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Avatar f tn Cpap machines are a scam. Horrible contraptions that ruin health and break relationships. Big money is made selling these monstrous, ugly, humiliating machines. All of the companies want you to think that they are wonderful and your spouse will love it and it's great look. You will have a personal, intimate relationship with this machine that will become more important than your spouse. Your spouse will feel left out, betrayed and alone. Do not fall for the scam. Demand another option.
1876958 tn?1321567960 My understanding is that the CPAP machine will reduce pressure in my brain because my heart does not have to pump so much to circulate oxygen. My blood oxygen level dropped significantly at night (down to 60%) during my sleep study. The expectation is that my headaches will improve not get worse. Any idea if the CPAP machine is, in fact, causing my headaches to worsen? It is possible that I am just going through a rough patch. Thanks for you help.
Avatar n tn Sleep apnea itself can have negative implications for brain health. The bacteria that they talk about with cpap machines is more lung related. But talk to your doctor.
332074 tn?1229560525 I know I would do okay with the mask that is just the two little prongs that go in your nose. However in the past when I have had surgery I have gone crazy when they have put the mask over my mouth and nose. I have always had very bad allergies and can not stand to have anything touching my nose and mouth. So I was wondering how do they determine what is the best mask for you to have?
Avatar m tn Certain CPAP machines have setting the lower the pressure automatically during exhalation. Talk to your sleep doctor or DME vendor and they should be able to help you with these issues.
Avatar n tn I have sleep apnea. I am 42 years old and is not over weight. My problem is I am having headaches durning my sleep. When I wake up fully I don't have headaches. This happens all night long. I don't know if I am having dreams of having a headaches but the pain in my head feels real.Then I wake up and it gone. Does anyone know what going on with me?
Avatar m tn This machine dries up the eyes and nasal passages which causes irritation, burning and sneezing. However pulmonary fibrosis cannot be due to CPAP use. Alternatively uses of CPAP mask in pulmonary fibrosis can cause claustrophobia like symptoms. Lung scarring occurs due to pathological deposition of fibrous tissue. This is a progressive disease usually and hence needs frequent periodic monitoring.
Avatar m tn I have been using CPAP machine for over a yr. now and I have seen no improvement in my sleep. I use the nose pillow mask because of me being a side sleeper but I find me waking up with my mouth open and sometimes there is drool. Should I try a full mask to see if that would be any better for me?
Avatar n tn Also, are you still using the autopap machine, but just have it set to a constant pressure or did you switch machines? Many machines you can see treatment data in the window and find out if it is resolving your apneas/hypopneas, or the supplier can read the data. That would seem to be an important piece of the puzzle, to ascertain that the pressure is doing what it is supposed to do. Collecting a couple weeks of data could pinpoint problems. About surgery...
Avatar n tn m almost to the point of just buying a CPAP machine on craigslist. But, your reply concerns me a little. Do CPAP machines *really* only help *some* patients suffering from UARS?? Is it only because most can't tolerate it? What if I get a BiPAP? I guess I'd like to get a an idea of a percentage of the UARS population that *can* benefit from the machine and whether a BiPAP significantly increses the chances that it will work (because it's much easier to exhale).
Avatar m tn I've been diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea. I also have major sinus problems. I've tried the bipap and cpap machines with many different mask and can't find anything I can tolerate. The mask is one thing, but the air being forced causes my sinus problems to increase by stopping up my nose which makes me breathe through my mouth which as everyone knows won't work. Does anyone have issues close to what I have or any other suggestions.
Avatar n tn In most cases this resolves nasal congestion and irritation if it is caused by CPAP. CPAP machines can cause air in the stomach-gas and bloating. Sleeping with head aligned with the body helps. If you want a raised head then the head end of the bed should be raised. Pillows should be kept to the minimum. Lowering the CPAP pressure can help but do not do this without consulting your sleep specialist. Switching over to bilevel pressure or C-Flex may help you too. So ask your specialist about it.
Avatar f tn Most of those seemingly unrelated issues you brought up in the CPAP LUNG NODULE THREAD I am experiencing. What exactly were you referring to?
Avatar f tn I have sleep apnea and use a CPAP. I've noticed that in the morning when I wake up that I'm very bloated. Is it possible that I'm swallowing air from the CPAP? It's not gas. Also, I'm still soooooooooo tired when I wake up.
Avatar m tn But they are in the business of selling machines and I have it on a thirty day trial so that info may be biased. I will be seeing my family doctor is about ten days. Any help advice will be appreciated.
1580703 tn?1651904887 from what I've read CPAP machines are unpleasant and help little
1555684 tn?1294434646 Sorry to be so passionate about this, but CPAP literally saved my life. Maybe in some time the implant being studied will be getting similar reviews. Let's hope.
1572585 tn?1309245054 First of all, you are placing yourself at risk taking sedating meds and not using your CPAP. Secondly, you will not be able to fix your sleep while you have untreated sleep apnea, unless you take enough meds to knock out a horse, and then you'd really be in danger. My nonprofessional opinion is that you should focus your efforts on making CPAP work. Maybe your pressure needed adjusting or you needed a different mask.
Avatar f tn If the pressure drops to allow one to exhale easier, some brands kick the high pressure back in faster than others, resulting in feeling like the breaths are short and shallow. There are machines with a-flex, meaning it auto adjusts to your exhalations needs. A bilevel allows setting the pressure and timing of inhale and exhale and the time in between. Keep communicating closely with your doctor and work thru this till it is working well for you.
Avatar m tn Ask for some adjustment in the machine to overcome this. CPAP machines can also cause air in the stomach-gas and bloating. Lowering the CPAP pressure can help but do not do this without consulting your sleep specialist. Switching over to bilevel pressure or C-Flex may help you too. However, nothing should be tried without consulting the specialist. If nausea is not related to CPAP machine, then other causes will have to be looked into. Commonest cause of nausea is acidity.
Avatar f tn My c-pap machine is a REMstarAUTO with A-Flex. It's a very good machine. I took the model with the humidifier because they air in winter is to dry not to have it. My only problem is that I have a nasal mask only and I should have get two! One nasal and a full face for when I have sinus infections (which is often with me!). I tried both but I prefer the nasal one. If you have a the chance ask if you can try diferent kind of mask before you make your choice.
Avatar n tn are not sleep experts, they are sleep apnea experts who can do little more than diagnose sleep apnea and prescribe cpap machines. That was the results of my sleep study. "No sleep apnea, but you keep waking up so here have a cpap machine and have a happy life". But doctor, why do I keep waking up all night long? "I don't know, just use the cpap machine and have a happy life".
Avatar n tn I found a big difference between the sleeping aids, finally settling in on Lunesta. After several weeks of regular CPAP use you will feel an improvement. Just give it time. As for masks, I use the nose pillow. Personal preference but I'm pretty fussy so if I like it maybe you will too.