Cramping but no period yet

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Avatar f tn havnt got my period yet 11 days late gettng sever cramps but no period needing to pee and feeling sick all morning any ideas???
Avatar n tn I have tested 5 days before my period (negative) and the day of and today, all negative. I felt mild cramping but no period yet. Could it be because i stopped birth control that i havent gotten it, or am i pregnant? I have been extremely tired since the spotting and very emotional, boobs sore sometimes not always though. what could it be?
1966924 tn?1325617480 It could mean your just going to start late but I'll tell you this, I'm 19 weeks now but around the time I was supposed to have by last period which would have been September but never came, I had very bad period like cramps for days but since I never started I took a pregnancy test and it was positive. I would get a home pregnancy test ASAP just to be sure. Hope this helps.
Avatar f tn On day 29 (this month) I had bright red spotting when I went to the bathroom then light brown spotting 2 days following. It's day 37 now still cramping but no period. Can you give me any answers? I have not tested yet.
118884 tn?1270478379 No I dont have the same pain as you, going from one side to the other. BUT now that you are mentioning it im starting to feel a pain on my left side again LOL can it be all in my mind? do you get the pains when you think about it or randomly during the day?
Avatar f tn So im Kinda of worried because I havent got my period yet, But last month I had got it on the 28 (do i need to wait a little more days?) also I been feeling a little cramping But no period yet .... What should I do?
1138242 tn?1262871297 AF was due on yesterday and is still a no show. I am not cramping or anything and my gums are swollen/tender. I feel great though. My breasts were burning a bit but they are fine now. I get really sleepy around 9 pm lately and typically fall asleep on the couch. I am pretty regular but my cylce fluctuates between 28 and 32 days. My last period started November 19. My husband and I made love every other day the week of Thanksgiving.
Avatar n tn I am having cramps not averse and not long but I am not even close to my period yet. I did have sex during and after my last period.
Avatar f tn Im suppose to be on my period this week but i havent started yet. Ive been cramping for about four days and the night before it started i was bleeding but it was only a lil pinkish and stopped. Right now i have a whitish discharge, no odor. Im on my birth control and take it on time every day. Is there anyway it could be anything besides pregnancy? If so what is it?
Avatar n tn I just finished my period about two weeks ago and today I have cramping and there is a small amount of blood. Can you help me understand what is happening?
Avatar n tn Yesterday I was experiencing cramping, similar to menstraul cramps, but no blood. Has anyone experienced this? Should I call my gyn. I usually run to the doctor for everything, my husband thinks I am worrying for no reason.
921878 tn?1244865169 Sarah women dont have a period whilst pregnant,some may bleed but it isnt a period.have you just found out your pregnant,or are you trying to.
Avatar n tn They havnt got that bad yet but thankyou I havnt had a appt with my on yet iv just had blood work so I have no idea what to expect and I'm freaking out a bit
Avatar n tn So I figured I had got back to normal pretty fast. However, for the last week or so I have had period cramps but no period. I don't think I'm due as it was only a couple of weeks ago that I had my last one but my cycle probably hasn't sorted itself out again. Does anyone have any ideas why I might be getting this pain?
1627026 tn?1347886152 I never had implantation cramping with my other pregnancies, but you know they say pregnancies are never the same. Could this possibly be implantation camping?
Avatar f tn no bleeding just cramping. its not bad - certainally not like period cramping- but it's still there it happens on and off all day.
Avatar f tn My first ended at 10wks in november due to miscarriage. I haven't missed my period yet, but because I'm having the same cramping, pain in my left hip area and we are trying, I believe I am pregnant, without a doubt actually. But this cramping is bothering me. Has anyone else dealt with this? Last time the doctor told me I was constipated, and I'm not, and I wasn't last time either. Any words of experience or advice would be great.