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1627868 tn?1333889942 on the other hand, i have also read other accounts of it being very effective for neuropathic pain. it's so hard to say what will happen. are you particularly sensitive to medication in general? i know i am, so i chose to avoid cymbalta. i did take nortryptiline to help with my neuropathy, and it didn't do much to me except knock me out but good at night which wasn't such a bad thing. i often have a lot of trouble staying asleep.
1442059 tn?1340244552 It is also a good analgesic for neuropathic pain and various other pains. One drug doesn't fit all like one size doesn't fit all. Everyone can react differently to drugs.
177382 tn?1253044740 I do have some depression as well not svere. Anyway, my doctor rx me Cymbalta. it was originally developed for people with neuropathic pain from diabetes. I had terrible back pain, tingling in my toes that drove me crazy all night long, and pins and needles feelings in my lower legs and feet. Cymbalta saved my life, I tried paxil it made me feel like I was in a daze i was not myself i could hear myself talking very slowly but it didn't seem like it was me talking. It was weird.
Avatar n tn Hello, I was looking for some treatment options for General Neuropathic Pain as the only diagnosis my dr can provide me after negative EMGs both upper and lower extremeties and complete work up including MRIs, bone scans, x-rays, and blood tests. My pain is debilitating sciatica like in both legs and ulnar nerve pain in both arms from shoulder down to the pinky fingers which feels like tightness in so many muscle groups. Pain for 2 years without answer or any treatment to help.
Avatar f tn The most essential aspect of treatment is to identify the underlying reason and to correct it whenever possible. However, the long-term result will depend upon the nature of the neuropathic pain problem at diagnosis that how poorly the nerves have been damaged. Since nerve tissue can take many days to regenerate, it is likely that your pain will improve over time or might reduce completely.
Avatar m tn I take 2000mg Gabapentin for Neuropathic pain Relief qid(8000mg daily) and 60mg of Cymbalta daily. I have a broken spine due to my service related injury incurred while serving in the Canadian Forces Regular Forces(Army). I take care of three young children while my wife is at work. I am in a level ten pain 24/7. The Gabapentin gives me a couple hours of level 8 pain in the afternoon. Any suggestions?
Avatar f tn Within a few days of starting it his carpal tunnel pain was gone. His sciatica is a bit more stubborn. The pain has reduced a fair amount, so he can do more activities than prior to PEA. But he still gets some pretty bad flairs (usually after doing things he typically does not do due to pain). So overall I would say it is well worth the cost to try it. He has had no side effects despite having a variety of other severe medical issues and taking maybe a dozen other medications.
Avatar f tn , duloxetine) has a combination mechanism of action involving serotonin and norepinephrine making it useful in depression and also neuropathic pain. When a peripheral nerve is injured there is an increase in pain sensitive fibers leading to increase pain recognition. This causes a change in central (i.e., brain/spinal cord) recognition of pain. One major neurotransmitter involved in this is norepinephrine. Cymbalta works to modulate this change.
1218873 tn?1300094816 The amitriptyline was giving me a good nights sleep, but was not overly helping the neuropathic pain once awake, it also left a really bad taste in my mouth and I found myself eating constantly, and piling on wieght. The Cymbalta is not giving me that good night sleep I wake up around 1 -2 am find it difficult to get back to sleep and then I wake up again at 6am. This is leaving me incredibly tired through out the day, I tend to be dosing off around midday.
Avatar n tn Cymbalta is prescribed for Major Depressive Disorder (MDD), Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), Fibromyalgia, Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathic Pain, and Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain. So I am not that sure that many people on this site are experienced with it. We do have forums on anxiety, depression, pain management, etc. I think you might have better luck posting there. The one thing that I do know is that this is a med you do not want to stop suddenly if you decide to stop taking it.
217229 tn?1192766004 I take Lyrica and Cymbalta and they help with the neuropathic pain associated with the Fibro and Diabectic nerve pain. The Cymbalta helps with a little pain. Side effects for me? I'm dizzy and sleepy in the daytime, but I take other things like Vicodin 750, Klonopin, Flexeril and Ambien, and Paxil. I gained weight with the Diabetes, so I can't tell. But I loved carbs before all of this.
Avatar n tn It was prescribed by a fibro doc for neuropathic pain. I also gained 3 pounds which bothered me since I try very hard to keep a normal weight. I only took 30mg a day, a very low dose. I personally won't try another antidepressant. Some people report good results from Cymbalta.
Avatar f tn You may want to check out this article: "Duloxetine Treatment of Neuropathic Pain May Affect Glycemic Control" http://www.medscape.
Avatar f tn It's sometimes also used to treat neuropathic pain (as in a condition like fibromyalgia). Common side effects you may notice in the first few weeks of treatment (usually improving at about week 2) would be headache, insomnia, feeling "jittery"/shaky, increased anxiety, GI disturbances (nausea, diarrhea, decreased appetite). Hang in there and just remember that these meds take time, patience is a virtue.
Avatar m tn The lower back pain never left me since, sometimes worsening, sometimes easing a bit. But the real reason for my question is Neuropathic Pain. In August 2004 I underwent surgery in the Medulla Oblongata and a benign hemangioblastoma was resected from it. The surgery was successfully completed, but nevertheless I remained with a recognized disability: right low limb numb, right hand numb, and strong neuropathic pain in the area of the right ribs and the right groin.
217229 tn?1192766004 with neuropathic pain issues (think Fibromyalgia). Waiting on some final test results to rule out any other Autoimmune Disease - but I believe I'll be finally diagnosed as Fibromyalgia. My Rheumatologist / Internist has prescribed Lyrica and Cymbalta together. Now - with that in mind - I need to tell you that I finished Treatment for Hepatitis C, with Sustained Virologic Response (what is considered a cure) - with Interferon and Ribavirin --- I finished it last year in March/February.
Avatar f tn ve been on cybalta orvduloxetine ascots called her for around 18 months for fibromialgia neuropathic pain and severe osteoporosis arthritis pain n supposedly to help depression, once the dose when up to 60mg twice a day, dizziness, extreme fatigue muscle n joint pain, altered taste brain fog, memory problems n a sore mouth n worse of all body sapping sweats n a feel-good being stabbed allover with Sharpe pins while being totally engulfed in a hot cold sweat problems it was supposed to be aleavia
86664 tn?1291561395 Hello, Are you having neuropathic pain that you believe is related to the Hep C? Hope I read that right. Why I ask is because I do, and would like to find others that do to compare notes . The Docs say it's not related but I find that hard to believe do to all the research out there that backs up the possibility that the virus is directly related in some cases. Thats great that you started cymbalta prior to starting treatment I did the same about one month prior.
572651 tn?1531002957 I was prescibed Cymbalta for nerve pain (I think the Dr. was thinking fibromyalgia to be honest) & it did help some with the pain but not with the spasms or my other mobility issues or bowel & bladder sx but I guess it wasn't supposed to help with those. I took it for a little over a month, I was told it takes a month to get in your system properly. The side effects were: nervousness & felt shaky. it made my insomnia way worse even though I took it 1st thing in the morning.
Avatar f tn to get off Cymbalta. Do not go on Cymbalta to get off Prozac and the like. If u hv chronic/neuropathic pain, I strongly suggest tht u do not go on Cymbalta. I went on it 7yrs ago, felt sm benefit for abt 2mos but hv been on Cymbalta for the last 7yrs b/c it is near impossible to wean off of. Pls check the Cymbalta w/drawal website. We are all part of a class action lawsuit agnst the makers of Cymbalta.
1627868 tn?1333889942 i am not familiar with the effects of tramadol other than it being prescribed for pain. my mother was on it for sciatica not too long ago. cymbalta, on the other hand, is not only prescribed to manage neuropathic pain, but is also used as an anti-depressant. does tramadol have anti-depressant effects as well? i would ask the doctor point blank why she wants to make the change.
Avatar n tn Last fall I went off the Cymbalta, and lo, I began to get neck pain, back pain, all of my 'old friends'. What is more serious, I did acquire (or have 'unmasked') a mild case of carpal tunnel, as well as pain in my fingertips. Lithium is usually regarded as the main culprit in the case of peripheral neuropathic pain, and so I am slowly going off of it. But strong psychiatric drugs in general are suspect, so I gather from reading various lists of causes here (on the web).
Avatar f tn Hi S- Welcome to our group. I suffered from neuropathic foot pain too. I now take 100mg Lyrica 3X/Day and 75mg Elavil 1X/Day. It took some time to get to this combo, which provides almost 100% relief. I wen through the full step up/step Gabapentin dosing, added Elavil etc. It can take time to find the right cocktail. The drugs used are designed for other things, so finding the right package is not an exact science. Try and work woth your doc on a variety of drugs.
Avatar f tn Burning pain tends to be caused by neuropathic pain. It's very common with Fibromyalgia and also with spinal issues. What types of medication are you currently taking for your pain?
Avatar f tn I want to know if anyone continued to have their body pain/nerve pain past the 1st three months after treatment? Don't go to a Neurologist they dont believe about the pain I have. Trying to imply (on 1st meeting) that I probably have a drug/alcohol problem and I am dening it...I refuse to see him again, plus he was going to take me off the Tramadol, because I didn't need it, it's in my head. Well he don't want to see me without my tramadols. I need to see a Neuropathy doctor.
Avatar f tn I realize that with this type of nerve damage, due to lesions in my thoracic and cervical spine, it is impossible to get rid of neuropathic pain. Does anyone out there have this same type of pain experience and take anything very different? I would appreciate any other perspective on MS pain that I can get.
Avatar f tn I take a combination of Lyrica and Elavil (amitriptilyne) for my neuropathic foot pain. It took a while to find the right combo. Initially it was gabapentin, then gabpentin + Elavil then Lyrica + Elavil. Elavil is and antidepressant. At some point along the way I added 10-15 LBS. I can't be sure if it was the meds, or the mass quantities of cookies I was shoving into my gob over the CHristmas holidays. (Being a baker can be hazardous to your waist!
Avatar m tn A recently new medication, pregabalin (Lyrica), which is similar to Nurontin (gabapentin) is considered tobe the top of the line medication for treating neuropathic pain, today. However, neuropathic pain, expecially peripheral neuopathy is very difficult to treat. Best results are achieved through mutlple modes of treatment.
Avatar n tn I started with a pain management specialist who put me on Norco and Cymbalta. The Norco does help with the pain, but does not take it away completely (nothing ever does). And the Cymbalta has helped my depression (because of the pain) but hasn't reduced any of the symptoms. I recently went to a neurologists who had a dermatologist run a couple "punch biopsy's" on me. Much to my shock, they came back positive for Small Fiber Neuropathy...