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Avatar m tn 10 mg Lexapro and 30 mg Cymbalta Week 2: 5 mg Lexapro and 60 mg Cymbalta Week 3 and on: 60 mg Cymbalta.
Avatar m tn Hey guys, I plan to start Cymbalta (30mgs) tomorrow morning per my pdoc. I have had some very bad experiences with some of the other SSRI's (Zoloft, paxil, celexa, lexapro) as far as sleep/sexual/cognitive disturbances but I feel like some prescription help may (still) be warranted. I just wanted to see what anyone had to say regarding their experiences with this drug.
Avatar f tn Has anyone tried or currently use Cymbalta for Fibromyalgia. My primary care Dr. wants me to try it for my pain. I have glaucoma, it's under controlled but im still afraid to take it because of the side affects. Im in so much pain most of the time. I also have non hodgkns lymphoma and sarcoidosis and both are in remission , and I pray I can get some kind of relief. I really would like to hear some input on this.
Avatar m tn Hey guys, I plan to start Cymbalta (30mgs) tomorrow morning per my pdoc. I have had some very bad experiences with some of the other SSRI's (Zoloft, paxil, celexa, lexapro) as far as sleep/sexual/cognitive disturbances but I feel like some prescription help may (still) be warranted. I just wanted to see what anyone had to say regarding their experiences with this drug. Thanks!
Avatar f tn i am sure that cymbalta works wonderfully for some, i guess what we all have to remember is we are all different and our bodies will react differently to different medicines. After a year of taking this Cymbalta (i have tried paxil, celexa, lexapro first) I am convinced I don't want to be reliant or dependent on this drug. If you have a problem, they just want to up your dosage. I ran away, no, not more! but now not taking it is the challenge, is it even possible?
1442059 tn?1340244552 Feeling pretty down does anyone have anything good to say about cymbalta.? I have high anxiety as well as lupus and a hep c treatment on the horizon. I know they will give me an anti depressant and I was hoping for some input. Most others make me feel bad.
Avatar f tn My psychiatrist gave me the option of adding Wellbutrin to Lexapro to see if that helps the depression, or to switch from Lexarpo to Cymbalta or Prozac, and continue taking the Buspar. I've taken Buspar twice and have never noticed a difference in my anxiety level. I told my psychiatrist that my regular MD said Wellbutrin would likely have more negative side effects than other drugs, which is why she never prescribed it in the past. (I have a very difficult time with SSRI's.
Avatar n tn Has anyone else had this same problem? Is it common? Has it gone away or was there anything you did or took to assist with it?
407029 tn?1253996223 and that they should give them adequate time to adapt, at least a a week or two, if you can...I want to try Cymbalta next, letsse I've tried Paxil and about 4 others...maybe I'm the type of patient that only benefits from them once I'm on treatment, there are people like that...and then once they are off treatment, they don't...this can play out differently on any one individual...I think you also need to be willing to put up with a few side effects, as long as they aren't too bad...
233622 tn?1279338505 My doctor called back today and decided to put me on Lexapro rather than Cymbalta. It sounds like it will be a better fit for me because of my anxiety/panic attack problems. Anyone on or been on Lexapro?
212161 tn?1537898045 I do not take Lexapro, but a friend of mine does. She started on 5mg and then to 10 mg. The first few weeks were a little rocky for her...she felt her panic a little more than usual...when she went up to the 10mg she felt much better and has been feeling pretty normal for the last few weeks. Give it a few weeks to to you.
Avatar n tn Hi! I have been on Lexapro now for almost two months. It does seem to help my mood swings, but not my anxiety. Does anyone know of a better med that can help with that as well, all in one? Thanks!
Avatar n tn I was completely physically agitated and could not sit down or eat. I had to pace or walk or run just to get the nervousness to be bearable. I actually ran circles around my house and one day I ran down my street in a sprint right out of bed, almost naked. I wouldn't eat for 3 days due to the nausea. I couldn't drive for a few weeks and I was cared for by my girlfriend to remain sane and mentally ok. Keep in mind, I had no symptoms like this in my entire life before I took the pill.
Avatar f tn Your post is a little confusing -- did you taper off the Zoloft, or go off cold turkey, or switch to Lexapro, or are you on both Zoloft and Lexapro and now Cymbalta? Going off any of these meds abruptly, even if you switch to another, can trigger a withdrawal, which is why I'm asking.
Avatar n tn Should I try and push thru a couple more weeks without doing the transition to Cymbalta and see if the Lexapro anxiety stops? Thanks a ton for any help!
Avatar f tn I must ask, why Cymbalta? SNRI meds like Cymbalta and Effexor are best to be prescribed only when SSRI meds like Zoloft, Paxil, Prozac, and Lexapro are producing no positive results after several weeks. I'm trying to figure out, why in the world your Psychiatrist would have prescribed an SNRI as a first line drug. SNRI's should NEVER be considered unless SSRI's have already failed to produce a result. Every Psychiatrist knows this fact.
Avatar m tn Does anyone know if Cymbalta has horrible withdrawls too??? I've been taking it for about 3 months. When I forget to take it I'm real irritable and have trouble sleeping. Restless legs. I'm looking for simalarities, because it also might just be from not taking enough hydrocone that day. I'm not sure what you would call I'm doing right now. I just take enough hydro so I don't have withdrawls. My boys are driving with me to Arizona in 3 weeks and I don't want them to see me at the worst.
Avatar f tn I have been on Cymbalta for about 6 months and it is working very well. I am now taking it with Bupropion and the combination is also working well.
Avatar f tn whats the differnce in the 2 i was on celexa back in 07 for a few months and did ok trying lexapro and feeling awful i was switched to cymbalta but it kinda speeded eveerything up and dr on call said go back to lex till i can talk to my dr but it makes me nauseated dierehha weekness and seems to lower blood pressure and heart rate and i feel more depressed and i only took 5 mg
Avatar m tn I'm on lexapro also and never had issues until Effexor was added. If Cymbalta does it too I am going to have to either go off of it completely or try yet another. Thanks!
415356 tn?1233320876 She said that generally she would not use the 5mg of lexapro and 10mg of cymbalta at the same time but she understands the issues I had when I tried to wean off of this before. I took a Cymbalta this morning and felt a little better at work. Could actually concentrate! But I found all of the mistakes that I had made over the last week which was distressing, I think I will continue the Cymbalta until I speak with my Dr on the 27th of this month.
983030 tn?1261356662 Now, if or when you decide to stop the Lexapro you may feel pretty nasty for a few weeks this does not make it an addictive drug. As for side effects, yes there are some, but even Tylonol has a packet in the box telling you of it's possible side effects. All drugs have side effect potential bar none. I say listen to your doctor. He's not going to hurt you and if he didn't think it was safe he would not have prescribed it to you.
Avatar n tn I have also been suffering from anxiety and depression and was on both Lexapro and Cymbalta for a little over 2 years. They helped at first, but after a little bit, there was no help from them. I gained about 40lbs in those 2 years and have been fiercely struggling to get it off. A week ago my new doctor told me that he wanted to start me on Wellbutrin XL. He didn't even have me wean off of the other 2, just stop taking those and start the Wellbutrin the next day.
Avatar f tn I'd go with ssris first since snris can be very stimulating, or tricyclics, or just try therapy and see if you can do it that way. I don't think either of these will give you tremors, that's usually the mood disorder drugs, but side effects are peculiar to the individual, they don't necessarily go along with the med. What's easy for one is hard for another. But again, these two are difficult meds, and Cymbalta is more for depression than anxiety, but you do have both.
Avatar f tn I already take Wellbutrin 150 XL once a day, would it be safe to take both together? I had a bad reaction to Paxil and Lexapro made me oh so sleepy, worried about Cymbalta being the same way.... If anyone tried it or been taking it, please share your experience. Thank you!
398302 tn?1202274727 I've been clean off the oxys for 11 days now and today I went to the doctor for a follow up appointment (I got really sick from a flu shot while I was in detox last week) Anyway, I told the Dr. I was severly depressed and he wrote me a script for Cymbalta. I've been on anti-depressants before, even way before I got addicted to oxycontin. I've never taken Cymbalta though.