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Avatar n tn I was tried on Cymbalta for treatment of severe pain and what they thought was depression, ummm hello! anyone in severe pain for years would be depressed seems a pretty normal reaction. I'd be worried if someone was giddy about it. ANNYYHOO . The Cymbalta gave me really wierd effects, jaw clenching twitchy feeling eyes rolling and crawly feeling on my skin. Dr said serotonin toxicity.
1088430 tn?1259163373 I've been on 120mg of Cymbalta for almost 4 years. My PM Doc put me on it to treat horrendous nerve pain, which it does make a difference with. I was able to reduce (greatly!) the level of opiate based pain meds I was on as a result of the Cymbalta. BUT I was still working when I firts started it, and I felt it made me feel "Zombie" during the day, so my Doc switched me to taking both pills @night, which helped with the daytime drowsiness.
Avatar m tn You did not state were your mom is experiencing her severe pain. I'm not a Doc. but to me it in deed sounds like a nerve pain called diabetic neuropathy! Diabetic neuropathy affects all nerves therefor it can also affect all organs. The blood flow is restricted do to the vessels which supplies the nerves. This is a very common illness that Diabetics can suffer from. Depending on how long your mom had Diabetes, that is how the treatment will be determent, which only a Dr. can do.
Avatar m tn I was put on Cymbalta after a Stroke 10 years ago, left me with nerve pain down my left leg. I may have become dependent on it for calming anxiety and occasional depression. But there are some herbs I want to take now and cannot as long as I am on Cymbalta. Also, I was put on Lyrica at the same time which is what actually stopped my nerve pain primarily. How quickly can I get off Cymbalta? Any suggestions? I am now taking a 30MG dose at night of Cymbalta ).
217229 tn?1192766004 I take Lyrica and Cymbalta and they help with the neuropathic pain associated with the Fibro and Diabectic nerve pain. The Cymbalta helps with a little pain. Side effects for me? I'm dizzy and sleepy in the daytime, but I take other things like Vicodin 750, Klonopin, Flexeril and Ambien, and Paxil. I gained weight with the Diabetes, so I can't tell. But I loved carbs before all of this.
Avatar n tn Please make sure you recognize that this forum is for educational purposes only, and it does not substitute for a formal office visit with your doctor. I can not make specific treatment recommendations for your daughter without examining her and obtaining a history, however, I will try to provide you with some information regarding this matter. Your daughter has what is called secondary trigeminal neuralgia (TN): TN due to an underlying cause, in her case a tumor.
1094370 tn?1317138425 My doctor, who has extensive experience treating patients with Cymbalta for nerve pain, says that the most common (or effective) daily dosage for pain is anywhere between 60 - 120 mg per day. My pain was so intense that I felt some relief after only 3 days at 60mg. You may or may not need some type of pain treatment even after you are done with the antibiotics. If this is the case, be glad that you had a doctor smart enough to suggest that you try Cymbalta.
Avatar n tn My doctor said they have had alot of sucess with Cymbalta and pain in the body as well as nerve pain, I've only been on it about a week and am about to go to the full dose and I am already seeing a difference in the level of pain.
Avatar f tn Hi, What has helped me with nerve pain are Gabapentin and Cymbalta. When I first started with the meds, I had some succesws with Gabapentin and Elavil. I also take oxycodone. I'm sure there are others that your Dr. can try. Good luck.
Avatar f tn Also, as Tuck pointed out, your Percocet is not for nerve pain, it's for other pain, as you've discovered it hasn't done much to help you with your neuropathy. There's a big difference. As in most cases when people have more than one type of pain, such as arthritis, DDD (Degenerative Disc Disease), etc. your Doctor will add the Gabapentin, Lyrica, etc. as an additional medication so that both types of pain are being addressed.
Avatar f tn Magnesium glycinate (KAL is one brand) is the best magnesium there is as far as its elemental magnesium amount and absorb-ability - this works for muscle and nerve pain. Magnesium citrate is close, but not as good. The 'hot' herb supplements used to aid in digestion work as inflamitories when taken on an empty stomach. Garlic, tumeric, cyanne ect, goggle for more. To experiment with serotonin, 5-HTP is available anywhere. Its from a natural amino acid, and increases serotonin in the brain.
Avatar f tn I have been treated for 2 years now for the eye pain, but only a few months for the thyroid. I have been sick for about 7 years. I am diagnosed with migraine. I have bad migraine headaches, vertigo, numbness, passing out, memory loss, speech and visual problems. I took topamax for years for this, but came off of it when my eyes got so bad. The topamax is causing eye problems - even blindness. Botox is the only thing I have tried that provides any relief at all, and it is instant relief.
Avatar f tn I can deal with everything else, actually I don't even care about any other symptoms I have with this stupid MS, except for this pain. I know how horrible this pain in. I am sorry you are experiencing. For me it is life altering. Heck, I have had 4 natural births, and I would gladly have a 5th than have this pain. Wishing you well, how are you doing today?
Avatar m tn I have terrible nerve pain especially in my feet and lower legs. I've most recently been told it is idiopathic neuropathy. It makes it so difficult uto fall asleep. MRIs have shown over 9 lesions in my brain. Mone on spinal cord. but neurologists differ in their opinion. Some say it's MS. Others say not MS. I had 3 ten pound + babies. But supposedly I'm not diabetic. Not thyroid altho my dad and sister have hypo. At one point my neurosurgeon had me on 3 or 4 meds at once. Lyrica. Cymbalta.
796642 tn?1238446580 I have nerve pain caused by ruptured discs in my neck, as well as spurs. My pain goes down both arms and up into my head. It can be excruciating. I am unable to take typical pain meds because they either make me sleep for hours and hours or they make me very nauseous. I have found something that helps with the nerve pain, as well as with sleep. Be warned, it's not a popular choice, nor a decision I made easily - I smoke marijuana. Not often...
Avatar n tn For the last six weeks I have this very severe shock like nerve pain in my left ankle right below the bone,some times it so severe that it makes me week, I have been to numerous dr`s had x-rays ,mri`s with and without dye.I had nerve tests & shock like tests and no one seems to be able to help me. If you or anyone out there could shed some light on this very mysterious problem I would be so grateful!
Avatar m tn An NSAID is good for inflammation, Anti-Seizure (like Lyrica, Neurontin or Topamax) medications are good for nerve pain. If Lyrica made your fiance too drowsy, Topamax might be a better alternative. This is what I take instead. It's in the same class, but has different side effects. Many people do not get as drowsy. Muscle relaxers can help too. Everyone's cocktail is different, because everyone's reacts differently to medications. It's all a matter of working with your doctor.
572651 tn?1531002957 I was prescibed Cymbalta for nerve pain (I think the Dr. was thinking fibromyalgia to be honest) & it did help some with the pain but not with the spasms or my other mobility issues or bowel & bladder sx but I guess it wasn't supposed to help with those. I took it for a little over a month, I was told it takes a month to get in your system properly. The side effects were: nervousness & felt shaky. it made my insomnia way worse even though I took it 1st thing in the morning.
Avatar n tn Hello, I was looking for some treatment options for General Neuropathic Pain as the only diagnosis my dr can provide me after negative EMGs both upper and lower extremeties and complete work up including MRIs, bone scans, x-rays, and blood tests. My pain is debilitating sciatica like in both legs and ulnar nerve pain in both arms from shoulder down to the pinky fingers which feels like tightness in so many muscle groups. Pain for 2 years without answer or any treatment to help.
664365 tn?1225161389 Medications and nerve blocks are the treatment for nerve damage due to colecystectomy. The symptoms improve over time so please be patient. You can also try alternative therapy like acupressure and acupuncture. B complex supplements will also help. Take care!
329994 tn?1301666848 So, we are trying a double dip, meaning, trying topamax for my migraines and nerve pain. My main question for writing here is how you all deal with the other conditions that seem to come with the fibro. I have suffered from lifelong depression and insomnia and currently take pristiq, which is ok, not great but it's the only stuff with no weight gain and since I have been on and off prednilosone so much and so much injections, i have gained almost 70 pounds and weighed almost 200 pounds.
Avatar m tn i have never pain in my any body but my legs are not working properly due to kidny problem i was alright before kidney dilasies
Avatar m tn Pixiangelj I look at that chart and according to what I see all nerve injuries are repairable. Am I right? What kind of Meds are u taking for your pain? My surgeon has me now on hydrocodine and Cymbalta but wants me to try Gabpentine which I'm getting soon..
Avatar f tn I am currently being investigated for racing heart, skipping beats, light headedness, have to catch my breath, all this started about 2 months ago. For at least 2 years, I also have constant right ear pain, right throat pain, saw an ear doctor, and had ultrasound of neck, and all negative. Right shoulder pain, saw physio, right handed numbness and tingling. My eyes feel buggy and have had my prescription checked twice.
Avatar f tn First of all, keep in mind that I am unable to diagnose you because I am unable to examine you, this forum is for educational purposes. Pain related to nerve damage is often difficult to treat. The main line of treatment is medications that are effective for neuropathic pain (elavil is a good choice), others include neurontin, lyrica, tegretol, effexor, etc. Medications are expected to help reduce the pain to a tolerable level, but rarely remove the pain altogether.
Avatar m tn UROLOGICAL I only really started getting the urological symptoms in the last two months, about the time I went on Cymbalta for the nerve pain; thus my questions about the medicine and urological symptoms. I won't rehash those symptoms - they are above in earlier post. New information: My PSA in August 2010 was 0.9, and has never been high in past testing, which has occurred every year for the last five. I have had digital exams as well, one even in January from my primary physician.
Avatar f tn Hi Sweetie, I don't know if anyone has thought about using Cymbalta for this type of nerve pain, but it might be worth a shot to talk to your doctor about it. I am using it now for pain close to the surface, but it might work for the deeper nerve pain too.. Where I am at Now I will do or try any thing to find some relief... Even eat weed brownies..and I am 25 years sober. No I don't know how to make them or where to find the weed... So it's just a thought.
Avatar n tn I rare cases when feeling is preserved the biopsy can cause pain for a limited time, and in very rare cases nerve axons can form neuromas at the damaged site and cause chronic pain. It is difficult to know the cause of your pain, since from your description, you have CIDP and that can also cause localized pain.
147426 tn?1317269232 So I am reprinting this Health Page for everyone with nerve pain to read (again). I think this is very important information. MEDICAL TREATMENT OF NEUROPATHIC PAIN General tenants: I. Don't be in a hurry to get out of pain! The medications that most successfully reduce neuropathic pain in terms of reducing pain severity, the quality of pain relief and durability of relief ALL take time to work.