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Avatar f tn I have started on Cymbalta 4 weeks ago, 60mg and have found no pain releif, but have found that im getting some energy back. Is it known to be benificial to be on cymbalta and lyrica at the same time? any recomendations i would greatly appriciate!!!!!!
177382 tn?1253044740 it was originally developed for people with neuropathic pain from diabetes. I had terrible back pain, tingling in my toes that drove me crazy all night long, and pins and needles feelings in my lower legs and feet. Cymbalta saved my life, I tried paxil it made me feel like I was in a daze i was not myself i could hear myself talking very slowly but it didn't seem like it was me talking. It was weird. As for the depression aspect it also helped tremendously.
Avatar f tn For the past 10 years I had been dealing with terrible acid reflux, nausea, headaches, lower back pain and sleeplesness. I suspicioned the Cymbalta.... As the reflux progressed to almost excruciating proportion, painful lower back misery and having to take meds nightly to sleep I decided to stop the Cymbalta cold turkey.... WOW! Then came the dizziness, the infamous "brain snaps", mental fog ten times worse than fibro fog.
900697 tn?1246542502 Even if he thought it was just back pain and not RA, an antiinflammatory, muscle relaxer and something for the pain are fairly standard treatments.
Avatar f tn Presently taking 60mg Cymbalta, for chronic lower back pain. Helping somewhat,for the pain, but not for the depression, or anxiety.Does anyone know,can an SSRI, be added,as a med for the depression/anxiety?
Avatar f tn I have chronic lower left rib pain, back pain, etc... I'm extremely stressed out all the time. My doctor gave me cymbalta and I felt like a new person. No pain, energy. I loved it. But I had a rare side effect (of course) where I had trouble urinating and I had to stop taking it. While I was on it, it really helped me. Now I'm back to constantly hurting and aching.
Avatar n tn My pain management dr. has treated my burning low back pain with 3 epidurals and recently tried a facet injection. The pain is so bad that it hurts to set or lay down for even short periods. No pain while walking or standing. Pain dr. considering radiofrequency to cauterize nerves. MRI shows slightly bulging disc and arthritis in lumbar L4/L5. No known injury. Is dr. on target or are there other reasons for this type of pain?
Avatar f tn I went from 30MG to 60MG last year, mostly to try and improve pain from surgery and neurological problems, but also to treat depression. After a year on the 60MG, I am reducing it back to 30MG, due to excessive sweating. I have had good success with it, though, and am continuing on it. I've gained weight, but it's unclear whether that was from menopause or not being able to exercise as much as I used to, and diet.
712802 tn?1274649085 I would pace at night! I did get off abilify when I got back and am just on Cymbalta now and am better but I am experiencing things like headaches and heart palpitations so may be getting off Cymbalta, too.
Avatar f tn I'd like to ask you some more questions if it's alright. Does your Pain Clinic also offer Pain Medication or just the Epidurals and RFA's and procedures? Unfortunately, some PM Clinics are like that and don't offer any type of Medications. If that is what this PM Clinic does then you need to keep looking until you find a PM Clinic that will offer you more than just the procedures.
314833 tn?1263263099 I took only two days of 30 mg cymbalta and felt awful (pain in all my body and electrical shocks in my entire body). I stopped two days ago and will see a doc tomorow. I had been OK with 50 mg Zooloft, 300 mg Neurontin and occasional 0.5mg Klonazepam. Don't know what I will be taking now. I use the Klonazepam when I get high HR. I had tried another SNRI last year (Pristique) and it too made me feel awful.
329994 tn?1301666848 I am 49 years old and I suffer from lower lumbar disc herniation and spinal stenosis. I take Vicodin for the lower back pain and I also suffer from peripheral neuropathy. The right leg and feet with the hot burning and needles and pins feeling. Gets real bad at night time and I can't sleep. So will Gabapentin 400 mg 3 times a day help me?? Or should I take something else Please someone give me some info.
Avatar m tn Spinal stenosis can cause a lot of nerve pain (burning throughout the low back into the hips, pulsating throb and achiness in the low back and hips, shooting pain and pins and needles sensation that runs through the buttocks and hips and down one or both legs). Nerve pain is best treated with anti-convulsants and SNRI/SSRI anti-depressants. Neurontin (generic: Gabapentin) or Lyrica (generic: NA) and Cymbalta (generic: NA) are good medications to try to help with this pain.
Avatar f tn A few weeks ago I woke up with extreme pain in my lower back, making it even harder to sit upright, bend, walk, etc. I also have unexplained swelling in my right knee, and my right ankle swells when I have busy days. Please. This "injury" impacts my entire life. I just want some answers.
Avatar f tn It turns out I am allergic to it but my reaction to the Cymbalta caused me to have panic attacks, severe back pain, and extremely heightened sensitivity to sensations. The back pain was in my lower back. The pain was very bad, the worst I have ever felt in my back. I had to hunch over when sitting/standing because it helped the stiffness in my back but not the pain.
Avatar f tn I know that weaning off of cymbalta causes a myriad of side effects with brain zaps being the worst. I have researched to see if there is a link between coming off of cymbalta and this problem with my blood sugar. The only thing that has changed in my life is the reduction of cymbalta from 1-60 mg pill every day to 1 pill every other day. This week I am dropping to 1 pill every 3 days. Do you know if there is a correlation and if so, is there anything I can do to counteract it?
867787 tn?1318939830 it helps me with my irritability and some nerve pain. it was originally given for my spinal pain due to neck and lumbar injury prior to having the doctors label me with a demyelinating disease. i didn't take much meds for my symptoms for years and there were consequences for that decision as i look back. i do not normally work well with ADs but this one is ok. i had to go to a lower maint dose due to the normal maint dose zonked me too much for my taste.
Avatar m tn 37 y/o male Same symptoms as the above Pain/discomfort in lower right groin and lower back that also seems to radiate to the right testicle or the opposite. I'm not too sure where it starts. Physical exertion, lifting weights or pushing on the areas cause no additional pain. Seems to get worse after sitting for a 30 minutes or longer. No changes in urine or semen. No discharges or burning. No STD's. No hernia.
1094370 tn?1317138425 I just wonder if I stopped the Cymbalta, if all the neuropathy would come back in full force and I also wonder what if my body gets used to the Cymbalta if that is what is making me feel better and then it stops working...then what? UGH.....
Avatar n tn pain and stiffness in hips and lower back, especially after being in bed for a few hours. And by the time I get up in the morning, I'm so stiff I can barely get out of bed. After reading ryanmitton's post from April 2007, I decided to try a harder mattress as a test. In our home office we have an old cotton futon. It is rarely slept on, but I gave it a try one night. I woke up feeling 90 percent better than I have in months! The next issue was how to make our usual bed more comfortable.
Avatar n tn , My right hip is swollen, my back @ the sacrum is verypainful and swollen. My knees bother me and I have swelling heat and tenderness to the touch at my neck. I have consant muscle spasms in my neck, shoulders and upper chest. My right upper leg hurts as does the base of my scull. I am taking oxycodone 30mg and cybalta. The cymbalta only helps with my anxity, it does not touch the pain. The oxycodone helps with pain but it only lasts for about 3 hours. What is wron with me?
Avatar f tn I'm guessing that would be the Cymbalta because it is given for pain and mood and that always seems to be #1 priority. Pain relief itself can give you a little extra zip. Both of these drugs are often started at lower doses so your system can get accustomed to having them on board. It the original dose works, great. If not, the dose can be increased. Nuvigil does need to be taken first thing in the morning so it doesn't keep you awake at night.
Avatar f tn I had a hysterectomy 2 months ago due to a severe case of endometriosis. I had a lot of back pain & I thought after I had a hysterectomy that pain would go hasn't yet. I was wondering if cymbalta would be good for my back pain? My lower back hurts a lot & I didn't know if they would complicate things. I just want some answers...maybe you can help.
Avatar f tn After my sencond one- I noticed some time later that I had pain in my lower right abdoment and groin area - I dismissed it thinking that I had just put my body thru too much -- 2 miscarragies in a short period of time - and that my body was just taking time to heal. Anyway finally I went to the dr. and after months of misdiagnosis - turned out I had endometiosis. Went thru different medications and shots - pain persisted. I ended up having a full hysterectomy.
Avatar f tn Ask if you should back off the Cymbalta and titrate back up on the Zoloft. Take it all a bit more slowly so to speak. Let us know what they say.
Avatar n tn Sleeping is getting more difficult because I have such severe burning in my thighs and legs and lower back pain.I work full time and am 51 years old. Not working is not an option for me- I like my job but being on my legs and constant pain is a struggle for me- it leaves me with little energy for anything outside of my job. Is the extent of the disc extrusion and tear correlate to the ammount of pain? I am willing to go anywhere so I can have my life back.
Avatar f tn I hope it gets better soon, or I'd get in touch with the doc and have a readjustment of the dose and see if it could be set up a 3-6 month plan of slowly getting lower and lower, and if maybe another antidepressiva could take it's place in a little lower dose and taper off step by step.
Avatar n tn Hi my name is John I had a microdiscectomy last May it took away my leg pain but I was left with chronic low back pain and spasms, so I went back to the surgeon and had more scans but he said he was happy and told me that to keep swimming and it would sort its self out but I done everything tons on core work swimming five times a week and so on but I got no better and I was left with a high hip as well.