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Avatar n tn i have been suffering for about 2 months with cracked lips at the corners of my mouth please can you help ive tried vasaline which helps it from hurting but its not clearing up
Avatar n tn i have had this for 2 wks now the corner of my lips r cracked i take vitamins and fish oils how can i get rid of this or what addvice can you give me please
Avatar m tn I have had a crack in the right corner of my lips since October and I have no idea why. All I know it very painful, especially if I open my mouth wider to bite into something and when I am eating, which just seems to open the crack even more. I have been to see my go who thought that I might have an iron deficiency. However, my blood results came back normal. About a month ago, he prescribed me hydrocortisone cream to apply to it once daily.
Avatar n tn For 2 months I have suffered with dry cracked lips, redness in corners of mouth. Moisture tends to collect in corners of mouth. I feel like if I smile my mouth is stretching. I am constantally wiping the moisture out of the corners of my mouth. My lips have a burning sensation inside and out. Mouthwash sets me on fire, but just the anterior portion of my mouth. I have tried many kinds of chapstick. The redness in the corners of my mouth is spreading. It is very embarassing.
Avatar f tn Recently I had cracked the corner of my lips very badly. It started to get red and crusty. My mom thought it was a cold sore, so we put that stuff on it for a day. I then read up on Angular Cheilitis, thought it was that, and started putting anti-fungal creme on it. Now, it is no better and red bumps are appearing around the corner of my mouth.. What are these, and what should I do?
Avatar n tn I dont have cracked lips, no dentures, drink a fair amount of water, and no cracks in the corner of my mouth. Perhaps it is from breathing through my mouth too much? Thanks. Rob.
Avatar m tn Hey i had the same problem the only balm that worked was maybelline baby soft lips stick,it has a neutral scent and is unisex,do you have a blocked nose?
Avatar n tn Or a bad case of Chapped lips , a condition whereby the lips become dry and possibly cracked. It may be caused by the evaporation of moisture. Lip balm can often provide temporary relief, though it should not be used extensively. One should avoid licking their lips as saliva contains the enzyme amylase, which can damage the already compromised lip tissue. Honey can be used on the lips as a natural remedy.
Avatar n tn The right hand corner of my mouth was cracked and the skin around it was very irritable, red and sore. At the time the doctor perscribed me canesten which didn't really seem to help. After a few months it just seemed to clear itself up to my great relief! About a year later, I believe I had cheilitis effecting both lips. All the skin on both lips went through the same cycle I have described above and the facial skin around the lips was red and sore.
Avatar n tn What is a 58 year old, professional/married woman, (otherwise healthy) doing up at 4:00 am searching the internet for a solution to a medical problem that she has been to a doctor three time over the past month? Desperate...I woke up with my lips burning. On April 24th, I volunteered at a local art event which was held in a factory. My station was close to furnaces and it was hot and the next day my lips were chapped.
168732 tn?1311715679 Doc says not herpes, but also thinks Riba sx. But has spread an inch or so from each corner of mouth and is irritating. Have tried Neosporin, balms and a steroid cream, but not much help. Could it be fungal or yeast??? What products would anyone suggest? Thanks, G.
Avatar f tn the coners of my mouth are cracked and now all around the mouth/lips area is extremely red and is burning/itchy. I always use the same type of chapstick, and i havent used any new lipgloss or make up so im trying to figure out what it could be. today i woke up and now noticed there are very very tiny bump like things that when touched/popped have a clear fluid come out of them. I have tried vasoline and neosporine and nothing is helping!!!
163305 tn?1333672171 I've been getting sores right in the corner of my mouth, where my lips meet. Though the cream I use for canker sores was getting rid of them, this week, it's not working. The sore is related to tx, not a big deal, but annoying. Any suggestions ?
Avatar f tn However, after stopping using the cream, my lips were cracked and dry and tingling. I tried different lip balms, such as Carmex and Burt's Bee, to heal them, but then the burning and itchiness came back! I then start taking lypsine and applying the zovirax cream. They seemed to be working and now I don't feel the burning and itchy sense,just occasional tingle, but my lips are very very dry and cracked. Should I use the lip balms again?
Avatar m tn For the last 4+ weeks I've had a crack/cut in the corner of my lips/mouth. The worst spot since its constantly stretching. The cut goes from the corner of the lip into the skin. It keeps trying to heal, but because I cant keep my mouth closed (lol), it keeps reopening. I thought I cut myself shaving but realize now it must be related to tx. Also, I'm noticing other marks, blotchy almost cold sore looking on my lower lips...
Avatar m tn A deficiency in iron or riboflavin can cause lips to chap and corner of mouth to redden. Angular cheilitis is an inflammatory condition that affects the corners of your mouth, leaving them red, cracked, blistered, bleeding or painful. Keep your lips and corners of mouth covered in lip balm containing petrolatum. You can try a multivitamin and a b12 suplement.Since this problem is persisting since a long time it is best to seek the opinion of a dermatologist in a medical college.
Avatar f tn So he is treating my angular cheilitis, cracked lips at the corner of mouth, for this. However all it is are cracked lips. No sores or scabs. I understand that the herpes simplex virus presents in this way. Could this be a different condition? What else could be causing this?
Avatar n tn and while his sore was active we went swwimming at a lake with family and about 2 days later i now have a sore on the corner of my mouth aswell as a couple small bumps on the tip and side of mt tongue at first i had one on the side of my tongue then the corner of my mouth and the the tip of my tongue. the sore on the side on my tongue feel is is insignificant due to the fact it may have just bee a swollen taste bud it was small clear and stuck out about a half millimeter.
Avatar n tn Last week I had cracks in the corner of my lips from dry lips which are currently healed, and now there are several little bumps across the surface of my lips that are not visible unless you look real hard for them. When I rub my lips together they feel like sand paper. What is wrong with me?
Avatar m tn About 2 months ago, I went to visit my physician regarding a problem I had with a ring of redness around my lips - more prominent on my bottom lip - it was a lighter, tender pink shade and kind of looked like I had been drinking lots of red kool-aid. I also had constant dry, cracked and bleeding lips, and tried everything from drinking plenty of water and making sure I wasn't licking them.
Avatar n tn I recently have experienced the same symptoms of the weeping, yellow crust on lips. It started with cracked, chapped lips, and applied Blistex to help heal my lips. Only my lips did not heal. They started appearing swollen, with reddness on inner lips, yellow crust on tops of lips, no pain but about as uncomfortable as a badly chapped lip. On the 4th day I went to go see a doctor; he diagnosed me with a condtion called Impetigo which is a bacterial infection that is very contagious.
Avatar n tn Maybe it's food from the corner of your mouth or a build up of old chapstick.
Avatar m tn i have tried so manyyy home made mixtures like honey with turmeric powder and brown sugar but nothing seemed to work and this time since i was abroad in a cold country for almst 3 years and came back home to a very humid country it really affected the corner of my lip (just one) and overall lips were dry and itchy and later on the same corner started getting paper like cuts which were very painful and the corner became dark and skin started peeling off.
Avatar n tn Yesterday I sprayed some perfume on and a little got on my lips. I washed my mouth area with soap and water and I woke up this morning with tiny bumps on my lips.
173975 tn?1216261375 and the corner of my mouth is cracked, dry sore...won't go away...put carmex on all the time but doesnt seem to be healing far as the breakouts...i feel like a leper...they are in places i have never broken out and they don't heal with zit cream, antibiotic ointment..etc...look like boils..some of them....and they hurt so bad....even have some on my scalp...have some hair loss now...if i run my hands through my hair i get a nice handful...
Avatar n tn Sonya, I had serious cracking at the corner of lips when I did round 1 of treatment. I'm getting ready to start round 2 on Sunday and dread getting those cracks back. A fella on another board recommended Biotene Oral Balance Dry Mouth Moisturizing Gel. He said it runs about $8.00 a tube and that the packaging specifically says that it's good for people on chemo and radiation. Heck, I'm gonna give it shot, during round 2.
Avatar n tn apply lip balm which contains sunscreen – preferably a medicated one. If you have cracks at the corner of your mouth it indicates B2 deficiency in this case you need to take B2 supplements. If the symptoms still persist, consult your skin specialist or dermatologist. Let us know about how you are doing and if you have any other doubts. Regards.
Avatar n tn For over two months I had severe dry, cracked, burning, and itching sensations on and around my lips. Sometimes they hurt so much I couldn't touch them because they felt like a layer of skin burned off. My dermatologist said I had some form of dermatitis. She said something about an allergic reaction to the sun probably because I ingested or used something which then caused that reaction (but said I'm not actually allergic to the sun ).
Avatar m tn I play an instrument and sometimes the corner of my mouth gets kind of cracked and irritated because of the moisture. I obsessively put on chapstick to keep my lips moisturized. This little crack or whatever in the corner of my lips remained for three days, only slightly stinging when I opened my mouth too wide, but seemed a tad tingly....but I have a phobia of cold sores since I have somehow managed to escape getting them from my mum all these years.