Cracked lips on the side of your mouth

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Avatar n tn Stomatitis is an inflammation of the mucous lining of any of the structures in the mouth and Irritation and fissuring in the corners of the lips is termed angular stomatitis. Most common causes are iron deficiency anemia, or vitamin B deficiencies.They can also be caused by allergies and infections.Try taking some iron supplements and multivitamins for some days and see if the sumptoms persist.If they persist,then celiac disease or other causes of malnutrition have to be ruled out.
Avatar m tn A few weeks ago i had quite badly cracked lips on one side of my mouth. I figured it was due to the cold weather as i had the same problem last year in the same place but never elsewhere on my lips. I have been applying Cymex to the area for about three weeks now but the area is still very dry and sore when i wake up. I feel like i have to pick at it when i wake up because its quite painful when i try to open my mouth.
Avatar n tn I've been on TX for 34 weeks and one of the most irritating of the many SX are the cracked corners of the lips. Sometimes it's painful and even brushing my teeth makes it flare up. it hurts when i smile, when i talk, when i eat . . . I use chapstick several times an hour and drink as much water as i can but I still have the same problem. A lot of people seem to have the same thing but most say it goes away after TX.
1273473 tn?1270779440 The idea was to change the ph of the mouth. I've done this with rice vinegar because that's what I had in the house and strangely enough it went away. it actually felt soothing, did not burn. Maybe it will help for you.
168732 tn?1311715679 Yes you can use Clotrimazole on area around the edges of your lips. The other "end" of your body is just as sentitive!
Avatar n tn I think it might have something to do with eczema (which my dad has), or an infection that gets into the cracked skin on the lips. I'm in the middle of it right now. Two days ago I had some really greasy pizza. It seemed to occur almost instantly after that. It calmed down a bit throughout the night until I had more of the pizza. It got a lot worse after that. I'm not positive it had anything to do with the grease, but it seemed to correspond.
Avatar n tn I have the same symptoms, it started on one side of the inside of my lip and now I have it on both sides, a small patch, but my mouth is very dry. I will throw away all of my chap sticks, but it’s getting cold in NY. Wouldn't antibiotic cream work faster? Thanks again!
Avatar n tn Cracked corners of the lips has plagued me for the past year. The only thing I found that keeps it under control is a prescription ointment called ertaczo. The cracks used to extend from the mouth about an inch diagonally to my chin. They hurt like heck when I smile, eat, even speak unless I'm using the ertaczo. I haven't had inner mouth problems (yet) but Ia lot of people here seem to swear by "Magic Mouth Wash.
Avatar n tn Currently, I have one pimple-like bump on one side of my lip (as seen on the left side of picture), and on the other side are small dry spots on my lip. I cannot tell WHAT in the world they are because they are rather small and not very noticeable. I have to look especially close to be able to see these dry spots on the left of my upper lip. Now I'm kind of a hypochondriac. Once I started researching all of this information on Herpes, I started flipping out, thinking that I have HSV 1.
Avatar n tn you do have glands on each side of the vagina, and they are under the skin. They can swell up if infection is present. all it takes is one nic from a dirty razor........just keep waiting it out, and go to the doc if it doesnt seem to go down.
Avatar m tn For the last 4+ weeks I've had a crack/cut in the corner of my lips/mouth. The worst spot since its constantly stretching. The cut goes from the corner of the lip into the skin. It keeps trying to heal, but because I cant keep my mouth closed (lol), it keeps reopening. I thought I cut myself shaving but realize now it must be related to tx. Also, I'm noticing other marks, blotchy almost cold sore looking on my lower lips...
Avatar m tn I had some dry skin near the right corner of my mouth which went red and cracked and is a bit sore and then got the same on the other corner of my mouth a couple of days later. I don't think it is a cold sore - it looks like i've been eating an ice pop and cut the corners of my mouth on the plastic wrapper!! Moisturiser and lip balm doesn't really do that much!! Any ideas??
Avatar n tn Dehydration can be toxic because your liver cannot handle Accutane without H20. The reason all of the comments on this site talk about horrible side effects is that the users are not taking care of themselves on the drug. Don't take it if you or your family has a history of depression. Drink water, carry chapstick, use Vaseline.
Avatar n tn Well that is finally gone after months, now I am getting the swelling in my eyes in the mornings and my bottom lip has swollen up, this morning I got a raised bump on the side of my chin then my lip on that side swells up. I also have itching on the bottom of my feet and my hands itch sometimes. I take two benadryl for everything and its seeming to help me so far. But Im 52 and have never had these problems before. Never was allergic to anything in my life.
163305 tn?1333672171 you can still see the scared area on either side of my mouth...but its kind of not very noticeable ...thats the only place on my face that sh** happened..also inside my mouth was really sore...good luck..
Avatar m tn Hi, I have a really dark area around the corner of my mouth - it's quite large on one side of my mouth. It's not on the lips or on the upper lip (moustache area). It's really noticeable. Is it because of the chapped lips I had? It isn't sore/painful. What can I/should I use? I have some Bio-Oil at home - would scar treatments help? Or is it some sort of pigmentation thing? I've read around a bit and many products contain Hydroquinone...
Avatar n tn First i think i would probably see an endo for the thyroid issue and make sure you are on the right dosage of synthroid and that you are on top of that issue.. As far as the mouth ulcers i'm not quite sure, maybe a nutritionist would be good, i know sometimes those things can be caused from certain things you eat and drink including over the counter vitamins.. My husband gets HORRIBLE mouth ulcers from over the counter vitamins and when he eats a lot of tomato based food.
Avatar n tn The film you noticed in your mouth is safe and is a result of the natural process to remove dead cells from the skin surfaces in your mouth. The cleaning action of toothpaste can accelerate this process and often results in the skin coming off in sheets, making the removal of dead skin cells more noticeable. If it's bothersome, we recommend you discontinue use. I want to assure you, our products are thoroughly evaluated to be safe when used as directed.
Avatar m tn The problem is that I have cramps in the stomach and my mouth is dry. and My lips are dry and looks cracked. I told you about the white lines inside of the cheek gums. It's now faded away but I see the impressions (it isn't white but regular color like my gums). I also feel a little dazed from time to time for a short time. What can I take over the counter to relieve some of these symptoms from Walgreen or CVS?
Avatar n tn and while his sore was active we went swwimming at a lake with family and about 2 days later i now have a sore on the corner of my mouth aswell as a couple small bumps on the tip and side of mt tongue at first i had one on the side of my tongue then the corner of my mouth and the the tip of my tongue. the sore on the side on my tongue feel is is insignificant due to the fact it may have just bee a swollen taste bud it was small clear and stuck out about a half millimeter.
Avatar m tn I play an instrument and sometimes the corner of my mouth gets kind of cracked and irritated because of the moisture. I obsessively put on chapstick to keep my lips moisturized. This little crack or whatever in the corner of my lips remained for three days, only slightly stinging when I opened my mouth too wide, but seemed a tad tingly....but I have a phobia of cold sores since I have somehow managed to escape getting them from my mum all these years.
Avatar f tn For those who sought or seek and/or received or receive medical treatment for HCV in the US, and for caregivers and loved-ones of HCV patients, I hope you will take a moment to tell us about your experience. I would like to hear about your interactions with any of the following; private insurers, VA, state or federal healthcare programs, pharmaceutical company programs, drug trials, or clinics.
Avatar m tn Antibiotics are usually prescribed if you have yellow or green nasal discharge from one side of the nose, or both sides of the face, localized pain on one side of the face, or evidence of pus inside the nose. Doctors rarely take a sample of pus from your nose and actually test it, in order to determine if it is a bacterial or viral infection. However, it’s a safe bet that a bacterial infection is present, because most of us already have bacterial in our upper respiratory tract.
1353650 tn?1429466974 It all depends on how well your body is functions in getting rid of toxins. It depends on the severity of the individual. One of candidas toxins is uric acid and if the body is overloaded it may be hard to process it quickly enough before it causes gout. If the body is low on molebdenum and you take it before being on the diet and doing other cleansing, it will dump uric acid and other toxins into your system. SO BE CAREFUL.
Avatar f tn But - I'm cured and in the end it was way worth it (ps two weeks after tx the ulcers went away so I figure it's really about that long till the interferon gets completely out of you - same thing with the tears in the corners of your mouth they will resolve too). Buy some good lip balm and use it constantly that's really all I can think of aside from more water intake.
Avatar n tn I have a dry, rough patch on the right side of my top lip and dry, rough patch on the left side of my bottom lip. It feels a little like sand paper when I rub my lips together. I went the the doctor and she told me fever blister, but I've had those before and I KNOW it's not and it doesn't hurt or ooze. I then went to a dermatologist and he said it was dermatitis and gave me a mild steriod ointment, which hasn't worked. I called him back and he is baffled now.
Avatar n tn So, I refuse to take this pill and advise all of you to stop and notify your doctor of the negative side affects. Lets save other girls from falling in to depression. Thank You!! Stop the cycle!!
13083825 tn?1428486173 You could as an experiment try coconut oil on one side and honey on the other side. When you purchase the coconut oil, make sure that you get a good quality virgin oil. I purchase mine from the web from Amazon. Shop around, you may find some in the herbal shop. Hope that it will work for you. Best wishes.
Avatar f tn A week later I began having tension pains at the base of my skull - only on the right side. The pain went down my neck and into my right shoulder area. My right cheek and jaw area also felt tight and achy. The pain has never left me and I have seen many specialists to no avail, although I have been diagnosed with bursitis on my right shoulder and an MRI of my jaw did show some mild joint abnormalities. I have also suffered terrible hair loss just on that side - probably due to stress.
Avatar n tn They don't come on the palmar surface of my fingers, just the sides and tops... and never on the back of the hand, only just to the joint where the finger meets the hand (MCP joint). They measure between ~2mm and ~8mm in size (usually 3-4mm), are red and slightly raised, and aren't filled with fluid. Clumping around the joints is more likely than on the shaft of the phalanges. They're painful (well... uncomfortable) to touch or rub, and usually disappear within a couple of weeks.