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714288 tn?1243257791 lol Maybe someone else can tell you their experience on cymbalta without the methadone and you can improvise accordingly. good luck http://www.cymbaltawithdrawal.
Avatar f tn As anyone took cymbalta while on methadone treatment? I am moving and have so much pain in back and osteoarthritis, I think I will start taking the cymbalta.
Avatar n tn I got off the methadone and now I'm on 120mg of Cymbalta and 6 percocet a day and I'm funtional. I 'm back to cooking dinner, washing clothes, shopping, stuff I didn't do for months. My husband tells me how nice it is to have his wife back. From what I have read, these drugs really mess with you brain and craves more so you hurt to get more.Weaning slowly does work for me, if I'm gonna stop then I have to just stop. I can't see going 2-3 months to wean off.
Avatar n tn It is a little early yet, and not that many folks are around. My experience with Methadone was very short-term, and it was many moons ago, so I cannot share much personal experience. However, I do know several folks on this forum who have had experience with it. If you can hang around, or check back, I am certain you will receive advise and suggestions from those more knowledgable than I am. I answered your post just to let you know that you are not being ignored.
1345272 tn?1276403928 I am currently on methadone and have been for about a year now, and i am dealing with a lot of anxiety and depression. I have been on celexa for about 7 years and the doctor decided that i have become immune to it, so he is putting me on wellburtin. I haven't tried it yet because i havent heard good things so far and am a little worried. I'm also concerned about side effects from taking the two drugs together even though the doctor said it wouldn't be a problem.
Avatar n tn I use Cymbalta for abdomen, neck and hand pain and Fibromyalgia. It does a good job for me. There are some unpleasant side effects such as nausea and being light headed upon standing being the worst for me. I tried Neurontin and Lyrica. I couldn't take the side effects from either of those two. I've experienced life without Cymbalta. Without it my pains levels are considerably higher. My mood is much better on it. All in all, it's well worth the unpleasant side effects for me.
Avatar n tn and now I am hooked on Methadone (May God Save Me). I am totally powerless over this addiction and know exactly how you feel...I will pray for you and you do the same, please, because "we" are all "we" have...
Avatar f tn I have craved it several times, today being one of the harder days. Part of the reason is I have tapered off of Cymbalta and am now on day 3 without it. I have to say the withdrawals have really caught me off guard. I have electricity shooting through my body but mostly through my head, dizziness, achiness, insomnia, runny nose, canker sores, upset stomach and stomach ache, tingly arms, touchy skin, headache, mood swings and irrational thoughts.
Avatar f tn Hello,I was wondering if anyone can tell me if antidepressants help after coming off of Methadone? If anyone has some suggestions I would be thankful. Thanks,Lasherslaugh.
Avatar m tn Day 12 off Methadone here. My Dr. prescribed me Cymbalta to help with the deppression and anxiety which I have suffered with for the last 16 years and of course now is infinitly amplified. Supposed to take 30mg/day for the first week then step it up to 60mg/day there after. I took it the first day (Fri) and it made me feel all jittery like I drank 10 monsters. Didnt take it yesterday. I know it takes about a month to start working completely but I didnt like the feeling I had.
Avatar m tn Ones I ran out of doctors willing to prescribe them, from there I went to heroin . I have tried methadone, subuxone and other meds to kick the addition but I keep coming back to it because it's the only thing that takes my pain away and gives me energy. I truly feel horrible without it and can not accomplish anything. I've read that cymbalta have helped others like me. I know that it is also addictive but I rather take a pill than shoot up. I'm looking for advice.
Avatar n tn got sick my first day off, so took 4 5mg vics yesterday and a cymbalta. this mornig i've only taken 1 5mg vic. (which doesnt do sh*t for me but help a little) however the cymbalta seem to be working wonders. i have a better outlook, feel stronger mentally, and its helping with the pain. has anyone else tried this approach?
Avatar f tn Has any one here been on antidepressants while on methadone? Alot of drugs for fibro and arthritis are blocked by the methadone, so I am hoping the antidepressants could do their job while I treat for hep c. I am on 120 MG at this time, coming down from 160 in a year. Feedback welcome!
Avatar f tn lower back & right leg pain NOT very consistent 2001 after 2nd pregnancy. lower back & right leg pain VERY consistent 2006 after 3rd pregnancy. 2007 the start of wanting to chop my right leg off every night from the constant pain. 2008 dr prescribed me every pain med to try what helps. Tramadol 50mg 1/3xs a day was the winner! later that same year got in 2 car accidents. 1st one was horrible. hit from behind on the highway, spun around, & flipped over a couple of times.
648944 tn?1241473294 For the past two years I have taken various non narc meds for my pain; Neurontin, Tramadol, Lyrica, and even tried therapeutic doses of Effexor and Cymbalta. Eventually this got to the point that it required the addition of narcotics, and was up to 5 10/325 Norco per day. I was surprised when my PM doc mentioned Methadone to me to control my pain rather than increasing my Norco again.
Avatar f tn I finished my treatment in November, 2017 (made a plan with my dr and send form 3mils/week). I used to be on seroquul, cipralex, clonazepam and methadone and I quit other meds cold turkey. The first two weeks were full of physical pain, fatigue, anxiety, suicidal bothersome thoughts, also quit smoking ciggs the day I had my last metgdone dose. Here is a catch, I've never ucinated on drugs but I did once I was done with federally approved methadone.
1511671 tn?1316567803 s a very strong pain killer, and is essentially killing all emotions and feelings. I have been on methadone for 8 years, and unfortunately it has only gotten worse. It takes work to make those around you happy. You have to just have sex, and once you start you will probably want to anyway! If it saves your relationship with someone you love it is worth it,and after awhile your sex drive will naturally comeback, as will enjoyment.
Avatar f tn Over the years I have traded one addiction for another and you know the most recent I was taking 20 to 50 vicodin a day 10mg-325, morphine 30mg-3 to 5 a day, 80mg oxy-1 and 10mg of methadone-5 that is crazy and I weigh 110 and I am 5'7. I recently went to an amazing doctor sick sick sick!!!! He put my on this coctail of generic cheap meds! I felt kind of sick for the first 3 days then I just felt heavy like I weighed 250 and dizzy.
Avatar f tn yes u need to talk to ur doctor and dont just jump off u need to come down real slow maybe cause of ur age u could speak to him about the methadone tabs that any doc can write out so that u dont have to go into the clinic daily also iv been on methadone for 10 yrs and im on 2mgs now well four days ago i stoped and i am now haveing small doses of subutex because of the narltraxzone in it im hopeing it will take the methadone out quick i will stop takeing the sub ater 1 week because withdrawal iv
Avatar f tn I use to take opiate based drugs and got off of them with methadone and suboxone. I still had major pain and 10-12 years ago tramadol got popular was something they never thought could be abused but I learned after 150mg (3 pill) that it was, So here I am today trying to stop! My doctor wrote a script for Cymbalta 60mg nine months so I could stop taking so many tramadol. He thinks I am only taking 8 a day the max but I take between 10-16 a day.
Avatar n tn I have been on the same dose (50mgs) of methadone for severe pain control for seven years. I was recently dx. with Central Sleep Apnea, and read that it could be caused by methadone and xxanyx . . (I take.5 mgs xanyx at night for sleep). Also, I moved to Iowa recently, and my regular MD here decided she didn't want to prescribe for pain control anymore..So I'm having a hard time finding a MD to presribe methadone..but suboxin docs are easier to find (is it the money?
1852582 tn?1319563812 Have you checked around your area for methadone Clinics? If not then start NOW and get in and established and make sure you research all of them..there are some that are not reputable and will treat you like crap!! make sure you get your medical records to show them what type of patient you were so they can see you were taking it for pain and the doctor is the one that has decided for what ever reason, to stop prescribing shows the clinic you are a resposible person???
1064938 tn?1255285919 Stay strong, and once you get through this horrible nightmare it will be enough for you never to want to touch methadone/opiates again, i promise. Love and prayers go out to you, if you need anything or want to talk just message me.
1676272 tn?1307301854 every withdrawal is different but methadone can mess with you a wile keep posting ....good luck and God bless........
401095 tn?1351395370 how many had success with CT? tapering down and then quitting their DOC? SUB and now off of sub? methadone and now off of methadone? real stories from those who have made the 30 day clean mark from all narcotics and how u got u felt and advice u would pass on? the toughest time/like the first week/first day etc? what u would do different if u had to do it all over again...?
Avatar n tn you said norco and methadone withdrawal? Hydro WD is small potatoes compared to methadone. Are you taking methadone?
Avatar f tn Most here will discourage methadone as it's highly addictive and withdrawals are long and severe. However, it doesn't seem you have too many options. I've heard of Suboxone used to treat pain, but doubt it's usefulness other than just a replacement drug. There have been a few members in this forum who were in pain management that when detoxed found that their pain threshold was compounded by the pain medication and became managable with over the counter medication.
Avatar f tn Hi and welcome!! I never had any experience with Methadone but many on here did. I do know that the wd's from this can be brutal by what others have said. Keep checking back as others will chime in.
Avatar f tn I am on a mood stabilizer (lamictal), a aytipical antipsychotic (another mood stabilizer) seroquel that helps with sleep and cymbalta which is an SNRI. I was on SSRI's (prozac and celexa) for years but it did nothing for me. I will be weaned from these when I get closer to 6months sobriety. It help me so much. I feel great for the most part. It took a while for the levels to build up in my system before I started getting the full effect.
1511671 tn?1316567803 I want to be functional and just have some moments without being in pain. I hope the Methadone eventually works and if it doesn't what else is there without Tylenol in it? Anyone get any good results from a certain drug that doesn't make you a zombie or overly tired?