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1218873 tn?1300094816 with the Nasal pillows, its very easy for me to get a drink from the straw. I don't have to remove anything. And they supplied me with the Chin strap when I told them about my concerns, they also offered a full mask, I didn't like that, so the nasal pillows are working for me.
1218873 tn?1300094816 GIve it time you will become accustom to cpap, I have Nasal pillows no mask, I had dry throat also, they gave me chin strap and I have a heated hose & the humid setting in at 5, the temp is 77 and I never change the settings. After two months now on the Cpap, this some of the best sleep in years. For me the sleep study was the worse, I two separate nights. Hope this helps some. JB..
343765 tn?1202526132 There are multiple interfaces between the CPAP and yourself. They have nasal pillows and nose masks (my personal preference) and full face masks. I wouldn't be surprised if there are not others The bottom line is that you need to get the sleep apnea undercontrol if you're having serious rhythm problems. My ElectroPhysiologist (EP) told me that the greatly reduced pulse ox levels created by apnea can actually trigger A and even V fib. The heart only does one thing - it beats.
Avatar m tn Cpap lowers your blood pressure. I don't understand the connection between aerophagia and kidney problems. You should just let the air out. Did you talk to the doc about adjusting the Cpap or getting a different mask? I had 120 events an hour and haven't started treatment yet. The doc says he needs to get yet another test.
Avatar n tn There are two possible solutions: move to one of the new mini CPAP masks. Second use Refresh PM ointment in both eyes at bedtime and Refresh or Systane ULTRA artifical tears on awakening.
Avatar f tn Guess I should have looked to the internet along time ago...I have used my CPAP for 12 or 14 years now...Never had the "oh my goodness...Great relief" that so many people say they have...It has been a struggle at best but...I can not sleep without it ...and since my dad died at 67 years old of a massive heart attack after decades of horrific snoring..I need to learn to use it. I have had a horrible time with my sinus. At first I thought it was related to a new job.
1323747 tn?1364810482 This is day 14 of CPAP. I am able to wear the nasal cushions, once I figured out the correct size, easily and turning up the humidity to 4 has made the air comfortable. I actually find the CPAP itself comfortable. It is just that the entire time I have had it on I have awaken with headaches which were not there before and my morning BP is higher then it was. Obviously something needs tweaking. I also find myself searching for the right words...often taking an embarrassing amt.
Avatar n tn I would see an Otolaryngologist (you will need a fiberoptic nasal scope exam). Nasal regurgitation can be seen after surgery or could be from a muscle or nerve weakness. Does this happen when you drink liquids also? You will also likely need some blood work and possibly an MRI depending on the other results.
679466 tn?1247009654 or do I need the positive pressure of CPAP. I've tried the CPAP and I've completely failed. Mostly keeps me from sleeping well unless I'm on Ambien. PO2 the real cause of apnea, or is the obstructive hypopnea? and would just a little O2 be curative?
Avatar m tn I stupidly rinsed my nasal cavities with 1/3 hydrogen peroxide and had bad burning, flu symptoms and allergic reaction, sinus pressure, eyes itching (also had tonsil infection). it seems to be dangerous to use HP and better to use saline. is it safe to dilute HP or fluoride to rinse your nasal cavities? the fizzing from the HP seems to mean that I have some kind of nasal infection or sores?
Avatar n tn Because I do not consume animal products and did not know whether the sort of vitamin-B12 pill I was taking worked for me, I thought it could be neurological symptoms of a deficiency, although unlikely just after 3 years with that diet. Had a blood test done, blood was perfect all in all, while B12 on the low end, but still considered "normal". What's also interesting is that I have a sensitivity to some chemicals I have not certainly identified, but it's not an allergy.
612551 tn?1450025775 I have sleep apnea and must breath thru my nose to use my cpap machine. I use the Breathe Right nose strips, Ayr Saline nasal mist and gel. I got a nasal rinse bottle from the allergist, but I had a lot of trouble with my ears then, I guess water being forced into the eustachian tubes. Benadryl was suggested to me. Coriciden is a cough and cold otc cold med that will not raise you bp. Hope some of this helps.
Avatar f tn The pattern of snoring, pauses in breathing and then gasping or choking for air that happen with sleep apnea prevent you from getting the kind of restful, deep sleep your body needs. This can result in high blood pressure. When your blood pressure is high, your heart must work too hard. This can lead to heart attack or stroke. Sleep apnea can also lead to left ventricular hypertrophy,atrial fibrillation and heart failure.
Avatar n tn its not blood blisters,its a blood vessel under the skin like your vein pops and then there is a bruise for about 2 days then it goes away
Avatar f tn a prong nasal mask had been irritating my nose so much that I had stopped using the cpap..I changed to a nasal mask and within 3 weeks I am having less bouts of shortness of breath but my nighttime sweating is worse and I have moderate to severe nausea when I wake up..I eat nothing after 8pm, sleep by 11 and wake up around 7am.. I was diagnosed hypothyroid a yr ago but my tsh,t3,t4 levels are normal now with synthroid...
Avatar dr m tn One of the most common reasons for continued nasal congestion despite allergy medications and even nasal surgery is due to flimsy nostrils. Your nose comes in various shapes and sizes, but having naturally thin nostrils or weakened nostrils after rhinoplasty can lead to flimsy nostrils that collapse during even quiet inspiration. Unfortunately, many people undergo a number of different medical treatments using allergy sprays or even surgery before this condition is even considered.
Avatar f tn I also have high blood pressure, and blood in my stool, GERD, gastritis, asthma. Does it take a long time for CPAP to start working? I was taking some sleeping pills and melatonin. Should I use a full face mask or standard nose mask with CPAP? Thanks very much!
Avatar dr m tn If there is a major improvement in your quality of breathing while performing this maneuver, then you have what’s called nasal valve collapse. The simplest way of correcting nasal valve collapse is by using nasal dilator strips, or Breathe-Rite® strips. If you do the Cottle maneuver and there is no significant difference in your breathing, don’t waste money buying these strips. If you perceive an improvement in your breathing, you can continue using the strips at night while you sleep.
Avatar m tn Hi, You should consult your sleep specialist and try to adapt to the CPAP machine . Various options of a nasal or mouth mask are also available. Try whih one suits you best. In your case, with the other problems as well, it would really help to use a CPAP. it would solve your sleep problems, the snoring and the morning rise of blood pressure too. You should take multiple sessions with your specialist and see if you can tolerate the CPAP. It will improve the qulaity of life to a great extent.
Avatar m tn was just to the doctor over this. they took blood to test my pancreas. since iv in the past drank real heavy. forgot to mention to the doctor. but I take pain reliever pms at nite to get to sleep. have a cpap machine. it works to a point. keeps me breathing. but dont get me to sleep. so im up to the point where i take 7-8 pms at night to get to sleep. could that cause pancreas problems?
Avatar dr m tn It’s found that people with sleep apnea have up to a 50% incidence of high blood pressure and people with high blood pressure have about a 50% incidence of sleep apnea. Now the studies show that if you have had a heart attack, you are 23 times more likely to have sleep apnea and the reverse showed that if you have sleep apnea, you are about 1 ½ times as likely to have heart disease.
287996 tn?1312027282 I was forced to switch doctors, and the new one ordered a standartd blood test to obtain a baseline. It came back that I had polycythemia of blood over enriched with red blood cells. He suspected an oxygen problem as the source for generating more blood cells. After that, it didn't take to narrow it down. Once on CPAP, my red cells returned to normal, and I felt great.
712042 tn?1254572809 I don't understand this testing and know that the most important thing in an angina crisis is to open up the heart's circulation and get that blood flowing regardless of immediate status of venous blood gas O2 content. Thanks you for your answer. Joan.
Avatar m tn Was given a machine with no humidifier, which was totally useless. Once I got the humidifier added, CPAP eliminated my daytime sleepiness. I wanted to make CPAP work better, tried prescription nasal spray, still only one nostril open. Went on an elimination diet searching for food allergies/sensitivities. Bingo. Eliminated two very common foods, and both my nostrils are now wide open with no blockage. I kept getting periodic sinus infections from the CPAP.
Avatar m tn Make sure you speak up if you have problems or it doesn't seem to be working properly. I use the Nasal-Aire II, which is an oxygen-like nasal set up, and does not require a mask on my face. A humidifier is important. Making sure you use it every nite is important. Good luck -- let us know how you're doing.
Avatar m tn I see you have been having problems with your tonsils. An ENT is the doctor to see about your throat problems. You may need a CPAP machine to aid your breathing at night. You might get some help by stopping dairy products because dairy products cause a lot of mucus production.
Avatar m tn The beta-2 transferrin assay is the test of choice because of its high sensitivity and specificity. Also, nasal inspection by Nasal Endoscopy is mandatory. So, don't worry and discuss these options with your doctor. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar dr m tn Gravity also affects the size of your nasal turbinates. When you lay down, blood pools in the vessels, leading to slight engorgement. However, your involuntary nervous system detects this relative change and automatically constricts your blood vessels to improve breathing. The same process occurs when you exercise—due to activation of the sympathetic nervous system, the turbinates shrink, opening up your breathing passageways.
Avatar n tn There was a few weeks of data, and we changed from Autopap to Cpap with c-flex and a ramp rate on the same machine, with a nasal mask only. The little card in there showed an improvement on CPAP with the number dropping from 4 to 2 not sure what that number was, if it was number of detected disruptions or not. "Some people do have an inset jaw that narrows the airway, and that could make a difference with cpap." Yes, inset jaw, mildly.
Avatar f tn I have been on the cpap almost a year. My pressure setting is 9. My CPAP does have a humidifier on it. I am having about 8000 PVC's per day. I have been through extended testing. The metropolol has not done me any good except to bring my heart rate down to 40. These are originating from the lower channel of the heart. I currently went to a sleep dr where the other was a pulmonary specialist. I just picked up new cpap yesterday and it is an auto so it will adjust my levels automatically.