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Avatar n tn People can develop any specific health issues at any time of course but if you mean if a child with a parent diagnosed with schizophrenia could potentially develop other psychiatric disabilities the question is clinically complex as there are theories that the range from bipolar to schizophrenia is a spectrum with bipolar with psychotic features and schizoaffective disorder in between (as well as other variants).
Avatar f tn I'm sure he's had patients with various other kinds of health issues besides hep C. many times before. Go to the appointment, and be honest and straightforward. Write down things before hand. That's all I can add other than to wish you good luck in going FORWARD !
Avatar f tn I've been on a statin for many months and now I'm diagnosed with heart arrhythmia. I've had foot pain that doc said is plantar facsitis and arthritis. (Was given diclofenac potassium 50mg in Dec 2015 for pain but it is not helping the pain). I had forgotten I had been diagnosed plantar facsitis over 5 yes ago but current pain is different location. Sometimes my feet feel swollen with the foot pain when exercising.
Avatar m tn Randomly during the day, triggered by some kind of movement I will get a sort of electric current sensation always starting in my lower back and spreading to my arms and legs. Never above the neck. Sometimes only the left side of my body, sometimes only the right side. I could also describe it as the feeling you get when you cut circulation off your arm from sleeping on it wrong, and when you wake up and move it so that the blood flows freely again, that kind of numb tingling you get.
Avatar m tn what is the Cleveland Clinic's position on Omega-3 for patients with coronary-related health issues? Are their any risks? In your opinion, are the stated benefits to heart health real? My Docs (GP and Cardio) say it's OK for me to take Omega-3, and I started this week with 2 grams per day. But, it would be great to know what you folks think about Omega-3 benefits/risks.
Avatar f tn What you have described could be caused by a number of health issues. And, being unhappy most of the time is a leading cause of depression, a doctor can Rx medication/s that can help her. Take your mom to a doctor for a head-to-toe health checkup asap.
11872907 tn?1421749267 My PCP's office sent me a letter that lists a bunch of "Current Health Issues" and one of them listed is Lupus. I don't understand why it lists Lupus. Let alone why they even sent me the letter. I do think I have Lupus, so I'm not super surprised but I have never been diagnosed with it by a Rheumatologist as far as I know. I mean I guess the Rheumatologist could have diagnosed me with it and just not told me, but I highly doubt it because that's a really serious health problem.
Avatar m tn Review of your past medical history is critical in today,s dental practice, it can avoid jeopardizing your general health via dental treatment. X-ray helps dentist identify hard tissue lesion which can not be seen by eyes.your dentist,s practice certainly meets current standard of care.
Avatar n tn My son is eight years old and on a monday and he complained of feeling dizzy and did not know where he was was. I asked questions like his name, age, where he lived, and who was the current president, and he answered all of the above correctly. Other symptoms was his legs feeling weak as if he was going to fall down. He just had dinner and was walking to the washroom when all of this happened. Also he said the room was spinning.
Avatar n tn But I still need to hear it from a doctor. What I want to know is, given the current medical knowledge of this virus, is it reasonable for me to believe that I can live my life normally at this current point in time, without 'having the talk', and engaging in sexual relationships, (either protected or not, answer for both) without posing a considerable(or any) risk of transmitting the ORIGINAL HPV virus that I contracted many years ago?
Avatar f tn Thank you for your comments. Perhaps I should wait to have any surgery. I can see with my current glasses and have few issues driving at night other than the glare from the lights. However, I seldom drive at night. I was hoping to have surgery that would allow me to see without glasses, but after reading the comments on this forum, I may be better off leaving things as is for now.
Avatar n tn I started going to a woman doctor because they understand better than men with women's health issues. You know your body and know when something is wrong - I'd make an appointment with a women doctor if possible. If your current doctor kind of blew you off, then switch doctors. There may be tests another doctor would run, like an ulstrasound to see if you have a fibroid tumor.
807129 tn?1245277127 how long did you reside there, and what was it that finally clinched your diagnosis? And then maybe, current limbolanders, how long have you been in limbo, and what do you think it is that's holding back your diagnosis? My answer: I have been in limbo for 6 years. I have multiple white matter lesions on brain MRI and family history of MS, but negative/normal everything else under the sun, and symptoms that do not exhibit the characteristic pattern for MS (i.e. not obvious attacks).
Avatar n tn I'm 26 yrs old Female Current Diagnosed conditions: Hashimotos Slight Slipping Hital hernia Vit D def. slight Iron def Anemia Acid Reflux (mild) (assuming associated with hernia) Medications: Levothyroxine 62.5 mcgs (started this new dose 3 days ago....was on 50) Dexilant (prev. Kapidex) started 4 days ago Vit. D poly-iron off and on...(hate those iron tablets) ANYWAYS...a little over a week ago...I had went for a walk...
Avatar n tn Anyone out there dealing with health anxiety? just wondering if anyone knows any good solutions to it... i constantly worry about my health.. worry that i have, or am getting, some horrible disease... i had a really bad health scare about 2 years ago, got a wrong diagnoses for a brain tumor.. since then, i have been a WRECK thinking that every ache and pain is the beginning of a fatal disease... not sure how to remedy these thoughts!!
Avatar m tn I am seeing more and more posts where people blame everything wrong in their relationships and life on having a horrible childhood, or their partner is horrible and then what eventually comes out is they wanted to live a cinderella story. Just out of curiousity does anyone take care of their "horrible past" before jumping in to a relationship?
Avatar n tn Wonderful that I don't pay a cent, but when there is something seriously wrong you need to go in and make DEMANDS. This is a current problem which isn't getting any better. Some of the things I've been tested for have not been ruled out 100% as Lupus for example can be very hard to catch, and may take several tests. Hemo told me that. when you read about alot of these things , often says near the end that sometimes these diseases/disorders can take years to diagnose.
16321 tn?1213294807 Is it me or is all of the system of mental health agencys revolve around on common result of treatment? That is Oppression! I had a great job with a commercial licence and plenty of endorsement on it till they shared with the state that I had taken some antidepressants and suspended my commercial priveleges. When my daughter was born from two of us client the family adoption services were all over us till they took her away for twenty years.
Avatar f tn It may be out of the system but there are support groups for people who may have behavioral or mental health issues to provide encouragement and remove that feeling of being alone. I'm not sure how the system is structured. Are you living in the UK?
Avatar f tn Unfortunately many people have experienced similar....i'm very very lucky to never personally experience mental health issues, I haven't a clue why but i've always been a happy go lucky optimist throughout my life. My mother has Bipolar and both my brothers and kids have Asperger's (Autistic Spectrum Disorder), which was enough for a general neuro I saw to get focused on a mental health causation before he even examined me.
360318 tn?1340396963 The only current health issue I have is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. I heard this makes it harder to lose weight. Its hereditary. I suddenly gained weight at 11 and I was active that whole summer and I gained weight. Its been a struggle ever since, but since my mom didn't have health insurance, I didn't find out until last year. I was always wondering why I kept eating healthy and working why was I not losing weight. I have had issues with my shoes.
Avatar m tn I think a lot of people with MS have the same struggle, whether it's blood pressure issues, back issues, mental health issues, etc. It's hard to know sometimes where one ends and the other begins and what's causing which symptoms. Hopefully your medical team can get to the bottom of it. Let us know how you get on!
Avatar f tn My current problem is that I started having other symptoms a couple of weeks before I even started on PrevPac. Indigestion, stomach bloat, gnawing pain in stomach usually accompanied by gas in stomach. This comes & goes throughout the day. I continued to have these symptoms on & off during the PrevPac treatment and still do. Could this all be related to an ongoing hp infection? I am still on Prevacid, twice/day.
Avatar f tn You should have a full discussion with your father's physician about all results, and what is provided here should not be a substitute for discussion with him/her about the results, as the physician knows his current health state far better and how these results fit into the greater picture. With that said, here are brief explanations of what you have written: For the echo: left ventricle has a normal size of cavity, but the walls of the ventricle are thickened (hypertrophy).
Avatar m tn This is my first time posting here, but I need to ask someone about this particular problem before I see a doctor (due to the cost of seeing a doctor and not having any health insurance). I've recently been afflicted with a painful tongue issue. The surface of my tongue is a whitish color with red spots interspersed. It's mild looking, but can be clearly seen in high resolution photographs as a sort of white, velvety coating. The red bumps aren't painful.