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1627010 tn?1299446388 I changed all of her drops and cyclosporine drops are one of the ones I put her on. I put 1 drop in each eye 3 times daily. Her eye has improved some. I know it will always be with her, I just want her to be comfortable, not in pain or discomfort.
Avatar f tn Can I use restasis eye drops on my dog? The vet I use to have made his own eye drops for her and made her eye worse and I live in a small rural community and he's the only vet in the area so don't really want to trust him again.
Avatar m tn and the vet will probably prescribe cyclosporine drops to help the eye produce more tears. Before you use the cyclosporine drops, be aware that they will sting your dogs eyes, and long term use may contribute to kidney this over with your vet. Since your dog is 12 years old, please have annual bloodwork done on him to assess liver and kidney functions...bloodwork should be done on all senior dogs. Best Wishes for you and your dog.....
Avatar n tn However, I have been using cyclosporine drops 4xs a day which have been successful. These drops are not approved by the FDA they are generally used for dogs to relieve dry eye. Cyclosporine is also used as an anti rejection for organ transplant treatment. It may be difficult to get these drops as they need to be mixed by a pharmacist (mine happens to be in California) and have to be mailed to me.
Avatar n tn How iron clad is the expiration date for cyclosporine eye drops for dogs?
12270954 tn?1424407445 I don’t know if his eye will heal and be normal or if I’ll have to give him eye drops for the rest of his life, much less, which eye drops do I give him?! (tear production drops, artificial tears, Tacrolimus, Genteal, I-Drops, Collidad Silver) I don’t know if the Cyclosporine will help produce tears or if it will give him cancer. I don’t know if he will go blind or they will want to take his eye out! I know one thing for sure, the saliva duct surgery sounds awful! Sorry for going on and on.
Avatar n tn First of all, you want to stay away from products like Artificial Tears and other over-the-counter eye lubricants, because these products contain a form of soap as a stabilizer, and while they are fine for occasional use in normal eyes that just happen to be in a temporarily drying condition, for the lifelong treatment that will be needed for dry eye, the soap stabilizer will be too irritating. There are special preparations that contain cyclosporine that are used to treat KCS.
Avatar f tn she has been taking timolol eye drops for the swelling. since taking the eye drops the swelling in her eye is much better but it seems more sensitive and she mostly keeps it closed. Also she has a lot of discharge from the eye. Then yesterday her eye turned purple it was formerly red from the blood build up. her vet says it's nothing to worry about but i've never come across a dogs eye turning purple before. does anyone know if this is a normal side effect?
Avatar f tn To Dr. Michael J Kutryb: Does the eye drop Restasis possibly cause throat pain or infection because the eyes drain into the sinuses and then into the throat. I had a culture done because of throat pain and infection, it was negative. This started up a month or so after using the drug Restasis (cyclosporine) for dry eyes. I have had cataract surgery and I'm 56 years old. The infection is only on one side of my throat. My Internal Doctor isn't familiar with Restasis.
2216594 tn?1339413505 the Tear Test, glaucoma test, the prescribed optiimmune, the antibiotic/steroid combo, the eye drops (my little dog hates drops....) the suggestions for surgery for the tear duct deviation, the possible removal if all else fails, etc...My problems were compounded because I am not here to administer all of this every day: I travel for a living.
1108194 tn?1378424522 She is also on Glaucoma eye drops. She is experiencing extreme fatigue and she said her thoughts/memory seem fuzzy. How long do these side effects last? My mother is a small person who doesn't take any other medications except for the eyes. She works out everyday. She isn't up to that either. Does she have to get these every 4 weeks or can they space them out more or lesser dose? To continue, its it now about 10 days later and she is still fatigued.
Avatar m tn We have tried a couple of different forums but not much response. We also are trying to find out all the pros & cons before we have surgery done. Right now we are using Cyclosporine & Tacrolimus drops 3 times a day plus Genteal severe dry eye gel every hour (6AM –10PM) to keep his eyes comfortable. Luckily there is someone home all day. Our opto said he would check saliva just before the operation.
Avatar f tn We have noticed that her eye looks much better, and she keeps it open wide after we give her the drops. Her eye seems to start to get cloudy about 6 hours after her drops, would it hurt her to give her the drop 3 times a day, or should we wait and talk to the vet?
Avatar m tn Recently Its been diagosned that i am suffering from VKC. I have been taken to 5 different eye specialists for last 12 years. Since last year i am taking treatment at L V parsad hospital hyderabad. but i could not get exact cure as if i expect the problem to get cured within a year atleast. If someone can help me with this i will be really greatful towards them.
Avatar f tn I was giving my little 1 year old Maltese/Bichon Angel Glow for his eye staining. (for about 8 months or so) He developed dry eye. One morning he woke up and could barely open his little eyes. Took him to the vet. Treatment worked and he is now ok. I give him "idrops" in his eyes daily though. Could Angel Glow, somewhat like Angel Eyes, have caused this or is it just a malady of this type dog? Thank you.
Avatar f tn Thank you for your answer. I have been on Cosopt for 4 years and although I am of course very aware of the burning/stinging & blurred vision and the depression, I have also experienced 3 or 4 occaisions threw the 4 years of passing out and about 5 months after being on them developed Raynauds symptoms since being on it.
Avatar f tn The doctor has prescribed steroid drops for one month and if he does not see any improvement he wants to go for surgery. My question is how bad are the side effects of this drops and how long can you wait to have another surgery? Because the pterigyum does not bother me at all and I am against unnecesary surgeries. I also have heard that if you have these drops for more than a month it could have very serious side effects.
Avatar f tn Can tacrolimus eye drops and Cyclosporine ointment cause cancer in dogs? My precious dog, baby and best friend was diagnosed just last week with Transitional Cell Carcinoma in his bladder. It is a rapid growing cancer. I am completely heartbroken and am wondering if there was something I could've done to prevent this. He has been on these two eye medications for about a year. His name is Duke and he is a beautiful tri-colored collie and is a little over 10 years old.
Avatar n tn Are there any known side effects for Shen Calmer and Liver Happy Capsules? My dog has been taking them for about a week now. He is taking them for anxiety, no signs of relief yet, but no prescriptions have helped him so this is our last resort. The second day he vomited and the vet said she hadn't ever seen that so we have kept going.
Avatar m tn What kind of eye drops does the vet have her on? Are they cyclosporine drops?
1108194 tn?1378424522 To minimize the systemic effect of the glaucoma drops, she should close her eyes for 2 minutes after she instills the drops, and press with her finger tips on the inside corner of eyes by the nose, where the glasses pads would rest. This closes off the tear drainage duct, to prevent the drops from going down into the nose and throat and being absorbed into the blood stream.
Avatar f tn So, it is natural that he is always checked with dilation when we go for eye check up. But my feeling is that these drops somehow damages the outer layer of the eye. I am saying this because now-a-days my son gets a cut on his cornea without any reason. And it occurs as frequent as 6 months sometimes. I have noticed that it occurs just after the dilation is done, most of the times. Does anybody know of such incidence??? I feel very bad to see him go through such pain.
Avatar m tn I just went through cataract surgery in November. It can be very worth it but there is a lot of aftercare and there can be complications. My dog did not have any issues other than the cataracts except for some inflammation. After surgery we had to deal with one minor ulceration and one fairly major ulceration. She is now healed and doing great. She is no longer fearful like she became when she couldn't see, and no longer slamming into walls either!