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Avatar m tn sir what is the exact email address where I write for this water I am 47 yrs young male Romanian with pkd with 3 little kids my creatine is 3.
Avatar m tn I am wondering if this could be allergy relatedwhen he has a spasm of coughing what had he been doing, eating, drinking , anything happening prior to it, is his breathing okay no asthma ? any fever , sore throat,certainly if its continuing take him back to the Doctor .
Avatar m tn I have offered her all my savings to find a cure but in my opinion she has lost interest in trying to find a cure for it as she has been referred to a london hospital and they put her on a/depressants and that worked for a while but then it reverted back again. She does take antihistamines but this doesnt seem to make any noticeable difference and when she eats sometimes she is almost coughing to the point of being sick.
380558 tn?1309042387 ALSO, if you look at my posts, they have BIG question marks at the end! If they were intended to say "I have a cure!" then they would SAY that! Since they said, "Cure for withdrawals??" they mean "Is this **** for real"????? Which THEN means, I'm AMAZED that there is something out there that can actually HELP me feel alot better! Honestly, when you posted "Don't count your chickens before they hatch" are you trying to be sarcastic?
1008544 tn?1256099088 Hi Roxy, I suffered for years too with allergies and my error, i found the cure for it. I was doing a prune juice cleans for one day. 16 ounce class of prune juice , followed by 16 ounce apple juice and 16ouce water every thirty minutes for 8 hours and the next day OMG my sinus was clear and I was like wha tthe heck, this is interesting.
Avatar m tn I was so determined to cure myself that i, stupidly, thought antibiotics would cure me. Oh no, I began getting coughing, sneezing, clearing throat, constantly! Now I'm in a position where I have just started a new job, I had the induction friday, sat round a table of which people were, coughing constantly. It was a horrible day to say the least. As to your question of what works, well, I have tried healthy diets and all the supplements, nothing had much effect.
Avatar n tn Hello, Anette. We are not medical professionals, just parents of diabetics or diabetics ourselves, so always check with your doctor about anything you find here. There are many companies who claim to have cures for diabetes based in herbs or special pills or something, but they are just hoaxes. That being said, there are ways to 'cure' diabetes, but they are not easy or cheap. One is called an islet cell transplant.
Avatar f tn Finding the cause of a chronic cough can often be difficult. It is clear from your message that you are familiar with the more common causes and that these have been checked-for and ruled out. The following is taken from an article that appeared in the Journal Lung. It addresses the issue of chronic cough historically and then provides information about some newer concepts regarding causes of such a cough. I have provided the article for you to share with your doctors.
Avatar n tn Usually the indoor pollution is much worse than outdoor, try opening up your window for 10 min a day to get fresh air in, using mite covers on pillows and bedding, buy a hepa vaccume cleaner and use it once a week (at least, also dust once a week with a damp cloth). I wear a face mask when I clean so I don't irritate my lungs. Try changing your sheets once a week. In addition to all of this I would see your doctor again to ask about a long term inhaler.
Avatar m tn I did not receive the DPT/DTP (Diphtheria/Tetanus/Polio) vaccination as a child and am traveling to India soon so will need to get the vaccine. I have looked for the regime of vaccinations for DTP in adults but have found only those relating to children's vaccinations. What is the adult course of immunization? How necesary is this vaccine when travelling to India? Is there any risk related to having the vaccination a couple of days before I leave for India?
Avatar f tn Hi im new here is there any organization here in the phils.who can support a medicines of free hepa profile test like me that dont have enough money to go for a profile test.i have a husband and 4 child my husband undergo some med.
1422375 tn?1285739629 Treatment for chronic cough depends on the cause of the cough. Asthma and allergies could certainly be possible, especially if he has a family history of them. Acid reflux is also a possible cause as acid can reflux up into the larynx and then be aspirated causing the cough. It is impossible however to "clear the esophagus" of anything by coughing.
Avatar f tn At the beginning of the month I got the upper respiratory virus that was going around so did the kids. all three of the kids stopped the coughing withing a week (so did the co-workers) I have asthma but I cannot get rid of the productive cough.
Avatar f tn Does HPV cause coughing.
Avatar f tn So my kids will stay with friends if he comes earlier.. Did any of you with older kids pack overnight bags for them in advance or just wing it when/if it became necessary?