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Avatar f tn What brand and model CPAP is your husband currently using? I've found that using a fully data capable CPAP, one that allows ME to access my therapy data each morning encourages me to continue w/CPAP therapy even when I am having difficulties as the data helps to point out what the difficulties are - most often just too high a leak rate.
748543 tn?1463449675 Patients generally preferre Oral applainces to CPAP machines.
Avatar f tn A couple of sleep studies show apnea, but I couldn't tolerate the cpap machine they Rx'd so recently had surgery to remove tonsils, adenoids, zap the uvula, repair deviated septum and remove some "nodes" that were biopsied but showed clear. Snoring is gone, breathing better and sleeping longer. I'm just as tired as ever, fighting falling asleep at work and sometimes while driving... LOOK OUT........... Never heard of the med you listed.
Avatar n tn The easiest and cheapest way is to insist that the Dr. does the regular AND the CPAP in the same night, when they wake you up say around 2 or 3 to see if air pressure solves apnea if you are prone to it. Doing it over 2 different nights I feel is a waste of money and shows how parts of the medical system milks you and the insurance company to bill twice. D) have sex. It will relax your body and help you possibly get a deeper night of sleep absent other issues.
Avatar f tn Even moving the jaw several millimeters is apparently enough to open the airway to eliminate apnea. I did talk to a CPAP specialist and she said CPAP helps, but the surgery is the cure. Well, in my case, it should have been, but I trusted a hack, so now everything is worse. I wont lie to you, its a tough surgery. I do believe my recovery was very hard because the vault collapsed and I was in remarkable pain for so long.
Avatar n tn I took a digital blood pressure cuff with me and took my pressure regularly--still do. At first, I had to stay below 120/60. I secretly started lifting light weights on circuit machines about 3 months post dissection, mostly just testing the blood pressure, seeing where I could go, what elevated my pressure. At 5 months, with no change in the occlusion (per MRA), I was officially cleared to lift as well as continue to do cardio.
Avatar n tn We played his favorite music, Luciano Pavarotti, to help comfort him. He was shaking and all the machines are going haywire because his heart rate is up and down. He started having seizures at around 12:45 p.m. and at 1:13 p.m. on April 11th my dad’s eyes rolled back into his head, his body went still and his hand went limp in my embrace. After his decade’s long battle with PTSD and 4 year battle with cirrhosis, he went home to the Lord to finally find peace.