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280700 tn?1210287416 I read something that said 80% of women who take clomid will get pregnant while on it...but something like 50% of those will end in miscarriage. I don't think the clomid increases your risk of miscarriage, I just think it's whatever is going on with your body. I took prometrium for 7 days to start my period, and then I took the clomid days 5-9 of my cycle. As soon as my period stopped I BD every other day. I went for progesterone check on CD21.
Avatar n tn One more thing- it may or may not be related but yesterday morning I woke up with a dry, red, sore patch of skin around the left corner of my mouth. When covered up with makeup, it's not so bad, but still notciable and sometimes itchy. I put on some E45 cream today, as I thought this would help, but I think it made it worse as it started stinging and burning almost immediatley. I never had this before, only since the problem has returned to my eyelids. Related, perhaps?
Avatar m tn None of them seem to relate to the closure of the windpipe and cant give me a straight answer when I ask them. Has anyone an answer or better still has anyone else had this problem.
1711722 tn?1356491154 Bee, your not a lone. Combating week10 on INC and everyday is a something new. Last night my throat dried up so bad i started choking and then lost my supper ( sorry for the visual) , and even consumed over 100 oz of water before that happened. Today I am sending my husband to Walmart to get a humidifier and see if that will help. It is getting really cold and dry right now in Kansas and that is not helping.
Avatar m tn There is some blood flow in the sinuses, but for many people it’s not sufficient to deliver enough of the drug to kill the large number of bacteria in the infected sinuses. You may also have learned that saline irrigation works a little bit to relieve your sinusitis, but not enough. The reason is even simpler: gravity. Gravity will pull the salt water out of your nose before it can wash out the infected mucus in the upper part of your sinuses.
544292 tn?1268886268 Getting off this stuff will save me a HUGE amount of pain in the future. I liked waking up happy! It reminded me of how I used to wake up pre-Tramadol. More water, lots of vitamins, ice and rest. Progress and regression. It's all part of the game. You can't fool Mother Nature. And I'm IGNORING the text message that said,"Let me know if you change your mind and I'll bring you something." Drugs. Pushers. They think they are helping. No more.
Avatar f tn The headaches are mainly in the temple region, and the right sided pain from my teeth, is only there when I lick my lips or move my mouth in a certain way. The dental assistant said no dry socket, but didn't mention anything about infection. Also, when they gave me my teeth, one of them looked almost crystalized around the root??? Would this be an abscess??? It wasn't the tooth that was infected and the dentist didn't mention anything. Still worried about infection.
Avatar f tn slept mostly after surgery (8am) but woke up later in the afternoon and noticed the left side of chin/lip from corner of mouth to center of chin/lip was numb. This was different than the other side that was no longer feeling the anesthesia. Day 2: No pain. The left side of chin and lip from the corner to the center of the jaw is STILL numb. My extraction sites are a bit sore but no real pain to speak of.
573038 tn?1235398145 I really need help with this i am going out of my mind! ANY suggestions or help would be so welcome! About 2 years ago now i started feeling like my breathing wasnt right. it felt too shallow like i couldnt take in enough air. Then i started getting very bad headakes every single day and dizziness all day every day too the point i couldnt do anything normal anymore because i was too scared. I went to my doctor and he was baffled and basically just wrote it off.
Avatar f tn It just seems like no one is studying this bizaare **** that so many of us have in common. We are in the process of going to the chiropractor. I will continue to update this forum on our progress. REMEMBER you are NOT CRAZY !!!!!!!!!! This is a REAL CONDITION!!!!
Avatar n tn Erythromelalgia is a condition characterized by episodes of pain, redness, and swelling in various parts of the body, particularly the hands and feet. These episodes are usually triggered by increased body temperature, which may be caused by exercise, wearing socks or tight shoes, or entering a warm room. Ingesting alcohol or spicy foods may also trigger an episode.
Avatar n tn My suggestion on how to already known! Ok, I don't want to transform all of you in a bunch of drug addicted, but have you tried a tranquillizer just once? Just to see whether your tingling diminishes the moment you calm down? @rnneeedshelp: as my "colleague" has written, you are anxious over the symptoms, not the opposite, and the same is for all of us.
Avatar n tn Yrs. ago, I also went through this terrible problem & ETD is just the worst thing to dx/treat/fix. My case was unilateral w/ ear but bilateral w/ nasal prssr-hdprssr. I also went through several ENT's/Neurotologists scans & tests. Cause can be 1 or multi-problems. It's a rule out game. Hm-journal, like a sm- calendar bk is great since it's dated & can go back to see date of matching events/symptoms. Use abreviations. The ET's are in the back of the throat & connect to middle-ear.
Avatar n tn Both of them drink quite a lot of alcohol daily and one of them has also consumed tons of beef throughout life in an area where cows are still raised with estrogen. He also developed prostate problems. What I`m getting at is that you might have too much estrogen in your system or maybe it is a side effect of any medication. And, oh yes, anti-depressants will do that to you too. I hear your despair and you`re too young to beat yourself up about this for the rest of your life.
Avatar n tn Before the appointment came around I was at a local alternative café's music fest and ended up, after a few beers, jumping up and down in the front row of the crowded café right in front of the band, dancing my merry heart out, just like the 'old days'. The next day, somewhat worn out from my fun night, I suddenly realised "Hell..there can't be much wrong with my lungs if I could do that !
Avatar m tn same things happening to me/ after a few seconds after turning out the light and laying down I start feeling these things here and there, especially around my ears/back of neck, upper shoulder area/ on my face, which drives me crazy -on my leg, foot, arm (it's intermittent)can't sleep much any more, have been wondering different things/ could someone put something in our air-conditioner air handler outside?
1647691 tn?1363727302 But god gave us a fighter in this emby, so why would it stop fighting now. So in a couple of weeks I will let you know the outcome. Just a waiting game for these symptoms.
162948 tn?1205256292 i had an IUD put in may of 04 and i had it taken out in the begining of october and i still have not had a period? i want to get pregnant but i am afraid that the IUD messed my body up. am i just impatient? can i still get pregnant even with not having a period??
Avatar f tn did u finally end in a baby?ihad 3 embies transfered but my RE says i can never complete with all of them&had to drop 1&c whether 2 remaining will complete or only 1,is this right?