thought, WOW this has helped the back pain...until I went off the Oxy. I now know that the oxys were taking care of the back pain.
86075 tn?1238118691 Anyway, been having a helluva time...everyone I try (I try different strengths, whatever) far, it's been coming down off a 3 day acid trip with a black beauty thrown in there for good measure, just awful... Was talking to a friend of mine who knows something about such things, and he told me his teaching hospital employs another school of thought on these matters...
1096758 tn?1260991947 I have many allergies and can't take patches for example or any of the alternative pain meds like neurontin, lyrica and cymbalta. Is taking such a quick path to getting off meds a good thing? Should I go back to the pain mngmt doc seeing for 5 years. I cancelled the appt for tomorrow just yesterday...maybe i was too hasty and can easily reschedule or should i try this docs approach and try to get back off these chronic pain meds.....
Avatar f tn My dependance started with vicoden that was prescribed for some pleuric pain to my back and I noticed it elleviated the neck pain I had but put up with at the time. As the years went on it went to percocet in increasing strengths then to oxycontin which I had a reaction to ,then to fentanyl patch's up to 100mcg q48hrs to MS contin and MSIR which I've been on a maintance dose for over 2 years of 30mg 1-2 Q12hrs and MSIR 15mg q2hrs for btp.
Avatar n tn Her daughter has had two surgeries in the past two years, which have resulted in severe open wounds from the surgeries that have had a hard time healing (I don't really want to get hung up on why these wounds are not healing). So Percocet and Vicoden have been presribed in pretty high strengths (I don't have those numbers to share). The daughter is 21 years old.
Avatar m tn The detox knew he was taking benzos? They are supposed to be tapered. He can take motrin ,advil for the headaches. Magnesium,potassium supplements for the rls,also eat bananas. Make sure he stay hydrated. For sleep try otc nnatural sleep aids with melatonin,valerian root. Alteril or sleep by nature made. When does he start the outpatient program??
Avatar n tn I was also taking a ton of other **** including Xanax, Valium, Ativan, all different strengths of hydrocodone/apap., Adderall, Concerta, whatever I could get. I decided to stop everything. I was on the third week of withdrawl, had three siezures do to head trauma in a car accident. I started taking Norco a month after the hospital. I've been taking around 15-18 Norco tabs a day for the past year and a half.
2079692 tn?1332062663 Eventually though it did have the poop out effect and that's why I had to switch to Celexa. I almost wonder if Cymbalta would be a better choice for me because it works not just with Serotonin but Norepinephrine if that is how you spell it. Not sure though if that neurotransmitter is having problems or not. However, my doctor did switch me to Paxil for awhile a few years ago and then had me switch back to prozac and it started working better. Not sure yet.
Avatar m tn The treatment of choice from all dermatologists has been topical cortisone ointments with strengths ranging from the strongest to the weakest, depending on the doctor. While on the cortisone my problem seemed to improve dramatically, at least on the surface. But once I try to stop, it comes back with a vengeance, so clearly the cortisone was a temporary fix. The result has been redness, irritation, inflammation and swelling of the whole area and veins nearby.
Avatar f tn You can with other medications. Last week they didn't have enough Cymbalta for my script. They gave me what they had, then when their order came in two days later, filled the rest and called me. But they're not allowed to do that for narcotics. If you choose to have the script partially filled, you lose the balance. I've had to do that at times, though. If it's a late Friday or a weekend and I'm going to run out, I'll take whatever they have.