Cramping but no period yet

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Avatar f tn havnt got my period yet 11 days late gettng sever cramps but no period needing to pee and feeling sick all morning any ideas???
Avatar f tn I have been cramping for 3 days and no period lastnight was the worst cramping ever but it will only last for a couple of seconds I was supposed to start my period on the 10th but no show my breast have been tender and sore and I have been very sexual lately with my boyfriend could I be pregnant
1526305 tn?1291680189 I am 19 years old and I have never had period cramps with no period before. This has been ongoing for at least 5 days now. I just recently had my period 2 weeks ago... I have been peeing a lot and my boyfriend insits its me drinking lots of fluids during the day ( which I don't) or he says it's stress related or gas pains ( this is nothing like gas pains)... could I be pregnant??
Avatar n tn Yes, you are okay. The sign of cramps but no period might be a sign that your period is coming soon! Also there could just be a heavy flow of discharge so that might be why. But as I said, yes you are okay and it might be a sign of your period!
Avatar f tn but its been acting this way for a week... but no blood yet. idk what cpould be wrong. my mom and sis both say they cramped like this when they were pregnant but idk. could i be? last intercourse was over 3 weeks ago. i took a test wensday and it was negitive but idk what else it can be.
Avatar f tn Today is my 6th day since I took my last pill but still no period. Though I am cramping alolike period is coming. Why no period yet?
Avatar m tn So my last period date was the 6th of last month...and I lost my virgin to my boyfriend this month but he was wearing a he was protected. We had sex 2 times but it was protected. But since last week I been cramping and my period still hasn't come yet. Can I b preggo?? He fingered me last week and blood came out plz?