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Avatar f tn I just received a new pressure (8) on my humidified CPAP, and I'm having a big problem the minute I get up: tickling to actual burning when the air hits my nasal membranes, runny nose, and constant sneezing. When my machine was set at 3, this happened a couple of times a month, - I blamed myself, thinking the CPAP hadn't been properly cleaned. But now I clean it in hot soapy water every day, and the problem is every single day! Do any of you have this problem? I have to have the CPAP...
Avatar f tn Hi, I need your help!!! PLEASE READ ON! I have been using a cPap for sleep since 2/09. Everyone says I should be feeling so much better and I don't! The memory card said I was still having apneas so the level changed several times and I was even put on a bi-pap for a bit. I had another sleep study just to make sure the cPap and level 9 was right for me and it is. I have severe fatigue (not sleepiness) during the daytime and I am not thinking clearly.
Avatar n tn It may require a change in mask, a change in pressure, a switch from a mask to an oral appliance, the use of BiPAP instead of CPAP or a number of other approaches. Both the CPAP and the bi-level positive airway pressure (BiPAP) are machines that are used during sleep to deliver air pressure into the lungs to keep the airways open. This is the best and the safest treatment available and you should not give-up on it. There is too much at stake here. Believe me.
Avatar dr m tn Many people are living vibrant and normal lives, despite having to use their CPAP machines while traveling. Or is it because they are using their CPAP machines regularly while traveling? You decide. The above article is an excerpt from my E-Book, Un-Stuffing Your Stuffy Nose. Download for FREE by clicking here: Steven Y. Park, MD is a surgeon and author of the book, Sleep, Interrupted: A physician reveals the #1 reason why so many of us are sick and tired.
Avatar dr m tn Compliance data should be analyzed regularly and applied promptly to better optimize CPAP usage. Durable medical equipment (DME) vendors should also provide great support and have constant communication with patients and prescribing physicians. Users should also be involved in a community of CPAP users who can give support, as well as to be able to hold the new CPAP user accountable. In the real world, this almost never happens.
Avatar n tn Most CPAP machines are highly portable. If yours is not, you should exchange it for one that is. You should also check with your medical equipment supplier about any adjustments of the machine that might need to be made, including adjustment for a change in altitude (if that is the case) and adaptation of the machine to a different electrical system. Have a fine trip and don’t forget any of the components of your CPAP system.
736040 tn?1257440057 I too had a difficult adjustment to the cpap equipment, and even quit for a while. But, like you, health concerns made me revisit treating my OSA. I don't know exactly what you you are saying when you say "tried", but for me, the second time around I was very purposed that I would do whatever it took no matter how long it took. I really believe it was "do or die" for me. Over 5 years later, I can't say enough about how much the cpap has helped me.
648944 tn?1241473294 At the time of the diagnosis, I was tested, and then re-tested with the equipment. Apart from being surprised that the machine has lasted this long without service, I have wondered whether the settings done at the time of the diagnosis are still appropriate. Can anyone tell me: a) the normal useful life of a C-pap machine, and b) at what intervals should one normally be re-tested? Thanks!
559187 tn?1330786456 I think Respironics makes the best CPAP machines (mine is very quiet) and ResMed makes the best masks - that's from my experience. The mask I love is the ResMed "Mirage Liberty" which is an abbreviated mask with nasal pillows, very comfortable with very little leakage. It is considered a full face mask so you can breathe through either nose or mouth. It's the greatest little mask! But it all depends on your face shape as to what will work for you.
Avatar f tn What brand and model CPAP is your husband currently using? I've found that using a fully data capable CPAP, one that allows ME to access my therapy data each morning encourages me to continue w/CPAP therapy even when I am having difficulties as the data helps to point out what the difficulties are - most often just too high a leak rate.
Avatar m tn I'm thinking by "breather" you are speaking of a cpap machine. It could be that your therapy needs some adjusting for it to be effective. I'm going to list some common issues to troubleshoot. If you are not using a full face mask, could you be mouth breathing? Doing so causes all your therapy to go out your mouth and result in still suffering the health effects of the sleep apnea, including daytime sleepiness. Is your mask leaking too much to be effective?
Avatar f tn Unfortunately, the CPap machines need to be cleaned and primed and set specifically for the individual. I have a friend who has one and hasn't used it in about a year because she has to take it in to have it serviced and she has trouble remembering to take it - also her income is low and she doesn't have the funds to have it cleaned and primed. - She also needs to go to another sleep study to have it "set" to her individual needs.
Avatar m tn I doubt the result accuracy as you say it was disturbing with the equipment to test you for sleep study. Anyway wait till the doctor assesses the report and discusses the cause. Can you explain a bit more regarding the hand problems? How many hours of sleep you are able to get now? Are you following the sleep tips as given above? Do keep updating on the sleep doctor opinion and advice. Take care.
1629848 tn?1299677493 Yep exact same with him he wakes up every night they diagnosed with severe sleep Apnea as well Cpap machines helps a little. He can't take Magnesium of all the people he gets the worst side effects from it. He does have the Nitro and he takes it only if it is a really bad attack from spasms. Here is the worst part he has lesions on his heart whiich means he is having small heart attacks and it really ***** because they can't do any thing about it.
Avatar m tn are you being treated for your sleep apnea with either a CPAP or BiPAP. You probably are...I am wondering if you keep your sats up at nightime these days even with CPAP. Something to consider... I hope that you get answers soon...
Avatar n tn , while today this problem is better understood and treated with mouthpieces, CPAP machines, etc. Looking back, Howard Hughes was a classic sufferer of OCD, but that ailment wasn't sufficiently understood during his time. In my experience, that's where we are with the problem being described on this page. Here is my own story: I first began to wake up suddenly (usually bolting upright as others have said and often screaming and/or gasping) in the summer of 2006.
Avatar n tn Obviously, I am not in any shape or form an authority in sleep studies, but based on some readings I have done, there is no need for a long period of sleep in order to interpret one's condition during a sleep study--I can only guess that the fact that you managed to sleep for some period, it is enough for the electronic equipment (all the probes attached to you) to detect any anomalies in your sleep/awake modes.
Avatar n tn The easiest and cheapest way is to insist that the Dr. does the regular AND the CPAP in the same night, when they wake you up say around 2 or 3 to see if air pressure solves apnea if you are prone to it. Doing it over 2 different nights I feel is a waste of money and shows how parts of the medical system milks you and the insurance company to bill twice. D) have sex. It will relax your body and help you possibly get a deeper night of sleep absent other issues.
Avatar n tn The docs that just look into the ear and use that as their only diagnostic tool can't afford the equipment or an audiologist to run the equipment. So they just wave their magic wand, take your co-pay and send you on your way. In the future, and this goes for anyone with ear issues, see an ENT and only ENT with an AUDIOLOGIST on staff. Do not see an ENT with an assistant doing hearing evaluations they will not know what they are doing.
Avatar f tn Even moving the jaw several millimeters is apparently enough to open the airway to eliminate apnea. I did talk to a CPAP specialist and she said CPAP helps, but the surgery is the cure. Well, in my case, it should have been, but I trusted a hack, so now everything is worse. I wont lie to you, its a tough surgery. I do believe my recovery was very hard because the vault collapsed and I was in remarkable pain for so long.
Avatar n tn We played his favorite music, Luciano Pavarotti, to help comfort him. He was shaking and all the machines are going haywire because his heart rate is up and down. He started having seizures at around 12:45 p.m. and at 1:13 p.m. on April 11th my dad’s eyes rolled back into his head, his body went still and his hand went limp in my embrace. After his decade’s long battle with PTSD and 4 year battle with cirrhosis, he went home to the Lord to finally find peace.