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Avatar m tn Cymbalta 60 Lexapro 10 Concerta 36
Avatar m tn 60 Cymbalta 10 Lexapro Feeling very fatigued after work.
1185895 tn?1266608090 Clonazepam and Cymbalta are safe together and are often prescribed together. But if you're getting weird symptoms from the clonazepam, you should contact your doctor about this and ask him how to taper off. You need to take something for the panic attacks, so going back to your doctor is advisable to determine if maybe the Cymbalta alone is the way to go.
Avatar f tn Your post is a little confusing -- did you taper off the Zoloft, or go off cold turkey, or switch to Lexapro, or are you on both Zoloft and Lexapro and now Cymbalta? Going off any of these meds abruptly, even if you switch to another, can trigger a withdrawal, which is why I'm asking.
Avatar f tn I initially got off of it to switch to cymbalta. I took the cymbalta for three weeks and decided to stop all together. I am doing this while under a physicians care, but he doesn't seem to be interested in answering any of my questions. So, I was just wondering how long will this take? I feel terrible. I am dizzy and disoriented and weak and nausiated. I can barely get through my day to day routines.
1258539 tn?1293840202 Cymbalta worked for me for a short period, then I was switched to Lexapro and a mild generic klonopin and together they make me feel much better.
Avatar m tn I was on Cymbalta and experienced those side effects, but was much better after switching to Lexapro. Good luck!
Avatar f tn Decrease Cymbalta; Add Lexapro; Add Saphris
Avatar n tn I am currently taking cymbalta and have been for 2 years. It works well on my depression. However, since it is a newer antidepressant there hasn't been much research done on it as to weaather it to the fetus. My doctors have suggested that I stop taking the cymbalta but do not seem to have any suggestions of an antidepressant that I can take in place of it that will be safe. Cymbalta has worked well for me. Unfortunately, not taking an antidepressant during pregnancy is not an option for me.
Avatar n tn The average dose for Cymbalta is 60mg per day, and although some doctors do prescribe it 120mg per day...there is no evidence to prove that it helps any more than the 60 mg per day. The maximim dose for Prozac is 80mg per day so you're still below the highest dosage on that one. I doubt your doctor will increase the Cymbalta anymore, and if he tries to...find another doctor! Best wishes.
535882 tn?1396576685 I have taken Cymbalta and it helped me, but I could not tolerate the side effects. Yesterday my PMP gave me an Rx for Lexapro. I took Lexapro a couple of years ago and it also helped me, but again I quit taking it because of side effects. I think both meds are good meds and can help you, but as sandee1818 said - everyone reacts differently to different meds and it does take a while for it to build up in your system so you begin to get the effects. Good luck, I hope the Lexapro helps.
Avatar n tn Call a pharmacist. Walgreens are usually open 24 hours. lol. I call them all the time with questions like that. I take an Lexapro with my klonopin. Klonopin is a benzo, and Lexapro is an antidepressant. What's trazodone? Is that another benzo? Are you taking 2 benzos at the same time? Call your Dr. and ask or call a pharmacist. Good luck to you.
772020 tn?1434994216 I am having thought and feelings I havent had in many years and I want to switch back to the Lexapro. I also take 1mg of Clanozapam in the morning. As of today, I did not take the Cymbalta and am going to go back to the Lexapro tomorrow. Any thought?
Avatar m tn Hello, I have been on 10mg of Lexapro since September 2010 and I must admit that is has helped with anxiety and depression. At first i had energy and didn;t have sleep issues but for the past couple of months i've been very sluggish and groggy. The doc decided to switch me to Cymbalta. I will start at 30mg and work my way up to 60 mg. I'm a little concerned about making the switch because it makes me wonder if the whole gettting on a medication process will take place all over again.
Avatar n tn t work as well over the years and she recommened I try cymbalta. I weaned off lexapro at 10 mg for 7 days stopped then started taking cymbalta 30 for 5 days. I hated the way the drug interacted with my system and stopped 4 days ago. MY withdrawal symptoms are awful. I am dizzy, dizzy and emotional. I am on omega 3 and b12 but no relief. I am sleeping well....almost like I could sleep all the time. They have improved somewhat but just wondering how long this goes on.
Avatar m tn You must know that one size does not fit all concerning drugs. Some people had a bad experience with Lexapro and went to Cymbalta and it was a life saver and the same is true for Cymbalta. Final word, I woud choice between Lexapro and Cymbalta and you must note that i'm not a doctor and you should talk about it with you doctor prior making a decision.
Avatar f tn I have been on Cymbalta and actually lost some weight. I'm on Lexapro now and had to back my dose down because I was putting weight on. I did find that the Cymbalta helped my back pain. I really hope it helps your headaches.
Avatar m tn my wife was on cymbalta last 4 years now she been on lexapro for last year..she has a terriable time rembering things..she even forget my 60th birthday..which i do not reminder her off because she would get this the right drug for her deppresion and anzinty.?
Avatar f tn My psychiatrist said that Cymbalta targets both seretonin and norephinephrine, so it is generally better for treating patients who have both depression and anxiety. I'm torn, though, because I'm taking Lexapro and while I don't feel great in terms of anxiety, I am not in a constant state of anxiety, like I was a few months ago. If I start Wellbutrin, it will be in addition to the Lexapro, so I feel like the only thing I would have to lose by trying it is some bad side effects.
1325193 tn?1450127436 Goodness sake my friend! Why are you SHOUTING? According to my reference materials, none of them state that you need to taper slowly off Lexapro. I was a little surprised. Lexapro reaches therapeudtic levels in 1-4 weeks, which you may not remember since it's been 8 years. Cymbalta MAY take anywhere from 4-8 weeks to reach therapeutic levels. That may be why you are feeling some anxiety now.
Avatar f tn Has anyone ever tried this combo? Did it work for you? My doc wants me to take Lexapro 10 mg for panic disorder and depression but I get sooo tired and told him that I'd need something more energizing to keep me going and get me off the couch, Wellbutrin XL works wonders in that regard. I haven't heard from the doc yet...maybe he thinks I'm crazy lol.
Avatar n tn My therapist wants me to take more Lexapro 20mg or switch to Cymbalta. Is this really wise in the middle of a semester? I am a student and Cymbalta is expensive. I also feel like I am gaining weight, but I am eating everything. I don't know if this is from the school stress and everything else in my life or if it has to do with the Lexapro. Sometimes I wonder if I should just give up! I also have a Dr. phobia. I probably have some other health problems that could be causing some of this.