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Avatar f tn I am new in using a cpap machine and have went from a full face mask to a nasal pillow and there are pros and cons to both but I am more of a mouth breather but like the light weight and comfort of the nasal pillow but I hate the the nubs that seal your nose and with the full face mask lets just face it its not comfortable and I am not a back sleeper.
Avatar m tn In most cases this resolves nasal congestion and irritation if it is caused by CPAP. CPAP machines can cause air in the stomach-gas and bloating. Sleeping with head aligned with the body helps. If you want a raised head then the head end of the bed should be raised. Pillows should be kept to the minimum. Lowering the CPAP pressure can help but do not do this without consulting your sleep specialist. Switching over to bilevel pressure or C-Flex may help you too.
Avatar f tn Hi Meagher sorry you are having problem with your CPAP the only thing i may suggest is another type of mask i dout if the CPAP machine would send out any toxic air what i my suggest is run the CPAP for a while please let me know how you get on........
Avatar f tn I'm supposed to use a CPAP set on 7, but my nasal mask is torn along with the loop that holds one of my head straps. I can't afford another mask. When I get a chance to get another one, I would like the mouth and nose mask so the air doesn't come out of my mouth when I'm sleeping.
1173253 tn?1263500213 Could I be allergic to the CPAP, or the dirt or germs in the tubing, or to the air that is sucked in thru the CPAP? No matter how good I feel in the day.....I get worse at night? Help Please.
Avatar n tn I am on a CPAP machine that sends pressurized air into nose, sinuses, eyes, etc. as well as lungs, causing painful dry eyes. If the eye doctor plugs my tear ducts, will the high pressure air just blow them out ? Has anyone else had eye problems while using a CPAP machine ?
1218873 tn?1300094816 It's simply too easy to loose control over the destination of a total gulp when air from a CPAP is giving it a big boost to propel it faster than usual toward the back of your throat. Once there, it can easily be directed into the trachea rather than the esophagus. We can't underestimate the force of CPAP's directional airflow force. Ever try to talk with your CPAP on? It's the air constantly blowing through your vocal cords that makes it sound so strange. I keep water by my bed too.
Avatar f tn I have the same problem with nose running and sneezing all day for about almost a month now. I got a new ResMed Elite CPAP machine for the very first time end of last July at air pressure 6 then increased to 9 last month that is when it started to cause my nose running and sneezing all day. I have boxes of Kleenex everywhere! Wow! I thought it was allergy, and I took pills but it didn't work. I then thought it was bad cold and I took Contac pills and again it didn't work.
Avatar m tn I use a CPAP machine, with a nasal mask setting is 15. I do believe it makes me sleep better. However it causes serious gas especially in the morning. I know others have reported this problem but have yet to see a good answer.
Avatar f tn The tech only brought the nose mask and a nasal pad setup with no humidifier. I tried the nasal pad and it feels like a knife going in my nose.I tried nose gel and spray. Wow, I am not a baby but this hurt. I am calling tomorrow (Monday) to let them know that, first off, I too am a mouth breather, and also need a humidifier. Thank God this first machine and mask is a test of sorts for month. They were worried about this equipment costing so much without a prescription plan.
1218873 tn?1300094816 I think nasal breathing is necessary for CPAP to work no matter what head gear you have. Otherwise the air being forced into the nose will go straight back out the mouth - that’s the path of least resistance. Air blown over any surface will cool and dry it. There are chin straps available that are designed to keep the mouth closed if mouth breathing is chronic. (Maybe I should have used a different word? Standard?
Avatar f tn tickling to actual burning when the air hits my nasal membranes, runny nose, and constant sneezing. When my machine was set at 3, this happened a couple of times a month, - I blamed myself, thinking the CPAP hadn't been properly cleaned. But now I clean it in hot soapy water every day, and the problem is every single day! Do any of you have this problem? I have to have the CPAP...but this nasal condition is getting out of control!
Avatar n tn Can CPAP air entering through the nose pass up the tear ducts and exit the lacrimal punctum between the closed eyelids and the cornea/conjunctiva when sleeping? If this is the case, is there risk of long term damage to the lacrymal system and persistent tearing? My mask fits well, and my CPAP pressure is nominal (8.2), but every morning my eyes are invariably red and itchy, and the lids are a bit swollen.
Avatar m tn Is high BP from other causes wrongly being attributed to this excess protein loss? To say, just let the air out is problematical, the air intake and 'inflation' must occur before you think 'better burp or fart', but i have difficulty in doing both on command.
Avatar n tn t know if it is from air leaking or from mask pressure, but in any case I have nothing good to say about CPAP technology. I cannot use just the nose pillows--my mouth opens in sleep. I had surgery nearly two years ago for deviated septum, supposedly to help CPAP use, but that doesn't seem to make a difference. Have also tried chin strap, mouth guard--nothing fits or works. I am a slender fit woman with small face.
343765 tn?1202526132 There are multiple interfaces between the CPAP and yourself. They have nasal pillows and nose masks (my personal preference) and full face masks. I wouldn't be surprised if there are not others The bottom line is that you need to get the sleep apnea undercontrol if you're having serious rhythm problems. My ElectroPhysiologist (EP) told me that the greatly reduced pulse ox levels created by apnea can actually trigger A and even V fib. The heart only does one thing - it beats.
Avatar f tn I've been on a CPAP for 2 1/2 weeks. I'm sleeping relatively well with it, 7-8 hours per night. Almost every day since I've had the CPAP I've had headaches. The headaches don't start when I get up, but rather a few hours later in the day. Earlier this week I saw my doctor for a check up and told him about these headaches, and he said they were real and probably caused by pressure on the brain.
Avatar n tn Also if your mother has a deviated nasal septum then also it can cause allergy like symptoms. CPAP machines can also cause air in the stomach-gas and bloating. Lowering the CPAP pressure can help but do not do this without consulting your sleep specialist. Switching over to bilevel pressure or C-Flex may help your mother too. Hope this helps. It is difficult to comment beyond this at this stage. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
900662 tn?1469393905 I've been using my CPAP for six years now. I take a CPAP holiday from time to time but usually remember how much I prefer sleeping 6-8 hours straight through after even a single night 'alone'. I've hated having anything around my face since I had anesthesia by ether at age four. I found out the nasal pillow head gear is the most manageable for me. My doc was very understanding. He had me ease into use and initially gave me some sleeping pills to help me feel more comfortable.
1323747 tn?1364810482 This is day 14 of CPAP. I am able to wear the nasal cushions, once I figured out the correct size, easily and turning up the humidity to 4 has made the air comfortable. I actually find the CPAP itself comfortable. It is just that the entire time I have had it on I have awaken with headaches which were not there before and my morning BP is higher then it was. Obviously something needs tweaking. I also find myself searching for the right words...often taking an embarrassing amt.
1237284 tn?1268001394 This is my 3rd attemp to get use to the cpap. I do very well with the machine itself, but then in 3 days- I have been getting a sinus & or upper resperitory infection. Im sure this is caused my bacteria. Is there a better way to clean this thing after each use ? Is there some sort of solution or spray I can use that is better than vinegar & warm water ? Thanks.
Avatar m tn Difficult to get supplemental oxygen to lungs with nasal cannula when blockage occured. Cpap set at level 9 unable to force air through the barrier. Pulse nasal/sinus irrigation only effective means of removing some of the blockage.
Avatar m tn I am now using a chin strap and oxygen cannula instead of the CPAP when nasal irritation won't allow sleep with the CPAP running. Should I jut give up on the CPAP?
Avatar m tn I was completely unable to handle cpap as it induced vertigo (a problem which I have intermittently), and sharp pains in my ears. I worked with the doctor and even on the lowest settings I had problems. I tried an oral device, but I have severe TMJ and it was too painful. I tested for oxygen desaturation this week and it went down to 88%. The doctor is offering me oxygen. I realize this isn't a replacement for cpap, but given my situation, could this be at all helpful?
Avatar n tn I have never had any nasal surgery, but I suffer from chronic plugged sinus when lying down, sometimes from just sitting for a hour or more. I found the I ofter felt that I was suffocating, even thought I seemed to be able to breath through my mouth, and have suffered from "dry mouth" discomfort especially at night, sleep period. I'm an old guy too, that doesn't help, but whatever the reason I wake up at least three times a night.
Avatar f tn Well, sneezing and watery eyes can be due to a reaction to CPAP machine. This machine dries up the eyes and nasal passages which causes irritation, burning and sneezing. You can try a cold water humidifier to start with. If you already have a humidifier and you still experience these symptoms you may need a heated humidifier. In most cases this resolves nasal congestion and irritation if it is caused by CPAP. However, its best to consult your specialist.
Avatar m tn Or is it exacerbated by the use of my CPAP at night? What about the pressured cabin and the dry air of the airplane?" While I do not religiously clean my CPAP, I am faithful regarding use of distilled water only. I have NEVER experienced a sinus infection from the use of my CPAP. PS: Nothing is in my lungs. This is all happening in my sinuses. Many thanks for your attention. I'm not a hypochondriac-type, but I use my voice for a living. This is a dickens of a deal for me...
Avatar n tn I would see an Otolaryngologist (you will need a fiberoptic nasal scope exam). Nasal regurgitation can be seen after surgery or could be from a muscle or nerve weakness. Does this happen when you drink liquids also? You will also likely need some blood work and possibly an MRI depending on the other results.
Avatar n tn For the same reason when you have a cold or nasal infection don't block off one nostril when you blow your nose. It can create such high air pressure it pushes the infected nasal secretions up into the nasolacrimal duct.