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Avatar f tn Hi, I knew brain zaps occured when withdrawing from Effexor. I had them bad. When they list side effects of drugs, they do not list withdrawal symptoms. The brain zaps do not occur except when withdrawing. If you are getting them now, perhaps the anti-depressant you are on is not the right one for you. I took Prozac for a month, and the side effects I had were terriuble, and I had to be taken off it. Different people react to drugs differently.
1140035 tn?1276355698 com/2007/11/17/brain-shivers-brain-zaps-brain-shocks/ found this article, wrote by a pharm and has lots of comments below it from other sufferers.
Avatar n tn When I got off Cymbalta rather quickly in order to start an MAOI, I had what others call "brain zaps" but for me it felt like static and was not painful.
Avatar f tn Now I'ts a week that i have brain in Italy all the psichiatrists I have asked..Say that it's an anxiety's symptom. I know that it's not real...because in all the time that I have not took antidepressants...I haven't had IT!!... What can i do to exceed this effect of suspension?...Thank you!!
1042487 tn?1275283499 I'm suffering with the brain zaps after coming off of Lexapro. I tapered off the Lexapro, incrementally and very, very slow. The withdrawal symptoms didn't start right away with my last dose which fooled me into thinking I would miss that part. But, alas not to be. Anyway, it's been 28 days with the zaps, shakiness, and irritablility. I started taking Primrose Oil and doubling up on my fish oil (2000mgs) around 10 days ago. Don't know if it is a coincidence but they are milder.
Avatar f tn I stopped Cymbalta cold turkey 1 month ago.. I had taken it for 5-6 months... The brain zaps, what you are describing as electrical shocks running thru your body and brain, lasted for 3 weeks. Now I'm brain zaps free. The withdrawal torture can last for 1 month maybe a bit more depending on how long you've been on the medication.
1482818 tn?1287718594 My feeling is stay away from it..The withdrawals from that are horrible. As to it working, People have praise it saying its the best thing to come in their lives and others that say it a dreadful drug,,especially if you decide to quit taking it. That involves a long taper which was finally written into the warnings. .I had only taken it for a month and can't say if that was long enough that I should have had noticible change for the better or not...
Avatar f tn Stopping it wasn't too fun because you get brain zaps, but knowing it is just a drug withdrawal symptoms helps (instead of worrying you might have MS).
Avatar f tn yes. it made me feel weird.. i couldn't put one of the side effects into words because it was so strange... i went searching around the internet, and one person described it as "brain zaps." and that is exactly what i felt... i hated it. i know it works for some, just not me...
1442059 tn?1340244552 When she passed I stopped cold turkey and had brain zaps for 1 month. This drug is very potent and can work very well but it's not a cheap drug and cost a lot. I was very active while being on Cymbalta (going to the gym 3-4 times a week and jogging 45 min everyday) and very outgoing. My tolerance to alcohol increase a lot. I had no side-effects. The withdrawal was kinda bad... At least 100 brain zaps a day, irritability etc... But I did quit cold turkey and only had to endure this for 1 month.
4753943 tn?1359938169 I do notice a bit of a funky feeling from switching over, but it's nothing like stopping the medication. No brain zaps or any of that intense stuff. Just a little bit of brain fog and dizziness. Her stupid medical assistant gave me the 60mg samples instead of the 30, as the doc asked her for. So the first night, I assumed I had just heard her wrong and took the 60mg. I felt super jittery and wide awake.
Avatar f tn Let me tell you....Comin off this med is He**!!!!!!!! I have like brain zaps, very untolerable queezieness. I cant hardly hold my head up. Then the headaches r pretty aweful!!!!
Avatar f tn nausea, brain zaps, aches all over. I cannot express how bad all of this was. ( note: I am not a wuss. I broke my leg inter tubing in the snow, but I got up, and it hurt, but everyone said it couldn't be broken if I could stand on it. So I limped around. When the coloring got bad then I went to the doctor. That resulted in it being reset, and being in a cast for 10 weeks. I would rather have the broken leg experience again ten times over than experience cymbalta withdrawal.
479459 tn?1246745619 Thats crazy that you like brain zaps! I just found out what i have .I thought it was a serious condition, but its going without tramadol.
1573516 tn?1296402760 horrible day, lots of brain zaps, horrible headache.
Avatar m tn First, I hope you tapered off this drug as slowly as you needed to, as quitting abruptly can be much more difficult. Because you were only on it a month, you probably won't get a significant withdrawal, but individuals differ so nobody can tell you what you'll feel.
Panda I have been on Cymbalta (60 mg) for over two years for treatment of fibromyalgia/depression/anxiety. I recently went down to 40 mg, and after two days was a basket case. Constant brain zaps, a feeling like my entire brain was bruised, severe body aches, increased anxiety and agitation/aggression (which to me was the most frightening). I went back up to 60 mg. Four days later, I am still experiencing the bruised brain feeling and anxiety.
Avatar f tn I came off it in 3 days - 60mg one day, 30mg the next day, off the third day. For about a week I had discontinuation symptoms of dizziness and "brain zaps". To me it felt like static in my brain like how I imagine static on a tv would feel. (It was not painful just disconcerting) Also, when I turned my head quickly it was like my eyes didn't keep up. I had to get off quickly so that I could have two weeks off SNRI prior to starting an MAOI while still hospitalized.
1580828 tn?1322131622 My question is if I miss one dose of the cymbalta within a day I have the brain bashing migraine and the severe dizziness as bad as when it first occurred. Plus the fibro pain returns. Is this withdrawal from the drug or has the drug actually been keeping these things in check for me all this time and I would have been worse off sooner if I didn't start taking it to begin with (for anixety and quit smoking). Any help is greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn in the last three months I have started experiencing extreme zaps in my head. It started w/ whole body jumps, where it seemed my body from head to toe would jump, no pain I have a pain patch for IC. Since the pain patch was new they removed the patch and the body jumps subsided.
Avatar m tn YES. Their is withdrawal from Cymbalta. I was on it for about 8 months a decided it wasn't working well for me (overstimulating, irritability, etc). Three days after I stopped taking it I started getting increased anxiety, headaches, and a weird sensation that I can only describe as "brain zaps" where I felt these weird electrical sensations shoot into my brain. I complained to my doctor about it and he acknowledged that he had heard of it before.
Avatar f tn Today my brain zaps were all day and now have progressed from my just in my eyes to running up my left leg to my eyes. I am excessively tired and have hyperaesthesias. Along with muscle weakness. I am scared.
Avatar f tn ... after a few weeks on it, I started getting these weird "tweaks" on it - like I'd lay in bed, and I felt like I'd have this weird little body spasm/tweak. then I looked on some board about people's side effects, and a few people discussed the "brain zaps." when I read that - it was exactly what I felt, but couldn't put into words...
Avatar m tn Withdrawal hit yesterday and it was terrible. Sweats, brain zaps that are just very weird. Took a 30 when I got home and am some better today. Had him write a script for 20mg and will use those for a month and then see if I can ease away totally.
Avatar n tn anxiety, brain zaps, feeling dizzy, nausea, intrusive thoughts and depression. Mind you, this anxiety is beyond what I experience. I also feel like I'm not "all there." My brain feels really slow. I was practicing yoga last night and forgot how to step into a lunge. How am i experiencing this after ONE WEEK of the med?! I was off of Effexor for 2 days before starting Cymbalta and that was giving me vicious withdrawals. I was on that for 6 weeks and felt like I was actually dying.
Avatar n tn I will say it again....Cymbalta has way more Cons then Pro's, I forgot to mention the brain zaps, and abnormal heart beats.
Avatar n tn I was also at 60 mgs and whenever I took a dose late or missed a day I got the brain zaps, plus I didn't feel like it was working all that well. AND, my psych NP neglected to warn me that it can be very hard on the liver and as a recovering alcoholic I should never have been put on it in the first place. I ditched her. I tapered very slow. Like you, I had the 60 capsules and at first I divided them into 3rds and took 2/3, then 1/2, then 1/4...then a few granules each morning.
1408467 tn?1281401943 I have been on Cymbalta in the past for about 4-5 months and the withdrawal lasted for about 1 month and it was mostly brain zaps (brain shivers). What can help you relieving some symptoms would be to boost you intake of choline/B complex vitamins, omega-3 (only fish oil). Healthy diet and exercise is also important.
Avatar f tn I have been two weeks totally off this drug . The dizziness and brain zaps are getting better, but my taste buds are still horrible. It feels like the front of my tongue has been burnt and it feels like my teeth are coated with rubber. How long do these withdrawal symptoms last. I can handle it all, but the taste bud sensation is horrible. If anyone has had this sensation, I would love to hear from you.
Avatar f tn The type where I was witnessing gross murders and mutilations and many times committing them myself. Nausea, brain zaps, tremors, fatigue, cold sweats... you name it I had it. So they put me on Prozac. It took about another 2 weeks but finally the symptoms subsided and I was feeling great. Apparently I was very ill and had to be on medication to regulate those symptoms. They were certainly not discontinuation symptoms (or so they told me).