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Avatar f tn I do Shannon Dougherty prenatal work out series. It's on the All Fitness app on my roku, free. Might be on you tube. It's great!!
Avatar f tn //www.livestrong.
Avatar f tn Go on to YouTube and look at some videos on there.
362249 tn?1441315018 If you have not and you need something new and different then go to youtube and try one of these videos, they are GREAT!! I like to change things up and i been doing tae bo online but i thought i would try the ab boot camp one and OMG im sweating so much!! I love Billy Blanks hes learned how to put all those fancy crunch movements into a standing up postion, thats the best part i hate getting on the floor!! And he knows you gets cramps so he always does a move then says ok walk it out!!
Avatar f tn Peak 8 actually stimulates the growth hormone in the body. I encourage you to visit Dr Mercola’s site to learn more about Peak 8 fitness because I personally feel that it is one of the best ways to exercise, especially considering the speed at which you can lose fat and build muscle.  I highly recommend you read this article and watch the videos on the page.
522699 tn?1250590716 v=gqseGyvWG1g I like the exercise balls and there is much that can be done with that. There are series of youtube videos to show you many, many exercises. The balls are not overly expensive. Please let me know what you think! Best wishes and happy repititions!!!
Avatar f tn I agree that you should eat as few processed foods as possible. I don't agree that you need to invest in a guided fitness plan. Look up some yoga videos or pilates, etc... even "walk" videos, where you walk to a DVD... love doing those, when I can't get outside.
Avatar f tn I downloaded the apps "Daily Workouts free" and "Lose Weight Fitness and Workouts", those two apps have a ton of workouts for targeted areas or your whole body. They are also short videos so they show you how your body is supposed to be positioned. Daily Workouts also times you in intervals. Hope this helps if you're able to download apps. I also have the app "Fitness Buddy", but I haven't looked at it as much, that one looks more targeted towards men.
Avatar f tn want to stretch your legs, you could look up YouTube videos like Leslie Sansone. She does walk at home fitness videos.
616227 tn?1251076398 Wow .. I kind of like the color and the upbeat smiling attitude of this guy. He keeps me smiling and makes me happy even when I'm feeling a little down. Here's another one of his with not so much "color" .. loll When I don't want to exercise or am "making excuses" .. I go to his exercise videos because my frown and hesitancy turns into a smile and active participation.
Avatar n tn lunges and biceps curls, seated shoulder presses on the fitness ball, squat jumps, bench presses, abdominal crunches on the fitness ball, deadlifts, bent-over rows, tricep curls and burpees. Again, allow yourself 15 seconds to move from one exercise to another. Repeat the circuit three times and take a three- to five-minute break between the circuits. If you google each exercise you should be able to see how each is performed. Before doing anything get the OK from your doctor!!
Avatar f tn Recently was introduced to seasoned seaweed. Its got the crunch, flavor, and it good for you. My kids even liked it.
579258 tn?1250649343 Wellllllllllllllllllll I bought some kettle corn and you guys are right (again) .. it helps with that crunch carb flavor behavior I'm needing to fulfill when I get that carb crunch urge!
572651 tn?1530999357 They have been advertising several fitness DVDs, all free. I haven't ordered any yet because I'm doing several other fitness things, including PT, but I do think they're a good idea. Can't see any downside.
Avatar f tn reading articles and watching videos has helped me! i definitely recommend "business of being born". it was an eye opener for me. it's a free youtube documentary.
Avatar f tn I do pilates and some strength training, there are lots of good exercise videos on you tube for prenatal fitness. Squats are great, with a wider stance to acomadate the belly, pliate squats are perfect, you can lift light weights. Just listen to your body and dont push yourself too hard.
Avatar m tn The most effective abdominal exercises include the bicycle crunch, reverse crunches and crunches on an exercise ball. Do abdominal exercises at least two days a week, performing one to two sets of 10 to 20 repetitions of each exercise. The Peak 8 routine it will quickly raise your heart rate 8 times for very short bursts, with a cooling down period in between. Ideally you’ll be sprinting or cycling full throttle for 30 seconds with a 90 second cool down in between each outburst.
148588 tn?1465778809 The Supreme Court just dealt a blow to the Center for Medical Progress, a California-based anti-abortion group that released a series of videos in which Planned Parenthood employees appear to discuss the sale of fetal tissue. David Daleiden, the pro-life auteur behind the videos, asked Justice Anthony Kennedy to block an order from a district judge to hand over the names of his organization’s supporters and donors.
Avatar f tn Or if your looking for something more quick they have a series of three short videos all of which work on different parts.
Avatar m tn Hi, I am a healthy individual. for the past year, I noticed that after each intercourse with different partners I get an infection in my crunch are, usually red "pimple" like infection with some crusting which is warm to touch and painful. I usually use chlorhexidine and an ointment antibiotic such as "Fucidin" or "dermacombin" and it heals in a couple of weeks. this issue is very frustrating and affects my sexual life.
5900973 tn?1396064391 I am starting to feel like it's crunch time for getting ready for baby. I want to wash everything and get it put away but I am trying to wait until after my baby shower which is Feb 22. Im due April 11. And I have alot of cleaning and organizing I want to do around the house. I have made a list hoping to make it more manageable and checking it off as I go. How are you ladies doing for getting ready? I also need to finish up my birth plan, figure out what i want to pack in my bag.