Cozaar vs metoprolol

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612551 tn?1450025775 1. by taking the same mg atenolol as you did metoprolol you doubled your dosage of effective beta blocker.
Avatar m tn Metformin: 1000mg Twice Daily Glipizide: 10mg Twice Daily Tenoretic: 50-25mg Once Daily Cozaar: 50mg Once Daily I'm going to see my regular doctor next Friday, and I wanted to know what medications/dosages I should suggest. Tenoretic: Is the Atenolol suitable, or should I request another beta blocker? Likewise, is there a better diuretic than Chlortalidone? I keep reading about Coreg and & Demadex. Are these better options?
Avatar n tn I wonder if they broke down the risk associated with different kinds of abnormal heart rate recovery (e.g. abnormally prolonged vs non-monotonic return to baseline vs different kinds of ectopy). I've also had "transitional pvcs" that disappear later. When my palps are exercise induced it is after short, ordinary activities like walking a block or two. They actually stay away for hours after long brisk walks and bike rides.