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Avatar m tn Hi Diane. I see that you must have ongoing balance issues, while on Cymbalta-for posting again. Cymbalta side effects which may pertain to this are: *Common - dizziness *Rare- orthostatic hypotension (specially at the start ) Cymbalta belongs to a class of drugs called Serotonin–norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors (SNRIs) These drugs act as inhibitors of the reuptake (re-absorption) of the neurotransmitter Serotonin by the originating neuron.
Avatar f tn I started detoxing from Cymbalta about 3 weeks ago, and my face has erupted into full blown acne. Is there a correlation?
Avatar f tn I have been taking cymbalta(60mg) and wellbutrin (200mg) daily for 3 years. I decided I was tired of taking it, it didn't seem to be helping me anymore, and I was tired of the expense. I quit wellbutrin cold turkey about a 5 days ago and I quit cymbalta cold turkey 3 days ago. I now feel like I am losing my mind. I have been feeling and acting somewhat manic. I have felt kind of 'hi' and actually like it.
Avatar f tn Hi, I just started on cymbalta 30mg and then next week I go up to 60mg, my question is what is the best way to take this, one in the morning and one at night or both at night, I dont know. Anyone have any advise on worked best for them?
5142668 tn?1364234345 So my doc put me on 30mg of Cymbalta 4 months ago and I noticed zero help with the pains. So I stopped taking it about 5 days ago. As of yesterday I felt like I was an absolute mess. I had been having these HORRIBLE headaches, nausea, dizzy spells, confusion, and crying spells out of nowhere. This all brought me to do a little bit of research and I found out it is all withdrawal symptoms. I don't want to start taking the pills again since they did not work for the reason I was taking them.
Avatar f tn Hello there, I would pick a drug that is acting on both serotonin and norepinephrine neurotransmitters like Cymbalta is doing since you want to avoid cutting the norepinephrine reuptake inhibition since you got used to it by taking Cymbalta for over 2 years. So if you are on a 60mg dose i would consider maybe upping to 120mg which is the maximum you can take once daily and see what happens. If it fails you can try a different SNRI like Effexor or Pristiq.
Avatar m tn Ritalin is increasing the levels of both dopamine and norepinephrine neurotransmitters thru the inhibition of monoamine transporters. It would be good to know for how long you've been on Ritalin and if you decided to take it due to the side effects you were experiencing with Paxil or to treat ADHD. I do think the Effexor is more stimulating than Paxil and maybe you could do well on only Effexor. Taking Ritalin in combination with the Effexor could give you hypertension.
Avatar f tn It's a lot of medication you are taking and some new meds can do wonders at treating both anxiety and depression like the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor ( SSRI like Cymbalta and Lexapro ) But well if you GP think you need such heavy medication i respect his choice since i don't know you and your condition but you're taking a lot... And as for the Abilify i don't sugest you change that since you might have a schizophrenia and or bi-polar disorder...
325224 tn?1342799514 I later found out that Welbutrin has almost no effect on the reuptake of serotonin or norephinepherine (Two very key neurotransmitters in treating moderate to severe depression and anxiety.) After my experience with the "do nothing" theraputic effects of welbutrine, I was switched to Effexor XR. Wow! What a huge difference, The Effexor worked great and gave me 4 good years of 100% remission before it also lost it's effect and pooped out on me.
182493 tn?1348056515 Proteins are the building blocks for neurotransmitters and neurotransmitter receptors…as well as the building blocks for your natural opiate receptors · For 3 weeks you must remove all red meats from your diet. Red meat has chemical components that increase inflammation and pain. Fish, chicken, eggs are good sources of protein. If you are having a hard time taking in solid foods go to a health food store and buy protein powders that can be made into smoothies or drinks.
Avatar f tn Dopamine, Acetylcholine, GABA and Serotonin are the brains main Neurotransmitters and any deficiencies in these can impact behavior, concentration, memory pain, perception, organs and contribute to a myriad of health issues. This falls mostly under the scope of alternative & complimentary medicine so you may have to find a naturopathic doctor or a functional medicine doctor to help you with this and other non-conventional approaches.
401095 tn?1351395370 but it is most concentrated in the brain and liver. SAM is involved in the methylation of monoamines, neurotransmitters, and phospholipids such as phosphatidylcholine and phosphatidylserine. Normally, the brain manufactures all the SAM it needs from the amino acid methionine. However, SAM synthesis is impaired in depressed patients. Our diet yields insufficient quantities of SAM-e either for wellness or treatment of illness. Moreover, the form of SAMe found in food is not stable.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with depression at age 18, and have tried almost all kinds of antidepressants, from SSRI's (which don't help), tricyclics (nortriptyline as an add-on), and SNRI's (Effexor XR gave me severe tachycardia and anxiety, so I switched to Cymbalta which kinda help but seems to bring out the sadness in me even more), and atypicals like Remeron, Wellbutrin and trazodone. I had 8 sessions of ECT but didn't seem to have much improvement.
Avatar n tn ive tried cymbalta, effexor and prozac in the last month, all of them made me feel terrible. im trying seroquel now and its allowing me to feel better. i read online that, "Researchers believe seroquel works by diminishing the action of dopamine and serotonin" so my post is really just to offer help to anyone struggling to find a med that works for them, perhaps our issue is not too little neurotransmitters but too much?
Avatar n tn Hi Ina, Thanks for taking the time to respond, and for your helpful tips. Hope I'm doing this right! <<You know that I am only a patient with Hepc, and not a doctor. Just want to make sure you understand.>> Yes I do understand. And I'll try to keep my responses as concise as possible! <<it sounds to me you are not convinced that you want to go this route>>. Yes, I'm certainly on the fence. That's part of my depression- an inability to make decisions.
Avatar m tn Thanks, Tony for asking about this. The link above is one I have just started it seems to explain ALL angles of bipolar and ALL types....and many ways it is treated. I have a LOT of questions myself about this topic. Two dr's have insinuated I am bipolar myself. I haven't learned enough or been clean long enough to have come to my own personal conclusion.
5890854 tn?1377268232 I was prescribed Cymbalta and it made me feel exactly like the Zoloft did for you. Drove my anxiety thru the roof as well as my depression. I took it the first day, day 10 and havent taken it since. On day 15 now. Thought it to be better to do this naturally and use all these ill feelings as a tool to NOT go back to these evil pills. Im still feeling depressed although not nearly as bad as I was 5 days ago. Give it time without the AD is my opinion.
Avatar n tn monosodium glutamate (MSG) and other excitotoxins in foods and beverages can induce a panic disorder low magnesium can magnify this effect avoid MSG, aspartame, hydrolyzed proteins, vegetable protein, isolated protein, soy products (including soy protein isolates, soy protein and soy milk), natural flavoring, sodium or calcium caseinate and others.
Avatar f tn (flight of ideas, rapid speech, excessive spending, excessive sexual activity, and all around crazy irrational s***) Let me give you some examples, These all happened on benzos with the exception of 1 time I was put on Cymbalta and drank hard liquor heavily the whole time I was on it. So twice I moved across the country on a whim, with people I barely know, only to stop benzos and then go into a deep depression for months.
Avatar f tn Hi there! The other drugs available for treating fibromyalgia are Cymbalta, Savella, and gabapentin. Cymbalta is a FDA approved serotonin norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor. Neurotransmitters like serotonin and nor epinephrine metabolism is altered in fibromyalgia so it may help. Savella which is a selective serotonin and nor epinephrine dual reuptake inhibitor is FDA approved drug for use in fibromyalgia. Savella increases norepinephrine and serotonin activity in the brain.
Avatar n tn they dont know why but these seem to balance out the neurotransmitters in the brain for both the depressive and the manic moods.. you may want to talk to your psychiatrist about bipolar disorder.. good luck...
Avatar f tn My question has to do with Vistaril and the weight gain issues that can be associated with it. On December 14, 2016, my pdoc put me on 25mg of Vistaril to be taken 3 times per day, but I wasn't getting any benefits from the medication. (I also take 60 mg. of Cymbalta; 40 mg. of Geodon twice per day; and 1 mg. of Klonopin - up to three times per day.). I've tried many other combinations of medicines in the past. I was prescribed the Vistaril for breakthrough anxiety.
574118 tn?1305138884 But, either way, these medications have a more profound affect one or two neurotransmitters than anticoncvulsants do and, as such, if you're BP, they can cause an increase in mood swings. Now, if you're not BP, these do stabilize your mood, because, for whatever reason, your brain isn't getting a big enough dose of that neurotransmitter or is getting too much of it. Essentially, with BP folks; we have a deficiency or a surplus of these neurotransmitters, but it changes on us.
Avatar m tn In the brain alone there are 183 different neurotransmitters. Two major neurotransmitters are serotonin and catecholamines, which includes norepinephrine, epinephrine, and dopamine. Although this is the focus of this webpage, sometimes additional neurotransmitters such as acetylcholine, histamine and GABA must be considered in a comprehensive successful program. For years it has been known in medicine that low levels of Serotonin and/or Norepinephrine can cause many diseases and illness.
1128565 tn?1316724743 What helped me during the cold trukey Cymbalta withdrawal was low activity level and avoiding walking and moving my head too much. I would watch tv or stay in bed. Just going for a walk could give me 50 brain zaps in 20 min while when I was watching tv I had none. You need to stay relax and avoid too much activity because activity is demanding on your neurotransmitters. Healthy diet is another important thing.
Avatar m tn Im seeing a pyschriatrist in a couple weeks and gonna ask her what she thinks, anyone here taken it? #2, i been taking lorazepham .5 mg's cause i cant sleep well, well now its starting to wear off, what do u use if u have trouble sleeping? Should i ask my G.P about ambien? I dont wanna go near xanax, i hear its too addicting! I just want to sleep well!!!
Avatar n tn Anyway, I have reviewed and compared all the SSRI's /SNRI's and how they affect me and it seems that ONLY Paxil XR , Zoloft were the best for me, and believe it not, Cymbalta that I was just on and only went off because of the severe Constipation and Insomnia mainly but it never seem to bother or exacerbate my PVC's, even though that affects both neurotransmitters, norepinephrine AND serotonin.
1697690 tn?1329127238 I have been using a lot lately, maybe 400mg of oxycontin and then add in the heroin and it just is killing me. I am so miserable lately. I didnt really notice it til a few weeks ago, but i know i am not hte person i once was. I am so depressed all day, i dont want to do anything, i isolate from all the people who care about me, my thoughts are so impulsive, i am literally self destructing and bringing everything down around me.