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310072 tn?1209735352 It's so hard to say what has or has not worked for one person will or will not work for another. I can tell you my experience with Cymbalta. I took Cymbalta for six months back in 2005--actually stopped taking it right after Thanksgiving that year, so I suppose it's been almost exactly 2 years. Anyway, I can't tell you if it helped with my depression. I seemed to stay depressed.
1218873 tn?1300094816 I have been put on Cymbalta medication 60 mg at night to replace the 50mg of amitriptyline I was taking. I have taken it for nearly 2 weeks and there seems to be pros and cons. I also take 400mg of Lyrica a day. The amitriptyline was giving me a good nights sleep, but was not overly helping the neuropathic pain once awake, it also left a really bad taste in my mouth and I found myself eating constantly, and piling on wieght.
712802 tn?1274649085 Don't take abilify with Cymbalta! I take Cymbalta and then I was also put on abilify shortly before my family and I went on vacation to Disneyworld and it was the worst time I ever had! I felt like I was going to jump out of my skin! I was so agitated and could not sleep. I would pace at night! I did get off abilify when I got back and am just on Cymbalta now and am better but I am experiencing things like headaches and heart palpitations so may be getting off Cymbalta, too.
Avatar n tn Hello 30 male here..been on 30 mg cymbalta for a year, its not helping me and trying to get off this drug..having terrible effects of withdrawls, anyone have this? how to beat it? head is spinning, light headed, zappin sensation, feel nasuea..any help would be great.
Avatar f tn I went up on the starter dosage on Lamictal while coming down from Cymbalta. Cymbalta is the devil drug in my book. NOTHING should hurt that much to come off of it. Hang in there, but do talk to them about a plan for coming off of Cymbalta - splitting the dosage won't me. Your body will adjust to the dosage over time - it has to be a constant gradual decline in medication dosage - but it still is really painful.
1028079 tn?1267069221 I have no dental issues or acid reflux. I mentioned this to my doc and she said could be side affect from the Cymbalta. Anyone heard of this or experienced it?
Avatar f tn 2) My doctor changed it to 60 mg Armour. My new doctor wrote a prescription for Cymbalta for the muscle pains and I have not picked it up. I was hoping the pains would resolve on their own with proper hormone replacement. I have been on 60 mg for three weeks now and when I move around normally throughout the day by the end my muscles in my thighs and calves cramp and burn. If I don't rest the knots develop and then begins the stabbing pains.
Avatar f tn Hi, I don't have a tv, but know from experience that alot of antidepressants act as pain relievers. Lexapro was one I recall, but honestly I believe many of them raise your tolerance for pain. Part of the chemical make up. A nice side effect.
517902 tn?1314719029 Very worried though, I have to work 11 hr shifts and with my heel spurs and back pain (not to mention the other pains) I dont know how long I'll make it. Im going cold turkey off Wellbutrin and Cymbalta now. *Dr called in a rx for Celexa! Ugh! not taking it...last time I did I was sooo depressed, couldnt keep a job, my bf and I broke up and kciked me out and I gained like 30 pounds. ** I'm taking Effexor and seeing how that's going to go...
Avatar n tn I was taking Cymbalta for 2 months, it made me go crazy, I had crazy dreams, could not wake up, tired all the time & complete loss of interest in sex.....for several weeks, I gradually went off the medicine & started taking Wellbutrin XL 150 for 5 days now. Just yesterday I became extremely dizzy, not to the point of sickness, just complete dizziness, could that be the cause & will it go away after my body gets use to it?
Avatar f tn Please take my comment with a grain of salt... this is what I recall reading but I cannot recall for certain and it isn't very specific information.
919239 tn?1269398258 I have been prescribed more anti-depressants than I can hardly recall. Most were new on the market, thus very expensive.They were of little benefit. Recently my MD. gave me some samples of 50 mg. of Seroquel XR. After reading the info with the medication, it says Seroquel is prescribed for bi-polar disorder. In my case I don't get the up or manic phase. I was hoping that this medication may be helpful for depression alone.
2107676 tn?1388977459 and before that I went from effexor to cymbalta. I don't recall withdrawing. I think I just switched straight over.
Avatar f tn Then an eye exam to make sure your ocular movements and retinae are normal and to rulout significant increased intracranial pressure Sometimes pulsing whooshing noises can be the sound of fast moveing tubulent blood flowing in the arteries, this is more common in the ear area rather than behind the eyes, but if weaning off the cymbalta does not remove the symptoms, a MR angiogram or trancranial doppler ultrasound might be useful to exclude a vascular cause.
581516 tn?1326076619 Traz works wonders for me. I'm currently on Cymbalta but was having some sleeping problems. I tried zopiclone (my god that stuff was nasty) but never felt rested. My doctor prescribed me 50mgs of trazodone to treat the symptoms of depression... key word there... symptoms. 50mgs is a LOW dose. I take it at night. I don't even recall the last time I've slept so well. I'm completely off any benzos because of trazodone. So, it gets a thumbs up from me!
1066198 tn?1333312628 abandonment 2. rejection 3. abuse 4. sexuality ??? ** Need to ask for copy of her notes-- I can't recall crap anymore. See Dr Nguyen Nov 17th. (meds chk) *will call for f/u therapy appt (practice moving- integrating with another. new MD- Lina Anaissie ---------- Full CPE/discuss DX, TX , A&P 1. repeat abd CT/US (kidney stones, adrenal adenoma & Ovarian cyst) 2. Increase Lyrica to 75mg BID X 2 wk trial-report (Fibro) 3. Check early AM BP x 2 weeks, report (?Latent HTN) 4.
1066198 tn?1333312628 sexuality ??? ** Need to ask for copy of her notes-- I can't recall crap anymore. See Dr Nguyen Nov 17th. (meds chk) *will call for f/u therapy appt (practice moving- integrating with another. new MD- Lina Anaissie ---------- Full CPE/discuss DX, TX , A&P 1. repeat abd CT/US (kidney stones, adrenal adenoma & Ovarian cyst) 2. Increase Lyrica to 75mg BID X 2 wk trial-report (Fibro) 3. Check early AM BP x 2 weeks, report (?Latent HTN) 4.Added AMRIX (ER cyclobenzaprine) bid.prn 5.
638895 tn?1223070426 wondering about Cymbalta. I tried Lyrica and there is no way I can take it so I am a bit apprehensive about the Cymbalta. Thanks everyone.
Avatar m tn Hey Thom, I recently stopped taking Cymbalta due to the fact that it was making my anxiety MUCH worse. When I called my doc...told him what was going on he argued with me and said "that is not possible." I was floored. I quit taking Cymbalta on my own cold turkey....I do not recommed this. My best advice to you is to research the drug. My motto is "Once you start something eventually you have to stop.
Avatar n tn Also had stomach pumped due to ingesting mother's cymbalta. I have recommended complete pediatric neurology work up. Mothe thinks that Md is too laid back to make the referral. He is very active and other wise normal. His grandfather, mother both had learning disabilities (mother =dyslexic and grandfather too if they had had that DX back then. Gr. father has DX of ADD and takes ritalin). Should we look further or just not worry?
Avatar f tn I'm on 60 mg Cymbalta for pain, 100 mg Lyrica, 30 mg Remeron for sleep but also take a sleeping pill. The ringing is so bad in the night and in the morning think it makes the pain worse. Also on 2 1/2 mg Ativan but have been trying to come off it as the anxiety is much less. I did quit smoking and have started again but not very much. None of the Dr's can explain.
1348086 tn?1370786785 I saw the nurse practitioner today and she is taking me off of prozac and putting me back on cymbalta with xanax as needed. What should I expect. Will the cymbalta work again for me? What about the xanax?
Avatar f tn I happen to take 4.5 mg. of Klonopin and 90 mg. of Cymbalta -- this combination of drugs has worked for me for a good number of years. In December my Doctor did increase my Klonopin by .5 mg. because I was just diagnosed with kidney cancer -- which did cause a wee bit of anxiety (cancer free now - thankfully - going on four months now!). The increase worked pretty good. I also have Ativan as PRN. If I happen to begin to get anxious, I can either swallow or place one under my tongue...
471949 tn?1236907626 i've tried both abilify & cymbalta and both made me horribly sick. i can't even recall all of the meds i've been on. i know that twice i've gotten seritonin syndrome because the stupid VA wasn't paying attention to what they were giving me and what i was already on. so i also don't trust the VA when it comes to handing out meds...they are clueless.
Avatar n tn I started the Wellbutrin because the others I have tried (celexa, cymbalta, lexapro) weren't helping. Since I have begun, I have been so irritable and sad, and crying for sometimes no reason at all. I am not sure that this is making me feel better or worse. Have your symptoms gotten any better?
Avatar m tn The name of this condition I had never heard of before and cannot recall it. But its referred as swollen soft tissue in that area. I thought it was all soft tissue and it was swollen Anyway I'm still in the dark. It has not cleared, although more bearable. This is causing bad anxiety. Could anyone sujest the likly cause as today, the Doctor said he did not think it was related to the Cymbalta I was pescribed earlier. Likly uotcome or what I should do????
Avatar n tn Could this be the cause? The doctor has put her back on the cymbalta and the trazadone. It's been 5 days and she still has PVC's. In and out of Bigeminy. She has NSR during exercise, but mostly, now, the Bigeminy starts at rest. Any suggestions? Just wait till the SSRI is at it's old level and pray for NSR. 34 years, 3 children, husband just back from Irac. He is fine, cooperative,loving,etc. very supportive family- What about Ca Channel blockers? ablation for this? Defibrilator?